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All Humans and Monsters attending PinkSoul Academy, when they reach thirteen, will be assigned a Run.




The Story

 Chapter One

NeutralFell twirled a buttercup in their finger. Today they and six other adolescent students would be assigned a Run, based off off their soul color. 

Most students were recieving Genocide Run. Their friend, Cosmo, chuckled beside them.

"'I'm beginning to see a pattern I'm not so sure I like.'"

"Who are you quoting now?" Neutral sighed.

"A famous human. Pewdiepie."

"He's from a different AU!"

That's when Cosmo was called to the stage. Her soul suddenly shone above her head, a beautiful resonant lime. 

"Pacifist Run." Cosmo flew to her seat. Now it was Neutral's turn. Their soul was yellow, for Justice. 

"Neutral Run."

Cosmo gawked. Neutral skipped back to their seat. They had gotten just what they wanted.

The ceremony was over just as soon as it had started. NeutralFell knew now that they would have to choose between Fight and Mercy. It was not that bothersome to them; they were the school's most responsible pupil. They made honor roll every trimester. As they went home, they saw a sign painted in wingdings.

Wingdings. The one class they hadn't taken, the one Cosmo picked up for them.

At least Cosmo was with them.

"Hey, can you translate this?"


Cosmo looked worried.

"It's an advertisement. For a demonstration. They... They're trying to ban Neutral Run."

Neutral was instantly triggered.

"Like I don't have enough people against me. The fact that I can travel AUs, as well as controlling minds, I'm already an outcast."

"You're also forgetting that you don't have a gender."

"Be quiet."

NeutralFell opened a portal and slipped into their secret spot, a small AU that their friend Sunshine made for them when they were sad. It was a small island with a small mansion, and it never rained.

NeutralFell wasn't in the mood for swimming. They put some berries and some dry ice in a cooler, and then shrink-wrapped the cooler shut.

A few hours later, they cut off the shrink wrap.

It was time to get high on cherries.

A somewhat merry hour later, NeutralFell left their secret spot and made their way toward home, not realizing that Cosmo, who had followed them in, was now trapped in the secret spot...

Chapter 2

NeutralFell sat down. Their temmie SolarFlare jumped into their lap.

They sighed. Sunshine had given them Solarflare. They remembered that. They also remembered how she wasn't at the secret spot the next day, like they had arranged. She didn't show the whole week...

...A week later was when they got the news. Sunshine's AU had been destroyed.

Ten pounds of spiked grapefruit didn't make them feel better.

After the apparent death of Sunshine Sans, they met Cosmo, a human whose parents were from a different AU. Decision didn't understand Cosmo. Her mom was a Human from a distant AU, and her dad was a sans, also from a distant AU...

Thinking of which, where has she been? I haven't seen her since Graduation day, they thought.

A figure flopped out of a rift behind them as someone banged on the door.

Chapter 3

"Who's there? Where are they? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! oh, Neutral... hi!"

NeutralFell was confused. "When could you travel AUs?" they chuckled.

"I never could," Cosmo said softly, "But I found someone who could send others through AUs. Problem is, I don't know how he feels about you.

The door fell. The "Neutral Ban" gang rushed in around them.

Neutral looked around, at the people surrounding them, at Cosmo. "You... why???"

"Sorry buddy, but Neutral Run just wasn't meant to be," Cosmo said sweetly.

Neutral looked down. Their own friend, signing their death warrant. Right after quoting her favorite human, Chase Brody.

Neutral'd rather have their AU destroyed, like Sunshine Sans.

Neutral spiraled backward into a rift, leading to an AU they had not been too before. No, it wasn't an au anymore, just a swirling white void. Someone had destroyed it...

They looked around. The only things they found were splotches of what appeared to be black ink, a small trickle of gold next to one.

What happened here? A fight? If so, were the rivals still here?

"You go on ahead Pj, I'll catch up."

"Okay then Sunni..."

"Please, I'd rather have my tail stepped on than be called that. It's... what they used to call me."

"PLEASE, stop talking about your Senpai," the one referred to as PJ replied before slipping into a portal.

"THEY ARE NOT MAH SENPAI, AND I'M NOT A YANDERE," "Sunni" harshly replied before slipping into the portal behind "PJ".

They? "Sunni"? Destroyed world? Coincidence.... Very big coincidence. You know what? Coincidence, I think not, They thought.

Narrowly escaping the gang as they poured out of a new portal, Neutral slipped into the portal the other two beings entered, closing it behind them.

Chapter 4

NeutralFell followed the two unknown skeletons, ending up in a large world.

"Should I head back there? I mean, they're probably- AACK!" One of them said as Cosmo grabbed their waist.

"What run are you?" Cosmo asked.

"Pacifist," The skeleton replied, slapping Cosmo with her wing, "Now get off of me."

"You just.... you just hit me," Cosmo said, surprised, "you.." She dove at the skeleton.

Neutral came in front of Cosmo and shoved her backwards, preventing her from attacking Sunshine Sans, the one from their childhood.

"Don't. You. Dare. Touch. Sunni," he growled.

To be continued...