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Matestale (sometimes stylized as MaTeStale) is an Undertale AU by a Russian VK/Youtuber named Araxaluva.


This AU is set about 9 years after the events of Undertale. 

After the destruction of the Barrier and the long-awaited release, monsters quickly got used to life on the surface, among people. Despite external differences, they were able to achieve favor, to become useful to human society. In schools and universities it will now be possible to meet small (or not so) unsuited monsters; fluffy, scaly, horned, many-armed and multi-legged creatures walk along the streets; At one of the crossroads, Muffet has a bakery, and along the crosswalk, tiny Temmies run across, side by side ...

A dungeon is also available for visiting tourists. Frisk studies in one of Kendratown’s colleges, a village near the foot of Mount Ebott. During the series, Frisk grows closer to Sans. It turns out that both have special feelings for each other. It seems that life promises to be calm and saturated with joyful memories. But one day Frisk meets the fruit of her nightmares - Chara. That is where their crazy adventure begins ... Place of action: Abottes, Dungeon, the fictional city of Kendratown, Colorado.  

(Note, this is a rough translation from Russian)  

Main/Supporting Characters


Frisk is 19 years old in this AU. She is currently in good relations with the Dreemurr family. She enjoys Sans' silly puns and is in love with him. Her favorite things are striped sweaters and her pet dog Toby. She has 3 gal pals named Stacy, Patty, and Sheylon that she spends time with and an ex-boyfriend named, Vincent.


Chara is 21 years old in this AU. She enjoys chocolate and knives, and hides her emotions to seem evil. She hates all of humanity except for Frisk, In Episode 2 of the Matestale animatic, she is shown to be jealous and impressed on Frisk's appearance. She is quite skeptical and aggressive.


Sans is carefree and loves making puns. He loves Frisk more than ketchup (he loves ketchup). He often enrages Chara and pranks Asriel quite often. His age is unknown.


Asriel is fluffy and cute. He's quite careful and hardworking. He is annoyed by Sans' jokes, and has platonic (?) love for Chara. His favorite things are butterscotch-cinnamon pie and golden flowers.

W.D Gaster

Although he only had a brief appearance in Episode 1 of Matestale, In Episode 2, Gaster knew that Chara was trapped in the void so he tried to figure out a way to get Chara back into reality. Once he did, he ended up being trapped in the mirror. So Chara must find Frisk and extract her determination so she can free aster from the void and in return, Gaster plans to figure out a way of bringing back Asriel.


Stacy is a member of Frisk's gal pal group. She is very aggressive as seen in Episode 1 when she got upset that Frisk overslept and brought Toby to school, even dragged her away from her ex-boyfriend. She can also be comforting as seen in a flashback scene in Episode 2, she can be seen comforting Frisk when she was crying over Vincent cheating on her. Her and Frisk seem very close as they chat quite a lot throughout the first episode,


Patty is a member of Frisk's gal pal group. Although not much was shown about her personality in Episode 1, In Episode 2, she was shown to be enthusiastic when Frisk and Sans decided to sleep at her place for the MTT concert. She can also be very talkative to the point where she can accidentally reveal a secret. In Episode 2, she kept talking about what Frisk always tells her about Sans and almost accidentally reveals the fact that Frisk has a crush on him. She also has a manga collection of a fictional anime called "StarBlaze." She also enjoys going to conventions. She even watches scary movies.


Sheylon is a member of Frisk's gal pal group. Not much is known about her personality as she only briefly appeared in the first Episode but she is shown to be annoyed at times like Patty watching scary movies she knows are scary.


Vincent was Frisk's ex-boyfriend. He and Frisk were childhood friends until they became boyfriend and girlfriend later on in life. They broke up for an unknown reason but in Episode 2, It reveals that Frisk broke up with Vincent after seeing him cheat on her with another girl at a party. Vincent explains what really happened and that some girl put drugs in his drink and Vincent became drunk and thought that the girl was Frisk, so they kissed and Frisk saw and became heartbroken. After explaining this information, Frisk and Vincent got back together. Vincent's mom is also friends with Toriel and Toriel got upset that Frisk never told her that her and Vincent broke up, but Frisk explained that she wasn't sure how she would react since she's friends with her mom.


  • This AU has 2 canon ships as of now, Frans and Chariel. Both ships have relevance to the story plot.
  • Frisk and Chara are both females in this AU
  • Toriel and Asgore are together. Possibly to not interfere with the Sansriel shipping.

(Note: Majority of her works are in Russian, but for the Matestale animatics, there are English subtitles.)