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NoName!Sans was created by chickenpotbiebro202

NoName!Sans world was made during the events of Undervers 0.4 so right after the UnderSwap pacifist timeline was corrupted By the X-Event NoName-Tale popped out of nowhere. In-timeline NoName!Sans universe excited for over 1 year after NoName!Frisk broke the Barrier. NoName!Sans doesn't have a real name during the Conservation with Core!Frisk She was the one to give NoName!Sans Name because his universe didn’t have a unique Name


NoName!Sans is friends with Core!Frisk since she saved NoName!Sans from the destruction of his universe during Undervers 0.4

NoName!Sans wears a Red camo hoodie.

NoName!Sans Doesn't Trusts Ink!Sans

NoName!Sans Dose have a Original Theme it is called Dethrone [NoName!Sans Theme] (link coming soon)

NoName!Sans Birthday is Jan 10

NoName-Tale is being written by chickenpotbiebro202.