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he was a sans that got into hacking he studied hacking for so long always getting into trouble with undyne,asgore,papyrus and alphys but doesn't care and keeps hacking.one day he went to alphys's lab and wandered around while she were there, she didn't know that sans was there,when he was walking he found the true lab,he entered it and did the same thing that frisk did when they entered the true lab he saw everything,he hated alphys for what she have done,he decided to hack everything but ultimately fails,he ended up destroying the lab,the whole thing just blew up,however sans didn't die,he did succeed to hack every tech that was in the true lab and became a hacking god,he teleported to his room,he saw computer patterns forming on his hands,he put gloves on and went to sleep.the next day papyrus was watching the news and called sans to come look at the news,mettaton said that alphys died,later in the evening he teleported to undyne's house,he heard undyne cursing in the house,he knocked on undyne's door and said that he wanted to talk,he told undyne what happened that day.undyne ran toward sans and stabed sans with a spear.sans didn't die he, started to get serious and told undyne to stop,undyne didn't listen instead she summoned a bunch of spear's at sans, sans teleported behind undyne and went into battle mode,he used telekenises to swing undyne across the house,then sans teleported out of the house and summoned 100 gaster blasters around undynes house and completely destroying snowdin,everyone in snowdin died including papyrus,but sans didn't care for uknown reasons,in his au he had another brother that was in hotland at the time and he to was a hacker.


similar to player


he can basically create any power or hack any power if he wants,but not the gods like,error404 etc.he can do it with,Ink!Sans,Error!Sans etc.


same as sans.damage rating +


same as sans.damage rating +


  • his hp is +
  • his lv is +
  • he is a hacker god
  • he is one of the most powerfull and skilled hacker of all time
  • he is stronger than player
  • he is friends with player
  • viruses cannot harm him
  • errors cannot harm him
  • he is friends with ink
  • he is stronger than all of the gods not the upstairs gods
  • he likes to eat ketchup as frosting on a chip (a computer chip of course eating those makes him stronger)
  • the + means that he decides
  • White-hat hacker