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AU STORY: (before you start reading this. YES the most of the story may sound about real life so sorry about that) Long type ago, different types of races ruled on earth..: Monsters, Humans, and Players, Humans had enough of the monsters since they thought they were ruining the city and trashing the entire country. Because of that, they killed all monsters. Players did not like it and decided that every single player has to be aware of humans or at least fight back. Because of the decision, they declared war between humans and players. Sadly the human's always come back stronger and stronger and stronger... The Players had a punishment to be trowed into the MT. Ebonus and forget about it forever...

10 Years Later

After the 10 years after the war. One Mother called Alisa born a child that it was a girl. she took care of the child the best she could. but it was one issue. Her husband. she was told that she is taking too much attention to the child. She told him back that they must take good care of a child if she wants a good future. a month the husband called Max decided to break up. 3 months later the child died from a heart disease cause they didn't have enough food, money, or medicine.

5 Years Later

Alicia The Mother was feeling sick cause she didn't feel well... she took a pregnancy test and turn out that there were 2 plus's which means that she is pregnant with twins. She was excited about it but also kinda scared. 

3 months later

The Mother started to feel pain in her stomach. she thought the baby's in her stomach are awake and are trying to get out as hard they can. (oh man here come some part some people won't like ;-;) She decided to lie on her bed. soon the stomach was moving really crazy and she was suffering. :( Thankfully after 1 hour later (yes she suffered a lot) the pain passed to cause the babies went asleep again and never woke up again in her stomach

20 weeks later the two babies were born, they were both crying but also disgusting (yes baby look disgusting when they are born for me) One person asked her if she needs help with life and offered her an easy job that she will give her 1 thousand dollars per each day in work (yes he is rich) the mother was happy and decided to apply. She was working as a tip collector.

5. Years Later

(YES IST FINALLY TIME TO TELL THE NEW CHILDS NAMES) The girls were 5 years old and they were happy with life with the mother. One girl was called Emelia, she was kind cute and friendly. she liked the colors pink and green. The Another Girl was called Sandy (YES IST  FROM SPONGEBOB SORRY) She was kinda rude, scary, and friendly only to family. after 1 week. they went camping. they were at campfire sites with their school friends. While it was a night and Sandy was routing a hot dog before sleeping. (here comes the death part again ;-;) but sadly from the shadows behind one of Sandy's Bully's called Angela that was beaten up by one of Sandy's Friends when she tried to bully her she decided to took revenge on push Sandy into the fire from behind... Sandy Died and the Camp Site Owner decided to close the camp due to kid's safety. Sandy's sister Emelia decided to run back home. The mom asked where is her sister and Emelia told her mom that she is at Grandma's House due that she wanted to pick them up (ist when it was night) Emelia tried to hide the info about her sister's death from her mom but she wasn't sure that it wound should anywhere else.  The next day on the news someone reported that he found a dead body of a little girl.  it was the owner of the campsite where she died. The Interviewer told the owner of the campsite what was the small girl's name. and he holds him. The Mom was shocked and started to cry. And tried to focus on the future of her only child now.

1. Year Later

A ghost of Sandy went behind her sister Emelia and she told her in her mind that she is here and will always be here. Emelia asked her mom if she can go to MT. Ebonus. The Mother agreed and told her to be careful. Emelia promised that to mom and went to the mountain. There was a sign that said that these who fall into the mountain's pit are never found again. Emelia went closer to the pit to see how deep is the hole. the hole was big and long so the rest of the pit was hiding darkness. Emelia went closer and she tripped to a long piece of wood and fell down the long hit. She landed on the flowers but the hold was that long that when she landed on the flowers she was unconscious for a while. But Emelie didn't gave up on life since she was filled with her determination and was never alone since she has her sister all the time that wants to kill all the players since they landed here... MsgTale. (yes that's the ending word)