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Overwritten!Underfell (or OW!Underfell) is a different take on the Fell AU. Whereas in the original Underfell all benevolent characters become vicious versions with opposite intentions and vice-versa, in this AU the changes aren't as extreme. The characters and their society, as well as the tone of the story, become much more somber and serious, most of them retaining their good nature even if it's hidden beneath several layers.

The general plot remains mostly the same, with Frisk's objective being to free the monsters from the Underground and the monsters' objective being wanting to return to the Surface. However, several details and events within the story are altered, such as Gaster being physically present and Papyrus being second in command to the Royal Guard.


  • All golden flowers have been exchanged for poppies, making the Prince (Asriel) a red flower.
  • Asriel doesn't adopt the name of Flowey and spends his days hiding from Toriel in the Ruins. When he had the power to tamper with the Save File prior to Frisk's arrival, he tried to get the monsters to the Surface a couple of times but ultimately failed, and decided to stop messing with his powers.
  • Asgore attempted to kill Chara for their soul when they fell down. Toriel stopped him and tried to convince him to take care of the human, but her attempts resulted in Asgore exiling her. She took Asriel and Chara with her to the Ruins before the human came up with "The Plan".
  • Gaster is alive and still the Royal Scientist, as well as Asgore's advisor and Alphys' mentor.
  • Theoretically, Frisk wouldn't fight Mettaton unless they were in a Genocide run. In Neutral and Pacifist, Alphys would be the one to step in.
  • Sans likes riddles. He still tells puns on occasion, but most of them are very, very subtle.
  • Frisk would also theoretically battle Sans regardless of the route chosen, though Megalovania would only play in Genocide.
  • Papyrus is the Strategist and Second in Command to the Royal Guard.
  • Chara, or the First Fallen Human, would only be met at the end of a True Pacifist run and a Neutral Pacifist, taking the spot of Flowey in Undertale, when he tells the player how to get a better ending.