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Necro!Sans is a Sans from a post-True pacifist timeline, it was a regular timeline with monsters finally able to live on the surface. It is not just that about him, Necro!Sans is a Sans which has lost his home and universe due to being found by Error and deemed a "Filthy Glitch In The Multiverse" leading to the erasure of it, luckily he had escaped his universe when he had the opportunity to avoid Error.


Necro!Sans has started out as any regular Sans from luckily, a True Pacifist route. Frisk had given their soul to Chara  to be able to feel as a living human being once more, during the time period of this event, things happened.

Error had found the "anomaly" and was going to erase the universe once and for all, in a last ditch effort to at least survive, Chara fuses their soul with Sans' giving him enough power to stand a chance against Error with his new determination soul and his already natural determination . He could not defeat Error though he managed to escape and survive the event.

Necro!Sans had been hiding away for a long time with just Chara is once again as a ghost following him around, occasionally controlling the body if needed. Necro!Sans now has a strong hatred to Error for what he has done, and would not hold back for a second if had the chance to fight him once more.


Necro!Sans or what his friends call him Necro, loves to discover and explore new universes, his favorite AU is OutertaleNecro is often childish and always likes to have company, he hates being alone, though he never really is because he has Necro!Chara around at all times.

Necro is often forgetful about information which isn't deemed important, he always gets sidetracked and Necro!Chara often has to be the one to retell Necro information from before. Necro is very talkative and would try to create a conversation as soon as he meets a new face, or a familiar face.

Necro is a energetic and happy Sans, he often breaks things on accident, he is Lawful Neutral, though if he is in contact with Error he can be anywhere from Chaotic Neutral to Neutral Evil.

He is often seen speaking to himself, though he is actually not and is talking to Necro!Chara. They are very good companions, Chara often is the more intelligent one in regular situations though.


Current appearence

Necro!Sans has a simple appearance with his left eye is purple and the right being red. He has a big dark grey sweater with a large faded purple like robe located on top of it with light purple fluff at the bottom and a lot for the hood. Necro also has a very dark blue, near black shorts with a neon purple stripe located on each leg. He also wears a sort of purple shoes with dark grey at the bottom of them. To finish off his look he has an over-sized dark purple scarf resembling Papyrus' scarf, he didn't manage to get his scarf during the destruction of his universe so he made his own to remember him by. 


Determination: He can persist after an attack that would normally kill him.

Bone manipulation: Similar to Classic Sans, though Necro's is faster and stronger than his.

Gaster Blasters: Again like Classic Sans' Blasters though they can be larger, stronger and shoot faster than his.

Teleportation: Self-explanitory

Blue Magic: Necro can change the color of the enemy's soul to Integrity, allowing him to use telekinesis on them.

AU Warp: He can create portals leading to any AU he desires to enter.


Papyruses: Necro dearly misses his own beloved Papyrus, he might become weaker and sad if something happens related to a Papyrus.

Joking: Necro always loves to joke around even during serious situations like a battle, he always jokes aroud which could lead to his downfall, though his quick thinking has prevented it so far.


Necro!Papyrus (Brother)

Necro's beloved brother has long died during the destruction of his universe by Error leading Necro to despise him, Necro loved his Papyrus as much as any other Sans would.

Necro!Gaster (Father/Creator)

Gaster being the creator of Necro!Sans he'd of course love Gaster, he was a kind royal scientist, he'd take care of Papyrus and Necro when he could, he was always too caught up  in his work to establish a good bond between them. Necro still loves him regardless for being his creator, it is still unknown whether Necro!Gaster is deceased or alive.

Necro!Chara (Best friend)

Necro had absorbed the soul of Necro!Chara and now they are a ghost following Necro like they once did with Frisk, ever since Necro had escaped his universe during the destruction of it, they have had a close bond due to Necro!Chara being the only other person with him for a long time as he hid away.

Ink!Sans (Friend)

Necro had met Ink while exploring AUs, Ink was the first real friend apart from Necro!Chara that Necro had.


  • Necro!Sans was created on 6/08/2020
  • Necro loves protecting AUs even if it sometimes may not seem like it.
  • Necro!Sans does not approve of any ships of him that may happen.
  • Necro tries to be friends with anyone but Error.
  • Necro can scream very loudly when both Necro and Chara are controlling the body.