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Noob (This AU's "Sans") is a character that comes from the AU "Tales over Robloxia".


Robloxia is filled with the race "Robloxians" where they all go and live their lives.

The player is just another "Robloxian" however it's not true. The player controls a "hacker" or "anomoly" whose main purpose to destroy Robloxia.

After commit mass genocide across the city, Noob will be the final Robloxian left.


In his normal or default phase, he is smiling.

When he is serious, his eyes widen, remaining with his smile.

When he uses his eye, his left eye glows dark blue and bright red.

The Final Battle:

Noob's expression remains happy because he's optimistic but knows that he will not be able to keep up.

Phase 1:

He knows that there has been unexpected behavior around the game. Telling the player that he knows that there's multiple servers starting and stopping. Referring to the fact that he knows there's multiple "timelines" or "servers". Despite it, he knows the entire server will crash and knows it's the players fault. He knows the game will eventually become fully hacked. He tried to escape but was unable to. He forever remains in that game or "universe".

Spare Phase:

After surviving his attacks, he'll try to convince the player to stop their actions and ultimately quit.

Sparing him will get his attention and his first motive is to kill the player. After doing so the entire server crashes due to the player interrupting the hack.

Phase 2:

After ignoring Noob's offer, Noob considered befriending the hacker, thinking they were needing a friend. He wanted to believe that they would at least stop their actions. After a while he doesn't care about what he said. He knows the player will keep hacking servers until the entire game crashes. He warns the player of his special attack. After more threats, he decides to show his true power.

Ending Phase:

At this point, Noob's too tired to attack and he cannot attack, leaving the player with 1 HP. Eventually he'll lower his guard. After slashing him, he gets up and heads towards McDonald's Tycoon. He asks his brother if he wants anything. Then turns into dust.