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"I can hear this mysterious void calling out to me.. it goes by the name, "NULL Dimension"."
– Null


Null!Sans is a Sans created by Corruption!Sans.

Null!Sans was brought into his world with half of Corruption' code along and some code manipulation. The first person that Null!Sans met was Corruption, a Sans who has lost everything he had and one who failed to restore his world. Corruption was desperate to send Null!Sans to his world but it didn't work. Corruption finally snaps and attempts to destroy what he created, trying to kill Null!Sans to get his code back. This didn't work as Null!Sans was made up of small pieces of the NULL Dimension, a void that contained more destructive power than Corruption himself.



He has an identical appearance to Sans. But, his clothing is darker to resemble the theme of the NULL Dimension. Due to being made up of half of Corruption!Sans' code, he has Corruption's right eye which allows him to see.


A laid back and relaxed character. With no idea on his true origin, he has no true motivations. This keeps him from pursuing any heroic or evil acts.


Corruption Immunity

Being born of a force stronger than Corruption gives Null!Sans an immunity against Corruption's Corruption Touch and Effect.

Weak Corruption

By only being made up of half of Corruption's code, he only retains a weaker version of Corruption Touch and Effect. This is because his code was made before Corruption gained the ability of stronger code manipulation.


Corrupted Defense

He keeps an almost unbreakable immunity against Corruption Touch and Effect and other code manipulating attacks but is highly vulnerable to physical attacks.

Lack of physical form

Being made of half of Corruption' code and half of the NULL Dimension, he cannot obtain any physical forms. This prevents him from being able to leave the NULL Dimension.


Bone Magic

He can use his standard bone magic to attack. Not the best for instantaneous long range attacks but is equally as efficient.

Gaster Blaster Magic

He can use his standard blaster magic to attack. He often uses it due to the long range but is still as equal as his bone magic attacks.

Blue Magic

He can control a soul and manipulate it in any way. He commonly uses telekinesis to force his opponents into his attacks, forcing them to get corrupted and lose their code.

Weak Corruption Touch

Any physical contact on him can cause weak corruption. It can give them a weak or possibly harmless corruption effect.

Weak Corruption Effect

This could either give a small, unnoticeable amount of corruption that could become unstable and corrupt the anomaly over time, or it can do nothing but hang on. The most harm it can manage upon impact is a momentary stun or paralysis but not kill unless unstable enough.


He is able to teleport from place to place. He can teleport out of the NULL Dimension and travel through any void available.


Corruption!Sans (Creator)

Corruption!Sans doesn't care much about Null!Sans. For what he has created, it was impossible to corrupt. He couldn't keep himself busy with an immune anomaly. Null!Sans has always asked about his existence but failed to get an answer. Corruption is the only known being who could freely enter and leave the NULL Dimension while Null!Sans was trapped there for eternity.

Corruption!Sans sometimes does use Null!Sans to help assist battles.


  • He can leave the NULL Dimension only if he enters another void. He cannot leave any void but can teleport between them. The NULL Dimension is the only safe zone as other voids can slowly kill him.