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Narcitale (and Freetale)

Asriel's golden heart from Freetale is shown plagued and corrupted by Narcitale's destructive purple.

The author of this AU is Moe Narcitale  or MoeNO1.

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Important: This page is just a summary. Please view the categories below this page for more information on the AU and the actual story. Read in sequential order, from 1 to 3.5, to understand more. 

"Narcitale is an AU idea I came up with inspired by my loneliness and a self-image I created to comfort myself when my feelings were at an alltime low."

-MoeNO1 22:12, June 8, 2020 (UTC)MoeNO1  

In this AU, Chara's illness is cured by Asriel's special ability. Unfortunately, this ability costed his own life, and Asriel is killed. A ronanculus flower absorbs the remains of Asriel and becomes known as this universe's conterpart of Flowey.

The royal scientist is in charge of keeping Flowey safe and restoring Asriel's body out of the flower and back to normal. Chara regularly visits Flowey to teach him about HOPE and who he used to be.  

Eventually, a neighboring universe connects to this one with a new barrier. This happens around the time Frisk falls into the ruins and befriends Chara. Flowey and the two humans venture off into this new barrier. They go on a quest in the genocidal world of Narcitale to protect their universe and use HOPE to pacify Narcitale and complete Asriel's new body.  



This AU is still a WIP. Expect more information coming soon. Contact me (the creator) through Discord if you have any suggestions or feedback.