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Template:Infobox CharacterMeme Sans is a special type of Sans that became the embodiment of memes upon eating the illuminati dorito of dankness. (he did this back when those memes were still alive.) He then learned of the power to create an ultimate meme, one with the power to control the entire multiverse and bend it to the user's whim. So Meme Sans set of on a quest to create the "ultimate meme" and in doing so, become the ultimate meme lord of all eternity.


Meme Sans is a skeleton with the basic appearance of Sans except with some changes. He is wearing the infinity gauntlet with the stones inserted on his left hand and while usually nothing is being held by his other hand, he can equip his smash bros gaster blaster tool to shoot puffer fish that in turn, shoot homing carrots out of their mouths. Sans also wears pixel gamer shades. He usually floats around and when he get angry, his eyes each get a rainbow flame in each socket.


Meme Sans is obsessed with creating the ultimate meme and controlling all the sanses, which he call his "pawns." While Meme Sans is usually calm and chill, he can get a "meme overload" when he gets angry, like with the hulk. Sans is also kinda insane as he is the only person in his AU. Meme Toriel, Chara, Undyne and the rest are actually cardboard cutouts Sans made to try and feel less lonely.


OOF blaster: he uses a type of homing gaster blaster that looks like a Roblox OOF head and it is powered by OOFs.

Meme blaster: Sans can use a gaster blaster that shoots three lasers instead of one.

Mega meme blaster: Sans can use larger version of a meme blaster that will shoot a huge laser but takes time to charge up.

Meme army: Sans can summon an elite army of skeletons to help him take over AUs. (the skeletons aren't sanses or papyruses by the way.)

Four Horsemen of the memepocalypse: Sans can summon the four horsemen of the memepocalypse, which are Shrek, Doggo, Karen and Meme man. They all have massive power and even if killed, they will reform after a few hours. Shrek can throw death onions that create nuke like explosions, Doggo can boost the other horsemen's powers, Karen can call the manager to attack for her and Meme man can use "stonks" which means he absorbs HP from victims after hurting them.

Gfuel: Sans can boost his attack and heal with Gfuel.

Infinity Gauntlet: Soul stone: control someone's motions and attacks. (like Error Sans's string.)

Reality: Sans can create a barrier of sorts to protect himself.

Space: Sans can teleport wherever he wants using portals. He can make more than one at a time.

Power: Sans can release a beam of raw power at a target.

Time: Sans can reverse and speed up people's lives. If Sans has the ultimate meme, he can freeze time too.

Mind: Sans can go inside someone's mind and find out everything about them.

The snap: while Sans doesn't like using this as it depletes the number of pawns he could have, he will use it in an absolute emergency. The snap erases half of all AUs in the multiverse.

Gaster blaster hand: Sans can equip his gaster blaster hand from smash ultimate to shoot puffer fish at a target's last position. If the puffer fish misses it will shoot a homing carrot at the target before it flies away.

Meme overload: When Meme Sans gets angry, he will get a meme overload and start turning more chaotic and destructive. All of Sans's attacks will be amplified along with the horsemen. The only catch is that Sans can't control himself when this happens and he gets greatly fatigued afterwards.

Ultimate meme powers

Revive: Sans can revive dead memes to use in an army to conquer AUs.

THE POWER OF GOD AND ANIME: It's literally what it sounds like. Sans can use this power to not only become a memelord but also to infiltrate powerful AUs like the Omega Timeline.

Boosted Meme overload: Sans's meme overload is not only more powerful, but now he can control himself during this time and not get fatigued afterwards.

CREEPAH: Sans can summon creepers that he throws at people to explode them. The creepers also say "Creeper, Aw Man." when they get thrown.

Earape: Sans wears some airpods (somehow) and blasts a super loud sound ranging from a REEET to All star. While Sans himself isn't affected, everyone else in a thousand mile radius will be stunned for 2 weeks unless they use airpods to block out the noise.

Giorno: Sans uses the power of Giorno to create new memes with Giorno's life giving powers and theme.

Pickle Sans: Sans can turn himself into a pickle and in doing so, can get whoever looks at him to lower their guard enough for him to devastate them with just a regular punch. (Sans can then turn back into his normal self easily.)

There's actually more powers he would have that we don't even know about yet!


  • Meme overload fatigue: after a meme overload, Sans will get so tired that his attacks, defense and speed would be lowered for some time.
  • If the ultimate meme were to ever be overloaded with power, two things could happen, and both are bad for meme sans. It could either create a black hole that'll destroy the multiverse or the ultimate meme will be given life and doing so, it will be able to cause indescribable horrors and dankness.


(none known right now.)

Ultimate meme ingredients

To create the ultimate meme, Sans will need to get the following items:

The amulet of stonks: A legendary amulet harnessing great powers. 999 souls: sans will need to kill and steal the souls of 999 creatures. A creeper head: Sans will need to decapitate a creeper and steal it's head. The soul of a loved one: Sans will need to kill someone he loves and take their soul. The spirit of a dead meme: Sans needs to find the remains of a dead meme. The omega soul: sans will need to combine every known soul type to make an omega soul. Once sans has all the parts, he just needs to craft them into the ultimate meme using a crafting table.