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Malgon is an all-powerful deity and the physical embodiment of Hate. He was formed from an outer void that existed outside of everything. Instantly feeling the need to cause chaos and destruction, he was born evil. His only goal is to destroy all of reality and remake it into his image, simply because he can and wants to.

Threat Level: Tier Eight - Omniversal Threat


Long before creation was an idea, there had existed two cosmic deities, Malgon and Ariston. Ariston had grown bored of the void they lived in and decided to create life. Malgon did not enjoy this, and as a result, grew angry and bitter. Eventually, a fight had broken out, and Ariston realized that if it were to continue any longer, it would destroy everything. What both of them didn't know was that seven pieces broke off of each other. This led to the creation of seven positive soul traits, and seven negative soul traits throughout the cosmos. These traits would pass down in humans for generations. Ariston knew that he couldn't kill Malgon. So instead, he opened a rift in time and space, throwing Malgon inside of it. After his banishment, monsters and humans lived together in peace and rarely hated each other. As a result, Malgon's presence grew weaker, while Malgon wasn't killed, nor a spirit, he couldn't interact with the real world or affect it. Knowing this situation would not stay the same forever, Ariston searched the Multiverse for humans with souls strong enough to keep his counterpart at bay. After years of searching, he finally found what he was looking for and trained these humans to their fullest extent. When he believed they were ready, Ariston had dubbed them champions.

Ten years later, the Human-Monster war started and the hatred between the two races was stronger than ever. This had given Malgon the much-needed boost he desired and it wasn't long before he manifested before the Soul Champions and they believed they were ready. The Champions had gained the upper hand for most of the fight, yet Malgon had been holding back. The spirit of evil quickly proved them no match for him and was very close to killing them, if Ariston had not stepped in they surely would have been. Knowing that he needed servants himself, Malgon began to search the cosmos much like his counterpart to find his warriors. While he did find most of them, he was only lacking one. However, this came in the form of Chara, who had just killed themself. Making a deal with the child, he said that he would make them more powerful than they could ever dream. He also promised Chara they could exact revenge on those that wronged the human; this was the same lie he told every other one of his warriors. Chara had agreed without hesitation, however, and he had the perfect plan.

Sometime later, Frisk had fallen into the underground and was convinced to complete the Genocide Route. At the end of the route and countless Resets, both Malgon and Chara noticed something strange. Sans was not fighting, but instead, talking. After he finished his speech, Chara was about to attack the skeleton but began to clutch their head in pain. Shaking violently, it seemed that Frisk was trying to escape Chara's influence, and reach out for Sans. The skeleton was able to accomplish this, and Chara began to writhe in agony. After they had finished, it looked like they were about to attack, but instead, they forcefully started vomiting a black substance from their body. Once they had stopped, they collapsed from exhaustion. When Frisk went to check Chara, Sans noticed the puddle started moving and pulled Frisk back. Suddenly, a black hand emerged from the puddle and slammed onto the ground. Then another did the same. Sans and Frisk could do nothing but watch this figure reach its full height and walk out of the puddle with the substance dripping off. What they didn't know was that Malgon was free at last.

Now that the evil being was released, he thanked Sans for making Chara "pure" and freeing him. He then turned around, picked up the child, and callously discarded them without a second thought, saying they had served their purpose. Having grown weak from being trapped between dimensions, Malgon had begun to take his leave to find the seven negative soul traits. Before he could, he was blocked by Sans, who was demanding answers. Malgon had very little patience and could sense the first soul near. He had effortlessly taken care of Frisk and Sans in a single stroke by causing a cave-in, pinning the skeleton, and trapping both of them. What Malgon hadn't accounted for was Frisk's reset ability. After realizing the timeline had been fixed, Malgon had considered this to be of minimal importance and went on his way to find the negative soul traits.

During his search for the soul traits, Malgon had entered another timeline, believing to have sensed one there. While he had originally sought the soul, he suddenly felt a very odd yet familiar sensation: Hate. Determined to find the source of the sensation, he searched all over until he found who he was looking for. He had seen a strange boy, that seemed of no importance, yet was powerful. Malgon soon realized that the boy had one of his fragments. Wanting to test his new power after returning, he attacked the boy, but was stopped by another figure. Preventing Malgon from reaching the boy, the figure, told him to run through the portal. Having forced Malgon back, the figure followed soon after. Realizing, he was about to be left behind Malgon ran to the portal to enter, but it closed before he could. With them gone, and one of his fragments out of his reach, Malgon continued his personal mission to find other soul traits.


As the personification of hate, Malgon is an utterly cruel, deranged, psychotic, and sadistic being. He takes great pleasure in killing, and his existence is to eventually have his avatar regain enough strength to destroy the Outerverse. He feels no sympathy or empathy for anyone or thing and is incapable of feeling even the simplest of emotions. However, he is happy when things go his way. This does not mean he can't feign them however and has used these emotions to manipulate others to follow him. He is highly intelligent, able to discern multiple artifacts or incantations, that thousands of others couldn't. He can read his opponents like a book, and knows his counterpart well enough to know his pattern. Despite hating all life, he has been able to work with others, such as humans, when needed and when it help further his own agenda. However, he has no problems disposing of his former allies, once he believes they are no longer useful. He has also been shown to be arrogant at times and refuses to believe that he can or will be beaten. But despite his strong beliefs of being unbeatable, Malgon does fear the possibility of it and does everything in his power to prevent it. While many of his hate monsters, or people consumed by hate, act like animals, Malgon doesn't. He explains that rather them controlling hate, the hate they have is controlling them. Thanks to his psychotic and sadistic nature, Malgon is unpredictable and even his counterpart won't know what he will do next. As a result, he is almost impossible to read.


When in shadow form, he appears with full golden eyes, and a black shadow outline of a body, which moves around even though there is nothing able to do that. His voice is weak and raspy. After returning to the real world, he has shown to be a man in his mid-thirties with dark grey skin, gold pupil, and white iris. His voice is no longer raspy, it's deep and is spoken with elegance. He has sunken features, bags under his eyes, and to some would appear ill. He is also shown to have a beard and long hair which reaches to above his shoulders. He wears a black suit of armor and a golden cape that reaches to his mid-calf. The cape is attached to the collarbone section of the armor, being attached with two circular clamps. The armor is very large and the gloves of the armor possess the power to extend and retract the fingers when he is attacking his enemies.The fingers when retracted, are at least 5 inches, while extended, they are at least twice that. The armor also has a black helmet that automatically comes on and off when necessary. The helmet has a very stereotypical look of a knight, with a horizontal eye-slit going across the visor. The slit itself 'lights up' as a result of Malgon's magic. The helmet also has six vertical ventails going along the bottom of the visor. After being returned to his original form, he is shown much younger as if he were a man in his early twenties. His voice back to normal and is not deep or raspy. His features are no longer sunken, the bags are gone and he seems healthier. His skin is medium grey, he has a cleanly shaven face and his hair is shaven on the sides and shorter on top. His armor has gone from being large and seemingly ill-fitting to more akin to his build. The shoulder parts extend out, and end in a point. The helmet is no longer there. He no longer has a cape, and instead dons a waist cape reaching to his ankles, which is black on the outside, and red on the inside. The gloves still extend and retract, however, the fingers are much shorter than previously, being 1 inch when retracted, and 5 when extended.


Shadow Form

Malgon: "I can't believe this! Stuck here in this space with no way to interact with the physical world! Once I get my hands on that useless counterpart of mine, I'll tear him limb from...limb?"

Chara: "Hello? Where am I? Am I dead?! Why am I here? I thought Asriel absorbed my soul to free monsterkind! Oh no...unless he didn't do it in time. No, no NO! I can't be stuck here, I can't...I don't...I don't want to be all alone...Please...not...again."

Malgon: "Hello little one, I couldn't help but notice you might require some assistance?"

Chara: "Who are you? Am I dead? Where are we?

Malgon: "Don't worry, I'm a friend. There is no need to be afraid. Yes, you are dead. Don't worry, your brother hasn't absorbed your soul yet and it is still intact."

Chara: "That's good that means there is still a chance he will!"

Malgon: "I sense a lot of doubt from him. Doubt that the plan will work, doubt that this will ensure freedom, and doubt that humans are as cruel as you say."

Chara: "Argh! He is so weak, he can't even do a simple favor for me! I guess I will have to do this myself! I can't...I'm dead. How will I do this?"

Malgon: "I might be of some assistance. You see I am a very powerful being. I was wrongfully imprisoned here along with you. The only way I can escape is by making a certain deal with someone. A human."

Chara: "I don't know. If you were imprisoned here it was probably for a good reason."

Malgon: "Perhaps so. Or perhaps, it's simply because I was an outcast just like you. An outcast that was never accepted, cared for, or loved. An outcast that was viewed as nothing more than a puppet and object by others. An outcast that one day went too far and lashed out and was put here for all eternity."

Chara: "So what do we do now?"

Malgon: "Well without your consciousness, you have no control over your soul and can't affect Asriel's decisions. So basically while Asriel will have your soul and will be able to utilize its power on his own."

Chara: "So we are stuck here."

Malgon: "Not exactly. You see I have been traveling the cosmos looking for others to help me fight battles against my enemies. I had been looking for the final one for centuries until now. I would like you to be my final warrior."

Chara: "What?! Why?"

Malgon: "I can offer you power beyond your greatest imagination. I can make it so that all those who wronged you while alive suffer for what they've done. I can make it so that all humans will swap places with monsters and be forced to live their miserable existence in the Underground for all eternity! So what do you say?"

Chara: "I say it's a deal...partner."

-Malgon and Chara's first meeting and deal

Weakened Form

"Salutations... I'm Malgon. I must say it's a pleasure to be back" -Malgon after becoming free.

"Ah, yes. I almost forgot about you my little puppet. I must thank you for helping me. If it wasn't for you I would still be in that nightmare of a dimension. However, I did promise you a reward at the end. Well, here it IS!" -Malgon betraying Chara

"Look, I don't have time for this, I have souls to find, hosts to kill, and a reality to destroy, so I bid you a good day and if you don't mind I'll be on my way." -Malgon attempting to leave the underground after becoming free.

Original/Restored Form

"Finally. Now that that's out of the way, tell me, who wants to go first?" -Malgon after regaining his original form

"The only thing that awaits you at the end is oblivion" -Malgon's victory quote

Allies and Enemies (Contributions Welcome)



Ariston: Ariston is Malgon's counterpart. These two will fight indefinitely for the fate of the Fandom.

Powers and Abilities

Shadow Form


Ability to control the shadows of any object or person. Also able to create weapons from these shadows.


Malgon can use telepathy and figure out what makes certain people or monsters tick. He can then use this information to either manipulate them or make deals with them.

Eye Beam

Can fire golden energy beams from his eyes that can kill or stun his opponents.

Laced Words

When he speaks to certain people, he can lace specific words with magic allowing him to manipulate or control others easier.

Hate Control

When an opponent is filled with enough hate, he can take control of their bodies.

Hate Empowerment

The more hatred an AU, timeline, or world has, the stronger Malgon will become. If given enough time, he can interact with the real world.


Malgon is a shadow and therefore can't be caught and can walk through anything. This ability has also allowed him to enter other dimensions.

Weakened Form

Object Manifestation

Able to manifest certain objects or weapons from thin air. He mostly uses this ability in combat, but it can be used when manipulating others.


While he lacks invincibility, he makes up for it with his immense regeneration capabilities. This allows him to reconstitute his body even if there is seemingly nothing left. This does take time and can let his opponents escape if given enough of it.

Self Duplication

Malgon can create duplicates of himself if he is injured, and assist him in any battles. While they can think for themselves, they are still under his control. There is a limit to how many duplicates there can be. For example, if Malgon is cut in half, there will be one duplicate.

Hate Corruption/Infection

When an opponent is stabbed with his fingers, they become infected with hate and begin to act extremely violently. The entire process is painful and will only stop when they are corrupted or somehow force the hate out of themselves.

Hate Creature Generation

When his fingers are extended, he can rip the very fabric of reality and cause tears in the cosmos making it "bleed". The "blood" that comes from the rifts eventually come to form these creatures. They can infect others with hate like their master but are easily destroyed. However, Malgon has stated it is about quantity, not quality.

Hate Shield

Ability to create a nearly indestructible dome or defensive measures.

Hate Constructs

Able to create specific constructs using hate, whether it is a wall or spikes coming from the ground.

AU Hopping

Malgon can enter any desired AU regardless of the timeline. However, once there he needs to recover energy and can't leave until it is restored to full strength.

Reset Awareness/Immunity

While other beings are generally unaware of resets, Malgon is capable of remembering everything that has happened in the past or fixed timeline. He can't be changed no matter how many resets happen or what is changed in the past.

Soul Detection

Malgon can sense a specific trait even if it is in another AU.

Soul Absorption

When Malgon stabs an opponent with his fingers for an extended time, he will eventually, absorb their soul and use its properties himself. This kills the previous host of the soul, however.

Instant Mimicry

Malgon can copy any creature or human's ability after seeing it once. However, over time he eventually loses the stolen ability and will need to witness it again.

Reality Burst

Malgon can create an orb of energy strong enough to destroy planets or an entire AU. This is done by him glowing a sickly purple and absorbing energy from that universe. He then raises either one or both arms above his head. Once the orb is large enough he throws it into the universe or planet and destroys it entirely, including the infinite possible timelines, if the AU continued to exist. These orbs generally range in size from being as small as a moon, to as big as a supernova.

Original/Restored Form


Able to do almost anything, with very little limitations. His only equal is Ariston.

Fourth Wall Awareness

Malgon is aware that he is a fictional character and simply doesn't care. He knows that this is all a game and that his choices don't really matter, and doesn't care about it either. He also enjoys talking to the audience and breaking others' minds by telling others that their reality is simply a lie.

Absolute Destruction

Releases an omnisphere of energy that destroys everything with no limits. This includes any type of boundaries, concepts, including metaphysics, science, and irrational concepts, like the void of nothingness, or the whole of totality.


Has lived for an unknown amount of time, can never get sick, and never ages. This also makes him immune to any time-related ability.

Self Sustenance

Has lived in between dimensions for an untold amount of time without the need for sustenance to survive.


Does not take any damage nor can be harmed in any way. Only Ariston is capable of harming him in this state.

Mental Protection and Reversal

Is unable to be brainwashed, manipulated, hypnotized, or mind-controlled. If this is attempted on him, he can take it and use it on his opponents instead.


Able to communicate with his allies or creatures, via a mental link. He can connect them with anyone. It can also be used to cause head-splitting pain or other brain problems, such as hallucinations, memory viewing, and even mind control.


His regeneration is increased to such a state that he can regenerate limbs, or his body in a few seconds, or almost instantly.


Capable of teleporting an unknown amount of times without tiring or running out of magic.

Portal Creation

Can create portals that he can use in fights and surround his opponents with multiple. It is impossible to figure out which portal they will be attacked. Able to use these portals to enter other AUs.

Physiology Manipulation

He can extend and retract his limbs to an unknown degree, give his body the same properties as rubber, or diamond, and taking an impossible shape.

Expert Combatant

Having lived for an unknown amount of time, Malgon has become a fierce fighter with an unpredictable nature. He is capable of taking on several opponents at once and walking away without any harm.

Hate Creature Generation

Much like his weakened form, Malgon can create Hate Creatures from the tears he creates in the cosmos. While they can still be destroyed, they are more agile and can infect others to turn them into hate creatures as well.

HATE Weapons

Malgon can use the energy from his body to make weapons

Instant Mimicry

After being restored to his original form, Malgon can keep any ability he sees permanently.

Button Awareness/Immunity

While other beings are generally unaware of certain buttons being activated, Malgon is capable of sensing everything that has happened when a certain one changed something. He can't be affected by any of these buttons, such as the Reset or Overwrite Buttons.

Energy Projection

Able to fire beams of immense energy and power that one from his finger destroyed everything in a mile area.


Able to move any creatures of objects with his mind to an unlimited degree. This could include being able to manipulate celestial bodies.

Telekinesis Immunity

While Sans can keep a being from moving using telekinesis on the soul, Malgon has no soul and is not affected by it.

Soul Trait Immunity

As stated, above since Malgon has no soul, it is impossible for any other trait, other than the seven positive and Ariston together, to harm him. This also means that an ability that requires a soul to work will not affect him.

Immense Strength, Speed, and Stamina

Malgon is immensely strong that he could tear planets apart without using all his effort. His speed has increased dramatically, that it is impossible to see him, and appears to be Omnipresent. He has seemingly limitless stamina and can fight his opponents for hours, to even days on end, with no signs of tiring.


Malgon has shown to be able to fly and levitate when necessary. They are generally used in combat or to get somewhere he wants faster.

True Form (These abilities are only available in his dimension)


Malgon's power is absolute and all-powerful. He dwarfs anything and everything below him and can easily erase them with a simple thought.


Malgon exists in a higher plane of existence and resides outside of everything. He remains unaffected by reality-warping, paradoxes, the destruction of everything, and other omnipotent beings.


Able to manipulate anything and absolutely everything. This includes dimensional energy, the fabric of space-time, souls, aspects of reality, minds, magic, and multiple concepts.

Avatar Creation

Malgon creates an avatar of himself and uses it to enter the main omniverse. If this avatar is destroyed, he can create another one.

Soul Trait Nullification

When near Malgon's form, or catch a glimpse of it, any creature or human that has a particular soul trait will become inverted and grey. This renders the trait useless and takes away whatever magic they would've had.

Insanity Inducement

Malgon can induce extreme insanity into anyone he wants. The effects of this are permanent and can only be reversed by his counterpart.



Malgon's counterpart is the only one able to harm him or destroy his avatars and poses a threat to him in his restored state.


The emotion or soul trait, rather than Level Of Violence, can cause Malgon great harm or even slow him down in his weakened state.


In his shadow form, Malgon is greatly affected by determination or DT. Since he had no real tether to the real world in this state, the amount of determination that Frisk had would have destroyed his weakened avatar. When he does have a tether, like Chara, he is not affected as much prior to when he didn't. After being freed from his prison, DT still works it slowing him down or harming him, however it won't destroy him and much more is required to work. After being restored, DT is pretty much useless against him.


  • While Malgon's body can be destroyed, he will reconstitute himself, however, it will take a few years.
  • Malgon CAN'T die. As a fundamental force of the cosmos, he must remain there to keep the balance.
  • Both Malgon and Ariston are on higher planes of existence. As a result, the bodies they use are their avatars. If anyone were to look upon their true forms, their presence alone would "Drive your mind into madness, as your body begins to destroy itself from the inside out."
  • Malgon is extremely intelligent and can think several steps ahead of his enemies. This also includes either plans or contingencies.
  • Malgon, much like Chara, enjoys chocolate. He will eat other sweets and candies as well.