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Time of Last Story Update: March 18, 2018

Time of Cancellation:

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Undertale: Metal and Magic is an Sci-Fi esque AU by musician Pineapple with Sunglasses. It takes places after the event of the original Undertale. The AU takes on a very bleak and quiet atmosphere, not featuring very many returning characters, instead having a lot of new, mostly robotic characters. One of the AU's main elements is the addition of Napstablook as a partner throughout the comic.



  • Valor is the protagonist of the AU. He does not speak.
  • Valor can talk to Napstablook through a new TALK menu, added to the AU.


  • Napstablook is the deuteragonist of the AU, serving as a companion to Valor.


  • Papyrus takes on a completely different appearance in Metal and Magic, being entirely robotic. His personality, however, is still the same as normal.


Undertale Locations

  • Ruins
  • Chillgear Forest


  • The name of this AU is a reference to a question in Mettaton's quiz show about "What are robots made of?".