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Author: BlueFox507

Role: Protector

Aliases: Midnight, Protector of souls and emotions

nicknames: Mid

Relationships: Malware!Sans{Brother}

Affiliation: Soul saver, emotion protector

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Weapons: two blades at the end of her tail, as well as her “claws”

Abilities:  able to slash through metal with her tail blades, she can fire a blaster blast from her mouth. Ability to travel to any AU at any time

Last Appearance: unknown


Age: unknown

Status: alive

Marital Status: single

Pronouns: she, her

Residence: somewhere inside the multiverse

Occupation: Soul and Emotion protector

Likes: to run around and sleep

Dislikes: genocide runs

Date of Birth: June 22nd, ???

place of birth: ???


Species: skeleton

Gender: female

Height: 7'1

Weight: hm. What an odd question?

Hair color: N/A

Eye color:  right eye is purple with a black pupil, the left eye is the exact opposite


Lv: 20

HP: unknown

AT: 3

DF: unknown

EXP on kill: unknown

Gold on kill: unknown

Acts: Check


White text: oh, hello!... How did you get here?

Yellow text: Chara.

Midnight Protector sans is a sans who exists outside of the multiverse, she is capable of traveling to any AU at any time she wants.


Midnight can be very irritable. She likes to cheer others up and protect the weak, she is also very intelligent, so in turn she can usually answer any questions  the PLAYER may have about AUs, or the game in general.



Mid looks very similar to GasterBlaster!Sans, but she has two blades on the end of her tail, and markings around her eyes and on her legs. She wears a grey hoodie with a light grey undershirt. Her shorts are a dark grey with a dark purple stripe on each pant leg. The right eye and purple markings glow brightly when her magic is activated.