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Oblivion is avatar of primordial nothingness and it will exist every time.


Oblivion Practus is one of the most basic concepts of the Multiverse, the concept of nothingness Thus, it has existed for millennia, simply being another extension of nothingness in the Undertale Multiverse. It is simply the Multiverse’s own embodiment of primordial nothingness, which nearly every Multiverse has. This Entity has been present throughout the Multiverse ever since the creators have created the Multiverse, and is a perfectly neutral entity, existing to fulfill its role.

It is not a God of Nothingness and entities such as Gods/Goddesses of Nothingness have their control of nothingness because this entity exists. This entity is not the giver of their powers, nor is it their master, it exists to act as the absolute embodiment of primordial nothingness in the Multiverse, an entity born through the natural laws of existence.



Oblivion Practus wears long black hoodie with no another visible thing but he has purple eyes.


Oblivion is usually hospitable and cheerful for his visitors. However, if someone interrupts him when he is doing his job, he will be melancholic and angry.


•All Void Powers

Boundless Nothingness Manipulation

The user is able to manipulate nothingness every type of manipulation of nothingness in all scales.He can build barriers,weapons,realities etc.

Nothingness Blaster

This blaster is able to one shot everyone and his opponents's concepts will be negated.

Nothingness Bones

This bones are able to one shot everyone and his opponents's concepts will be negated.

Boundless Omniscience

Practus possesses boundless amount of knowledge.

Boundless Psychological İmmunity

The user is completely invulnerable to every form of mental attempt and psychological manipulation.

Boundless Cosmic İmmunity

The user is immune to all forms of Cosmic Manipulation and cosmic-level attacks.

Boundless Omni Manipulation

The user can boundlessly manipulate all forms of Omni Powers without restrictions, and can create, destroy and edit them on all scales and levels, and even bestow them upon the user themselves or any other being.

Ultimate Origin Destruction

The ultimate, transcendent form of Origin Destruction, this allows Oblivion to seamlessly destroy the origin of whatever it wants to destroy. This ability can be used anytime and anywhere, regardless of distance the origin of the object/being will be absolutely destroyed and erased from existence, using a form of Conceptual Erasure. If the origin of any being/object is destroyed, that specific being/object will completely cease to exist, as without an origin, nothing can exist.

Boundless Stat Manipulation

The user can manipulate their enemies’ stats regardless of whatever stat manipulation immunity they may have in any scale and level. This transcends all other forms of Stat Manipulation.

Conceptual&Absolute Meaningless

For him everything is just an illusion because of that ALL Concepts and abilities about concepts cannot affect to him.This includes all type of attacks too.

Concept of Nothingness

As we know he is concept of Nothingness which existed before Creator and Creation.This grants immunity to Origin Manipulation as the nothingness in its own has no origin, it has existed before time itself, and thus has no origin and cannot be affected by ANY origin-manipulating powers. This concept cannot be erased, nullified, or absorbed. This power is one of the most powerful abilities, being beyond all Omni-Powers.

Boundless Reality Warping

This ability allows to Oblivion change,shape,alter all reality manipulation,warping abilities in all scales.

Boundless Elemental İmmunity

The user is absolutely, completely invulnerable and immune to every element ever to exist including all natural, artificial, esoteric, ancient, magical, fantastical, divine, demonic, primordial, cosmic, universal, conceptual, metaphysical, etc. elements.

True Boundless İgnorance

Oblivion can ignore any form of omnipotence, even Absolute Omnipotence, Unignoreable Omnipotence and Unsurpassable Omnipotence, Beyond True Omnipotence and many more. It is completely immune to anything the users of these abilities do, and it can freely bypass all their efforts. Thus it can completely ignore their power

Boundless Magic İmmunity

The user is completely invulnerable and immune to all forms of magic and mystical attacks.

Boundless Conceptual Manipulation

The user can boundlessly manipulate every concept to exist and concepts that exist on all levels without any form of restriction. They can create, destroy, edit, etc. any concept with no limitations, effectively transcending all Omni-Powers.

Boundless Energy

The user posseses a boundless energy source and thus will never be powerless at any time. This is the true perfected form of Omnifinity Energy.

Boundless Disruptive Existence

The ultimate, perfected, true form of Ruptured Existence, this allows the user to be as powerful as they want on any level/scale without any limitations or restrictions.

Boundless Code Manipulation

The user can boundlessly manipulate all forms of code on all scales and levels without any restriction, being immune to all other forms of code manipulation gaining full control over all forms of code including Omni-Code. Practus is also immune to all forms of stat manipulation through this.

Boundless Ability Manipulation

The user can fully and completely manipulate every power/ability to exist, which already exists/ which existed, without any forms of restrictions. The user can perfectly control abilities, nullify them, erase them, edit them, on all levels without restrictions. The user can create new abilities, and this extends from weak abilities to Boundless-level abilities. The user can seamlessly manipulate abilities like Primordial Nothingness Manipulation and Apocalyptic Force Manipulation, and Omnipotence, and the user can lock abilities of the opponent, remove them, nullify them, create a counter, etc. The user thus transcends every ability.


This is beyond of absolute version of Nonexistence. This makes Oblivion's existence beyond absolute, and thus it cannot be erased, killed, destroyed, de-created, changed, etc.This protects him against almost all attacks and this allows to protection of even Omnipotence attacks. This transcends limitations of Nonexistence.