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it was a normal day in Meku's au. when metallic sans arrived, he started killing and absorbing monsters. when he got to meku. they put up a good fight, but meku was winning because he was in moontrust || and metallic sans needed to do something. he quickly made a cute face to distract him. and then fired him with a powerful blaster and then absorbed him. but meku was too strong and started controlling the body they ended up in.but metallic sans tried to take control with everything he had. both of them kept fighting over the body and then they decided to make peace. and as soon as they did it it turned into one sans.


he is a little childish and slightly insane sometimes. but is mature.


Afterimages: Mekutallic's speed allows him to create afterimages of himself. He was also able to create an infinite amount of afterimages.

Enhanced Bone Manipulation: Mekutallic can summoning an infinite attack of enhanced bones such as regular and sharpened bones, blue and orange bones.

Enhanced Gravity Manipulation: Mekutallic is seemingly an expert control of Blue SOUL mode that can change the direction of gravity in instant and occasionally very higher speed, makes him able to instant slam more opponents without any limit.

Enhanced Healing and Resurrection: In his own limitless ability, Mekutallic can be able to heal injured, recovering from any illness and fever, and resurrect people or reattaching the shattered SOUL from the dead. In addition, he also can heal and recover himself. Mekutallic is only using this ability if it's necessary or emergency.

Enhanced Megalo Blasters: Megalo Blaster is a type of his Gaster Blaster with the enhanced powers, which are white skull and have the third eye colored orange, the color of bravery in the forehead. Unlike other Gaster Blaster types, the third eye has special abilities such as reading minds and freezing the opponents. In addition, it is extremely speeding in a movement when it summoned or uses afterimages, and instant shoot charged large blue beams. Mekutallic also is able to summon and use his Megalo Blaster as a vehicle for a fly.

Enhanced Teleportation: Mekutallic can quickly travel or teleport to a specific location. He can be brought how many people teleporting without any limit.

Hyper Clone Doppelgänger: Mekutallic is able to create one or more copies of themselves, and possibly infinite. His doppelgängers possess 50% of his attributes and take more serious damage. In addition, Mekutallic's doppelgängers increase attack, defense, and speed.

Hyper Existence Recovery: Mekutallic can recover the memories of anyone whose memories have been erased or removed including all knowledge and even past/current history. Not only memories, but he can recover the existence/identity/sense of self of anyone whose existence has been eliminated, negated, erased, or removed including all even physical evidence of them from history, a timeline, universe, or existence entirely.

Immortality/Incapable of Death: Due to his very higher determination, Mekutallic achieved immortality and unable to die. Whenever tries to shooting, cutting, stabbing, killing, erase/remove from existence, and even shattering his SOUL is useless. In addition, he became immune to illness, fever and curses, and resistance on lava and fire. If Mekutallic takes a fatal blow or exploded, he immediately revives without exception as always. If his SOUL is stolen, it might be teleported back to its owner for seconds. Even though he is unable to die, he still feels pain just like other ordinary humans and other species. The origin of this Mekutallic's ability is mysterious and unclear. The level has reached beyond, and it's unknown how he became immortality.

Moonstrikes Retribution: Mekutallic is capable to activate and use a type-based KARMA, or Karmic Retribution (KR). Same ability as Sans from the original Undertale, this effect drops invincibility frames to zero (allowing the attack to hit every frame or 30 times per second). It also applies a poison effect to the attack. The more Moonstrikes Retribution damage is built up, the faster it drains.

  • Normal (MR): MR, stands for Moonstrikes Retribution. In normal, one frame inflicts 1 damage if the opponent getting hit by a certain attack.
  • Full Power (DMR): DMR, stands for Deadly Moonstrikes Retribution and the stronger effect when in full power. If opponent getting hit by a certain attack for one frame inflicts 5 damages and possibly drained 1 of maximum HP per second.

Power and Magic Cancellation: Mekutallic is capable to cancel any abilities such as powers and magical powers, and effects that originate from magic. He also can weaken their effects, making them unable to utilize their powers as long as they are under Mekutallic's focus or area. This protects Mekutallic from harmful attacks, and even undo the simulating-passive alternation powers of an opponent, in turn making them powerless. He is also capable to cancel spells, curses, hexes, jinxes, and charms.

Rainbow Star Blazing: Large, rainbow star-shaped projectiles rain down from the sky in rapid succession, each one detonating into expanding rings of small projectiles just above the nearby opponents followed by one final, the larger star that detonates directly above with a much denser ring. In Mekutallic's full power, it is virtually the same except the small stars spin counterclockwise, and attack speed increased to 50%. This ability is similar to Asriel Dreemurr from the original Undertale.

Time Manipulation: Mekutallic possesses the ability to manipulate time, where he's able to control the flow of time, such as speeding up, slowing down, reversing, erasing, and stopping time altogether. In the stopped time, Mekutallic's attack and speed get temporarily increased and can move his own body freely along with any object he touches, pull the target into his stopped time world, allowing him to strike his defenseless opponents and move to a superior position. The ability lasts 15 seconds.

METAL:  This ability allows Mekutallic!Sans to take 1 damage no matter what. Even if a massive attack by a god hits him perfectly and directly, only one damage will be dealt. Only limit and weakness to this ability, however, is his health. His health is only 10,000 meaning you could easily could overwhelm him for long periods of time and attack him from all sides. This effectively starts to break him down eventually. However, I hinted at another ability that counters the weakness of limited health and slowness. METALLIC SHIELD: Mekutallic!sans creates armour around himself and he becomes nearly invincible. His armour sacrifices all the metal inside him and puts it on himself. Using the armour, Mekutallic!sans health skyrockets up to 1,000,000. Combined with the surperior fire power and speed that the armour has, enemies won't stand much of a chance against armoured Mekutallic!sans.  METAL BONES AND METAL BLASTERS: Since Mekutallic!sans can't create any bones and blasters himself, he has to resort to the metal he'd absorbed into his body.