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Omni-Glitch!Sans (Fanon)

"It's over..."
– Omni-Glith!Sans after killing Omega!Animosity

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Omni-Glitch!Sans used to be Void-Glitch!Sans, he currently lives on his AU, Animosity!Tale. After killing Omega!Animosity, he obtained enough power to re-create his AU back. Whenever he is inside his AU, he can do whatever he wants, but if he leaves his AU, his power gets drastically low.


Omni-Glitch!Sans was Void-Glitch!Sans, but after killing Omega!Animosity, he gained an new form and an new name, currently, he lives in Animosity!Tale, having an normal life with his friends.

For Void-Glitch!Sans' story, go to this page.



Omni's jacket has two different colors, one side is blue and the other is light blue.

There's an red line crossing the jacket.

His shoes are red.

That is Omni-Glitch!Sans' design because he doesn't want to be like an god or something, just some normal Sans in a normal universe, besides his powers.


Omni-Glitch!Sans is a kinda of an messed up guy, because of the Genocide Run, he sometimes goes crazy and starts attacking everyone, and that can dure 10 minutes to 1 hour. But besides that, he is a pretty fun guy to hang out, making him a bit trust worthy.

Just like the most of the Sanses, he makes a lot of bad puns.

Abilities / Powers

Inside Animosity!Tale

Since he re-created Animosity!Tale, every time he enters that universe, he can do whatever he wants and he can manipulate every single being inside that universe(Except for 4th Breaker Z!Sans, Infinitey Code, Error404, Virus404 and other Omnipotent Beings/Gods)

  • OmniPotence: Omni-Glitch!Sans is beyond reality and magic itself, he has inemurous abilities and powers, nothing is capable of even hurting him.
  • Author Authority: Since Omni-Glitch!Sans is the creator/owner of Animosity!Tale, he can manipulate the story, physics, time, logic, fate, life, death, creation, destruction, basically an variation of OmniPotence.
  • OmniPresence: Since Omni-Glitch!Sans created Animosity!Tale, he can be everywhere at once, exist in every place at once.
  • OmniScience: He knows everything that happened and will happen on Animosity!Tale.
  • Ultimate Invicibility: Omni-Glitch!Sans cannot die in any way or form, if he even gets hit with 1 damage, he insta-heals himself.
  • No Escape: Everyone that enters Animosity!Tale cannot leave unless Omni-Glitch!Sans allows them.
  • Omni-Bypass: He can bypass every single power and can even Bypass the Bypass of other gods.

To see all the powers he have, check this link.

Outside Animosity!Tale

Normal Form

Outside his universe, his power gets lowered a lot, and can easily be killed by any god.

  • Omni-Blaster: These blasters deal a lot of damage.
  • Omni-Bones: These bones are really fast and they can have different forms/shapes, like: Sharp, Small, Medium, Big, Gigantic, Wide, Thin.
  • Omni-Blue Mastery: This is an stronger version of the blue attack, able to move any object as if it had a soul.
  • Complete Arsenal(Animosity!Tale/Undertale Version): He can use any single power/ability from every character in Animosity!Tale and Undertale.
  • Finger Beams: He can shoot beams out of his fingers, if he uses his hand to shoot an beam, the power is increased by 999, if he uses his two hands, the power will be increased by 9999.

(IF YOU'RE GOING TO SAY THIS IS OP, REMEMBER CHARA FROM UNDERTALE? SHE CAN DEAL 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 DAMAGE AND DESTROYED THE WORLD.)

True Form

If Omni-Glitch!Sans is killed, an backup of him will be create inside Animosity!Tale, because Omni-Glitch!Sans and Animosity!Tale are connected.

This backup that was created, is more powerful then his normal form, and he now had new powers.

  • Normal Form Abilities: Omni-Glitch!Sans can use all his powers he used to have in his normal form.
  • Enhanced Stats: Omni-Glitch!Sans' stats have multiplied by three.
  • Rewind Time: Omni-Glitch!Sans can rewind time by 10 seconds, this ability can be useful when he receives a massive amount of damage. This ability has a cooldown of 10 minutes.
  • Beyond Infinity Blaster: This is Omni-Glitch!Sans' special attack, a giant Gaster Blaster which deals a gigantic amount of damage, instead of the this Blaster being white, the blaster is back, and his eyes and beams are Dark Blue.
  • Beyond Shapeshifting: Omni-Glitch!Sans can shapeshift into any character inside the omniverse, but he cannot copy their abilities, only their appearance. Omni-Glitch!Sans can also learn their personality, and perfectly mimic anyone.


Ink!Sans (Friend)

Omni was wandering around the Doodle Sphere when he stumbled upon Ink, they chatted for a bit, Omni told his story to Ink and he really seemed to enjoy it, then Omni took Ink trought an tour in Animosity!Tale, now, sometimes, Ink visits Animosity!Tale to chat with Omni a bit.

Sans (Friend)

When Omni was still Void-Glitch!Sans, they met in the void, while Sans was testing his new machine to go into the Void.

Gaster (Friend)

When Omni was still Void-Glitch!Sans, he met Gaster in the lab, while Sans went to the city find that weird power.

Void!Gaster (Friend)

When Omni was still Void-Glitch!Sans, he first saw him in the void, but when he get closer to him, he vanished. When they properly met, it was on the lab, Gaster and Sans were able to bring Void!Gaster back.

4th Breaker Z! Sans (Friend)

4th Breaker once visited Animosity!Tale, then he stumbled upon Omni-Glitch!Sans, they talked for a bit, 4th told him about his origin, and Omni also told him about his origin, then they became friends.

Error!Sans (Enemy)

Omni-Glitch!Sans was wandering arround the multiverse, when he stumbled upon Error, Omni-Glitch!Sans knew Error because Ink told him of Error, before. Then Error tried to get Omni-Glitch!Sans' soul, but he managed to escape and go back to Animosity!Tale, of course, Error went inside of Animosity!Tale. But he didn't know that he fell into Omni-Glitch!Sans' trap, because Omni-Glitch!Sans has Omnipotence inside Animosity!Tale, so he gave Error two options. Escape or Die, Error chose to escape Animosity!Tale, and Omni-Glitch!Sans allowed him to leave with an condition: "NEVER TRY TO MESS WITH ME OR MY UNIVERSE.".


  • Omni-Glitch!Sans can create other universes, just like how he did with Animosity!Tale, but that means he can also destroy universes
  • Omni-Glitch!Sans is not an protector or an destroyer, he just protects his own universe.
  • Besides not being an creator, he is on the creator's side and is against destroyers
  • Omni-Glitch!Sans doesn't want to be an god or all powerful, he just wants to live an normal life in his universe.
  • Omni-Glitch!Sans tries to stay away of fights as much as he can
  • Omni-Glitch!Sans fears Error, Error404 and other powerful destroyers.


Omni-Glitch!Sans Sprite