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Malware!Sans/The broken error

Malware!Sans is not sort of "virus" or an error, Malware!Sans is a corrupted Sans who has experienced all the multiverse throughout its history.

"This world is UNIQUE dont you think? Why would you possibly stop me from protecting this Multiverse? Why do you feel shame and guilt for leaving these AU'S existing? Tell me.." - Malware to Error!Sans

(P.S yes changed name due to request lmao)


Malware!Sans's Backstory is just basically like any other, It began in the AU where Error had come to destroy it. Malware!Sans was fighting to SAVE his AU, This was meanwhile in the creation of Malware tale, there was only about 2-5 timelines in Its AU. Error had come to a Pacifist Timeline just to Eradicate the AU and examine its code. Malware!Sans Lost its counter parts which were, most of its head, a few parts of the body, and a few parts of the arms. Malware!Sans became corrupted and just at the last second. Ink!Sans came, Error!Sans left after the 2 fought. Ink!Sans was new to this AU. Malware!Sans never heard of Ink, just Error. Ink!Sans Couldnt fix Malware!Sans because of unknown reasons. After the encounter with Ink!Sans, Malware!Sans had learned some moves of Ink!Sans and Error!Sans, and became a protector of All AUS. Though Malware!Sans has 2 split personalities because of Error!Sans. Malware!Sans evil side Destroys AUs, and kills people for LOVE.


Most stats are Unknown but Here are the current stats

  • ATK 400
  • DEF 100
  • LOVE 15
  • HP 4000
  • Soul Trait: Determination
  • Speed 94% more than normal sans's speed


Glitchy Gaster blaster: Spins around alot for a short time then points to the nearest person. Does 20 DMG

Bone Zone spam: Spawns alot of Bone zone dealing 50 DMG, Spawns around the enemy

Telekinesis (buffed): does 5 DMG every hit.

Homing Bones: Follow you around and do 3 DMG

Strings: Just like error's strings but they DMG you by 0.1 HP

Normal blasters: does 1 dmg

Ultra blaster: does 100 DMG to the enemy, Goes to the nearest player aswell.

Bones: Does 2 dmg.

Teleportation: Can teleport up to 200 meters

AU teleport: just like teleportation but go into different alternate universes

Malware Corruption aka MC: like KR but slowly takes your hp away by 0.1.

Corruption Spreadness: Blinds everyone and increases speed

Code stealer: Steals code from any AU or any living being.

Au destroyer blaster: Destroys any AU

Ink shield: creates a Ink bubble shield around Malware!Sans

Enrage mode: does a huge DMG and HP buff HP becomes 6000.


Malware!Sans appearance always is in the shadows but mostly seen. This is what he looks like in picture

  • Black jacket
  • Blue shorts
  • Grey slippers
  • medium Grey granite skull
  • Bad time Eye is Blue and Green
  • Normal eyes are Medium grey and Red eye (Right eye is red and Left is medium grey)


Malware!Papyrus (Brother)

Ink!Sans (Friend)

Error!Sans (Rivals/Friends) They have become Enemies from the start of the beginning. But they have mostly been chatting with Malware!Sans's evil side.

Dream!Sans (Friend)

Malware!Chara (Rivals) Because of a genocide timeline, The pacifist timeline Malware!Sans decided to stop Chara and end the Genocide run for good. However This hasnt been possible because of Chara's determination.

Nightmare!Sans (Friends) Malware!Sans has tried to befriend Nightmare before. But it didnt work, so Malware!Sans tricked Nightmare!Sans that when they meet or chat, the evil side has activated.

Anti-Virus sans (Rivals) Because of the evil side, They became Rivals but Anti virus sans doesnt trust Malware!Sans in his good side because it could be a trick. They are still enemies but mostly chat when Malware!Sans's good side has activated.

Swap!Sans (Friends) Obviously trusts all his sides.

Undertale!Sans (Neutral Friends) Yet he does see his evil side he does calm him down and help him switch to his good side..

What he does now

He protects the Multiverse and destroys AU'S when it comes to his evil side. He is now known by some names some are: The judgemental protector, The Corrupter, The Broken Error, The trickster. His lack of positivity gives him an unstable balance of emotions, so he takes some skeleton hands from the people he once protected surrounding his body and one on his head.. He visits his brother in another timeline of his AU just to see how he is doing.. When he is evil his eyes are red and he takes off the hand on his head. He usually fights the villians of the multiverse from ever destroying it or worse destroying reality.. 2 years After a sudden change when he fought error404 and what that change was that he got his friend killed and his face with scratch marks and some scars on his body. He usually now wears a cloak over him and a mask on his face so he doesnt get killed. There are now over 1000 timelines in his AU, some are which created the ones like dust tale or horror tale. Nothing much is said about him and he still looms around in the dark corners of the multiverse waiting for error 404 to come back for his revenge..

Extra info

(Huh i forgot to put this in? i am not great at writing stuff like this)

Age: 24

Likes: [REDACTED] and Steak

Dislikes: Error!Sans and creatures outside the multiverse

Combat: Long-ranged and short-ranged

Sub-Powers: Only in enrage mode he can use a strong punch from his right arm if he is able to and knock them back.

Birth: [UNKNOWN]

Death?: He supposedly dies when he uses all his power against finale!error404. Meaning that one of them dies in the future or they both die..

Alive: True

Job: Protects the multiverse...

Weakness: He has high stamina but easily gets fatigued. With his determination he can easily turn into an amalgamate if he isnt careful enough. He can die from using all of his power. After the incident with error 404 he has become more fatigued than usual and easy to predict when in his good side.

Evil side weaknesses: Can be manipulated rarely. Cocky. Lack of thinking time. Easily to be predicted when he is Cocky.