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Mayhem Memoirs (Previously known as ChaoticTale) is an Undertale AU that takes place after a machine malfunction. It reset the timeline and corrupted the universe. Gaster, being near to the accident, got sent to this universe and finds a way to fix it.

For more accurate info: Mayhem Memoirs

It caused a lot of things: most characters are placed in different roles, but their personalities still remain unchanged. Multiple rips appear everywhere and bring weird things, and people from different universes as well. All of the player's power to control and make decisions were entirely removed from them, and the story flows independently without it.


Undertale Characters

W.D. Gaster

W.D. Gaster was the Royal Scientist in the original timeline, but something went wrong and he woke up in the glitched timeline.


Frisk is a child from the surface with a determination soul (along with Chara). They are still the protagonist, but not a silent one. This is due that the player's decisons are useless, thus freeing them and having their own personality and history to be explored.

The Tulips

The Tulips are the flowers that "revived" Undyne and Alphys. The flowers also act as their disguise as well. They are in the role of Flowey and act as the Empty One.


Papyrus is a flamboyant, ambitious, optimistic, and kind skeleton that lives in The Realms. He wants to prove he's the best at everything and wants to befriend everyone. He also tries to fight and capture Frisk throughout the area. He is in the role of the Ruins Dummy and acts as the inactive.


Asgore is the former king of the underground. After an incident, he retreated to The Realms and lived there ever since. He is the biological father of Asriel, and a foster father of Chara. He is in the role of Napstablook and acts as the recluse.


Napstablook is a cousin of Mettaton that is shy and likes music. He became happier and much more confident, due to their cousin being there beside him. He likes being a ghost and do not want to be corporeal. He is still a non-binary ghost but identifies as he/him. Napstablook is in the role of Sans and acts as the Judge.


Mettaton is an entertainment robot since 1900s and was originally built by Alphys. He protects the people of the Sunbeam Seas and broadcasts his multiple attempts of killing Frisk, disguising it as entertainment. He is in the role of Papyrus and acts as the ambitious.

Mad Dummy/Mad Mew Mew

An enraged ghost possessing a robotic dummy and also uses other objects as their body. They are a reoccurring antagonist and tries to stop Frisk from continuing on their journey.


Muffet is a hired sentry of Mettaton in Wetland Woods. Like her boss, she desperately want to get Frisk's soul and protect the inhabitants of the area. Muffet is in the role of Undyne and acts as the sentry.

Bratty and Catty

Bratty and Catty are vendors in Herbst. They knew Undyne and Alphys and can help expand Frisk's knowledge of them.


Sans is a loner scientist that just wants to protect Papyrus at all costs. He is currently living away from him due to his research and experiments that can potentially harm people and his brother. Sans is in the role of Mad Dummy and acts as the enraged.

So Sorry

So Sorry is a lab assistant of Chara. He is just forced to do the job and desperately wants to do something else, but Chara won't let him.


Chara is the first human to fall with a determination soul. A scientist and potentially the antagonist that Frisk encounters in the Highlands. They are the Royal Scientist and due to their work, they became popular overtime. Chara is in the roles of Alphys and Mettaton, and acts as the Royal Scientist and the Celebrity.


Toriel is the biological mother of Asriel, and a foster mother of Chara. She used to be the former queen of the underground but was overthrown. She is currently living in Highlands, as she is a nurse in the Secure Center. Toriel is in the role of Muffet and acts as a guardian.


Flowey is one of the golden flowers made by Asriel. He acts as a guide through The Old Abandoned Subdivision and an informant of the king.


Asriel is a boss monster, encountered at the end of The Old Abandoned Subdivision. He became the king of the underground when he was only 18, years after when Toriel was overthrown. Asriel is in the role of Asgore and acts as the monarch.

Undyne & Alphys

Undyne and Alphys are one of the fallen monsters that were killed in the war. They are revived through a form of tulips but soulless.

Since the war, Undyne has become obsessed to take revenge on humans and kills every single one of them that falls in the underground.

Alphys is indeed soulless physically, but not mentally. She always tries to stop Undyne from doing horrible things. Undyne and Alphys are in the role of Asriel and both act as the soulless angels.

Added Characters


A new player of the game, and is oblivious throughout the whole thing.


Red is a character from the game Undertale:RED by Taxiderby.

She always try to protect humans no matter what, but that always end in disappointment. Red is in the role of Toriel and acts as the Caretaker.


Arial is a character of Smudgeandfrank in Deviantart.

She is one of the "Arials" in the Arial Area. She's the only important Arial because she was the mother of the skeleton brothers in another world and personally knows Gaster. Like Gaster, she is forgotten and doesn't belong in this world.


Undertale Locations

Realms of Blossoms

Also called as The Realms. A very peaceful area and is springing with happiness. It has a very temperate climate and contains spring water running throughout the area that brings lots of plant life.

Sunbeam Seas

A very bright and sunny place that contains lots of beaches and seas all over.

Wetland Woods

A bright damp autumn swampland, similar to the enchanted forest of Disney's Frozen 2. Multiple red and orange trees and leaves can be found all around. All the mysteries of the underground lie within this place.


A very harsh cold and empty place that holds many machineries. It is the place containing the power source of the whole underground.

The Synergy

The underground's core power source built by an unknown scientist and was only improved by Chara.

The Old Abandoned Subdivision

A very temperate and empty area with the home of many monsters, including the house of the Dreemurrs.

Underground Palace

The Underground palace is the place where all the monarchy lies within. It contains a wide range of plants everywhere but mostly golden flowers.

Added Locations

Mystery Worlds

It can be accessed through portals that appear randomly all over the underground, even inside Renewed Home. The worlds found through the portal are all completely random.

Town of Serenity

A very happy place located inside The Realms. It contains the homes of many monsters, shops and more places to explore.

Arial Area

The Arial Area is a place where almost all of the Arials from different worlds are gathered. It is located in Sunbeam Seas where there's a secret path to get to it.

Serendipity City

A large extravagant city found in Sunbeam Seas where lots of monsterkind gathered from all over living in it.

Sunshine Harbor

Sunshine Harbor is a huge shelter of Mettaton located inside the city that monsters can stay for long periods of time. It mimics an actual beach resort and has an artificial warming system inside.


A village located in Wetland Woods. Many monsters live here and it is very cheerful and peaceful.

Saturnine Hamlet

A settlement located in Hibernal Waters right before The Synergy. Only a few of the monsterkind live inside the place.

Secure Center

The Secure Center is a shelter of Toriel located in Saturnine Hamlet. It is where monsters can live happily and safely.


  • Frisk is not a silent protagonist. They have their own personality and history to be explored.
  • This corrupted universe removed all of the player's power to make decisions entirely and the story flows independently without their control.
  • Multiple rips are due to the timeline being glitched. They appear all over the place and bring weird things.
  • Sans' self-awareness of the timelines weaken in this AU. But he knows a little bit through his machines.
  • Asgore knows a little bit of German in this AU. Thus, he named the village of Waterfall as Herbst, defining as Autumn.



  • Gaster's glitched form will be inspired from Steven Universe, where he has a body made out of hologram but with mass.
  • The character, Red, is from Undertale:RED by Taxiderby.
  • Arial is a character of Smudgeandfrank in Deviantart.
  • The Waterfall forest will be heavily inspired from the enchanted forest of Disney's Frozen 2.
  • Flowey has 8 petals, resembling 8 human souls (excluding Chara and Frisk). This parallels to UT Flowey which has 6 petals, that features 6 souls.
  • Every area in the underground has a signature settlement and a body of water that represents them.
  • Each areas' seasons swap with each other.
  • The Old Abandoned Subdivision is named after the Old Abandoned Amusement Park in Disney's Phineas and Ferb.