735q4e87 Wiki

This is The Area where Team NULL is located. It is a Massive Fortress with diferent floors and traps

Floor 1

The First Floor has multiple rooms. It is the main entry floor, and it is watched by whoever's on guard duty, often FellSwap Sans.

It's mostly a lobby, and there's some stairs to the other floors, and an elevator. It's nothing special.

Floor 0/-1

This Floor is The First Underground floor. It is the main weapons storage. It can only be accessed with The "Staff Elevator." It is mostly where Killer is.

Floor 2

This Floor has most of the bedrooms. They're somewhat customized, but most of them have a massive bed, along with a television with selected things attached. Along with consoles and etc. There's also hot tubs in the room, hence why unless there's an emergency, you must knock if going to enter.

Floor 3

Nicknamed, Recreational Floor. This floor is filled with activities for personal enjoyment, along with exercise areas. It's mostly allowed during free time, or if someone has been doing well as of late.

Floor 4

This floor has food and a bar where you can order what you want. This floor is where you go if you're hungry. You also can order it to be brung to your room if you like. The people working here often don't have much of a choice, or are hired.

Floor 5

The meeting floor where all the plans to take over are or in some cases dust getting slapped in the face for stick bugging ng