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"Well, I'm not THAT great."
– Monica to Frisk, Undertale FES

Monica is a new playable character, making her debut in Undertale FES.


Monica is a little girl of the same age with Frisk. She has a red fishtail hair and purple pupils. She wears a white T-shirt covered with an unzipped cyan coat. She also wears gray short jeans.


She has a shy personality and rarely talks to others. However, after times of adventuring with Frisk, she becomes more cheerful. In Snowdin, after the battle with Papyrus, she would try to commit suicide due to her being late to help Frisk (Papyrus if the player chose the Genocide Route) battle. If the player presses "Act" quickly before she stabs herself, Frisk could prevent her doing it by telling her that she is one of the first best friends that they have. It must be noted that she cannot be prevented to commit suicide if the player is on a Genocide Run.


Being the second playable character, the battle turns to a turn-based fight. So if Frisk is done using their turn, it will change to Monica's turn. Because she holds the soul of Luckiness, every time an enemy attacks here, he/she will always miss.


"Please go easy on me."
– Fight starts! (Monster)

"Can we NOT fight, please?"
– Fight starts! (Monster)

"I'm sorry I'm late!"
– Fight starts! (Guilt Monster)

"I don't wanna kill you, but I have to."
– Fight starts! (Guilt Monster)

"Look out!"
– Attack!

"I'm using my best shot!"
– Attack!

"Let's see our options."
– Act!

"What do I have in store for us?"
– Item!

– Getting hit (Unused)

"I'm quite lucky."
– Failed to get hit (Miss)

"My soul is in a bad mood."
– Attack miss!

"What have I done?!"
– Win! (Monster)

"I know they're a fake, but... *Sigh* Alright."
– Win! (Guilt Monster)

"I'm leaving this up to you!"
– Pass!


  • Just like the other characters on the ERROR Route, Monica realizes that she and Frisk are being "played" all this time by the player.
  • If the player gives the abandoned quiche to her, she will say, "Is this even useful to make her roast? I mean, it's not like he ever used it before.".