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During the events of Pre-Underheaven's apocalypse, UHeaven!Sans ended up lasing a battle with Lucida which would prove fatal In his case. However, before his death he managed to sabatoge Lucida's Revive which backfired and trapped him in a state between death and life. A short while later Weaver was afforded a second chance at "existance" via Courier, however as he later discovered this deal only allowed him to "exist" and not to "live again". Additionally, in order to continue existing, Weaver found that he would have to consume magical energy or fragments of creation. After many years of this "existance" Weaver managed to reform himself Into his current state of being. Unfortunately, over this same amount of time his state of mind changed for the worse. Currently he conducts experiments and hosts "survival games" in order to test the "potential" each victim possesses. He also messes in the affairs of the multiveme from afar.



He likes to study people from afar and will act like a good guy to hide There true intentions but he isn’t exactly a bad guy all the time. He his a doctor and his facility is where he conducts his work on those unfortunate to come across him he uses medical equipment in his facility. What happens to these monsters is wildly unknown. He likes making “friends” by weaving dust particles together.


Nightweaver Sans is seen to wear a short cloak with hood up. The cloak is two different colors, grey and white. The hood is both colors, half and half. The lower part of the cloak is the grey half covering up the white part and clipped to be held there. The cloak has a teal edge and has strings that look like what you would find on a hoodie. On the right part of the cloak, there seems to be a teal clock sign. He is also wearing grey shorts that look like they have been torn at the edges. No shoes/slippers. One half of his body is grey, and the other half is white. He has heart-shaped holes in his hands and feet. The eye on the grey side is white, and the eye on the white side is black. Nightweaver is seen to have "dust eyes" behind him.


  • Ghostly Bones:these bones are dangerous and harmful to the guardians or gods these bones looks like a neon ghostly green colored bones.
  • Ghost Form:this form helps Nightweaver sans to float or fly and more
  • Ghostly Blasters:These blasters are modified for the Exozone and regions of the Graveyard. Unlike most blasters, this version emits magic radiation as an attack which appears as mist to an opponent. Contact with this mist induces radiation sickness which harms the opponent over time even after expostre. These blasters are slower than average and do not shoot lasers since they must conserve their energy to be effective in this region of space. They can also phase through matter.
  • Inspiration:unknown ability but designed in combat or to heal and used for acess to AU GRAVEYARD.
  • Soul Manipulation:Nightweaver can manipulate the soul, the incorporeal and immortal essence of a living thing, souls are usually most obviously present in sentient beings. At some level all biological organisms have souls, and even non-biological entities (such as rivers and mountains) possess something that is analogous to a soul.
  • Heal:he can revive himself or anybody.
  • Dust Absorption:he is able to absorb dusts to make him very omnipotent or powerful enough to kill his creator or someone that is omnipotent or gods.
  • Anti Void Manipulation:Nightweaver sans is able to create and manipulate anti voids.
  • Whisper Eyes:Nightweaver's spies cover vast spans of multiversal space and act as information collectors. They're said to be made of the eyes of dead sans' from other dead AU's
  • AU Hoop:Nightweaver can open portals or teleport to any AU of his choice.
  • Ghost threads: These bright blue threads cannot be destroyed or blocked. Nightweaver can use these ropes as they wish.


His goal is to kill the creator. He doesn't believe in the happy endings shown in stories so he has his own satirical happy ending for the world of the void and the sphere. and will destroy any creation of anyone who hates other creations and transfer that hatred to their creations


  • The Exozone:A region of space surrounding all creation that is hazardous to any "created" entity. Very few creations are able to survive here due to the lack of creative energy and the intense physical strain caused by an invisible force that drains the health of any who dare stay in this realm of space. Those who do survive often resort to canabalisim of magical energy which can either be absorbed through the dust of dead AU's that drift out of the multiverse or by hunting creations that enter the Exozone.
  • NightWeaver can't be damaged without inspiration.
  • NightWeaver is a ghost sans or called dust ghost.
  • NightWeaver is very Dangerous Sans.
  • NightWeaver rarely ever seen.
  • NightWeaver's very angry if you attacks him.
  • Nightweaver made error404s jacket .
  • Nightweaver despises those who destroy or negatively alter the state of AUs.
  • Nightweaver also hates those who wage magical energy.
  • Nightweaver specifically targets creators who do not care for or love their creations. Weaver lads empathy and most of his morals. He only desires knowledge and efficiency.