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Nadius is a Omnipresent Internet Traveler. He's also the first OC created by Reaper Bruh Sans.

He has a unique ability which allows to gain access anywhere beyond the comprehension and imagination of mortal men.

"You...What?You said "Welcome to special hell and your death?"HehehehehehheehehHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH!!Oh GOD! You gotta be kidding me aren't you?Thanks pal but ı am already in my special hell.And you....think you can just have a good life with all those merciless Genocides? LOL forgot it pal...Forget it...."



İt is a mystery for you what happened BEFORE when he was not forgotten.After his creator forgotten him, he became depressed out of isolation. To forget what happened to him he travelled throughout the internet and develop the love of Web Browsing. After an immeasurable amount of years, he stumbled across the Undertale Fandom and decided to stay here because of his interest within the community.



He wears long grey jacket with a P branded t-shirt underneath, along with long grey pants and black boots.He wore black gloves(his finger tips can be seen).On back of his jacket there is a ying-yang symbol.He dawned a belt that contain his many tools and equipments, along with a sword that can change into various weapons for different situations. He wore glasses for his eyesight and his mouth is covered by a black mask branded by a line of Xs.


He's very neutral about the wellbeing of himself and others, along with the chaos and order of things. He views the concept of good and evil as mere childish fantasies.


  • Hacker: As a hacker he can alter any code-based worlds with his screen.Every power fits under of this category.
  • Universal Jumping / Warping : Nadius is able to warp to different AU which also abides to his name that he is also able to jump to other fictional worlds with this ability
  • İmmortality/İnvincibility: He cannot die, be killed, or be erased (even he tried at himself). Anywhere which has information about himself he will live on, as long as concept of him exists.
  • Story Manipulation: He can manipulate the narratives and stories of non code-based worlds.
  • İnvisibility: Nadius is able to be render himself invisible from others, especially from other Omnipresent entities like Gaster and CORE!Frisk.
  • Anti-Debuff: Nadius is able to repair and negate all debuffs and detrimental status effects.
  • Copycat: Where he can copy other's abilities
  • Fourth Wall Breaking: Able to communicate with the audience of Undertale and was self aware enough to know that he's a fictional character.
  • Mind and Soul Manipulation/Protection: Nadius is able to manipulate the mind and soul of his opponents, yet immune to the same short of attacks (like possession, reprogramming, mind control, etc.)
  • Self-Control: Nadius is able to control himself,his mimics,his height,weight,loudness of his scream,pain he feels etc. 


Other than Undertale Characters are:


The both have passive relationship,the both are just talking.(Maybe many more)



Entity 303 Jason 





"Are you glad that you've forgot about me? Did that makes you happy? I'm not...I have traveled the world wide web, visited countless worlds...But still my hatred toward you hasn't vanished...Did you understand it now?"
Nadius toward his creator when his creator remembered him


  • Nadius's birthday is 23/06/XXXX
  • Nadius was mad at his creator.He realized concept of hate is meaningless and because of that he stopped hating to his creator.
  • Nadius can eat and drank everything, though his diet consist of candies and milkshakes
  • Nadius loves breaking 4th Wall.
  • Nadius usually loves to reading books.
  • Nadius encountered Core!Frisk, and established a relationship with them.
  • Nadius has visited DarkWeb.
  • Nadius's favorite sport is basketball.
  • Nadius loves to sing and dance.
  • Nadius loves every music instrument, though his favorite is the violin.
  • Nadius loves to listen all type of music especially rock,classic etc.
  • To him, good and evil are childish concept, though when offered the choice, he usually chooses to lean towards the
  • neutral alignment.
  • When Nadius gets mad which is absolutely rare,temperature drops to absolute zero,everything will freeze in 30 meter radius.
  • He isn't affected by time.That means resets, saves, loads, time stopping, time reversing, time travel, and all attempts at killing him with a paradox will fail.
  • The sword he wears on his back can change into any weapon he wants. It also has auto regeneration in case it breaks and he can pull it to himself from anywhere.
  • Nadius can see script and he can rewrite it but he is not uses it so much because of personal reasons.
  • Nadius hates OP Characters,he thinks they are just pointless entities.
  • He wishes to be emotionless.
  • He is a decent punner and has good enough jokes.
  • Nadius isn't bound of any reality/omniverse.He can travel to different realities/omniverses.


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