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Omni-King Asgore is an Asgore that was corrupted to the point he gained massive amounts of power. He got a happy ending, and it was all taken away due to the interference of Virus404!Sans. He then became The Overseer and King of The Omniverse, essentially a higher ranked King Multiverse. He is extremely powerful due to The fact he has the code of Virus404.


Asgore had gotten through the strangest ordeal of his life, which included a small child, his ex-wife, and a flower. Since that was behind him, and his people were now free, he set to making peace with humanity. Humanity was no so quick to forgive monster-kind, due to the fact they had still murdered 6 children. They eventually relented, allowing at least for now an absence of conflict. The monsters gave the coffins with the children back. Then settled down. Asgore eventually fixed his broken relationship with Toriel, and Alphys was able to turn Flowey back into his son, permanently. He then got his happy ending.

Until a strange being intervened, decimating the area. Asgore and The Royal Guard opposed him, but where struck down. The Strange creature impaled a bone into Asgore's chest, corrupting him with his own code. Virus404 has not intended for this, so moved on with his killing spree. Asgore woke up in an empty void with nothing but a barren wasteland. He swore he would kill whoever had done this, but did not know where to find him. He realized that he wielded new powers and strength beyond his reckoning, and decided it was best he try and find out where to find the strange man. He walked the empty fields of his Earth until he encountered another Strange Skeleton, who went by the alias "Ink."

The skeleton explained about Alternate Universes, and how Asgore's target was from one of these. Ink explained however that Asgore could not interfere, or the multiverse would be in jeopardy. Asgore ignored the warning, and went to an AU, confronting Virus404. He then battled him until Virus404 was weakened. He raised his trident to kill him, but was stopped by Anti-God! Sans. The two were able to take on Asgore. The battle eventually ended when Error404 intervened, forcing Virus404 and Anti-God to flee. Asgore chased after them, Error404, not knowing who Asgore was, tried to chase after him. However it was no use. Asgore then got to Virus404 and Anti-God. They both blasted him in unison upon him catching up. He was hit with two massive blasters and knocked unconscious.

He was then captured and imprisoned. Virus404 eventually identified him as The Asgore from The Pacifist Timeline that he had destroyed. Asgore was now imprisoned, however after years of torture, he found an escape route. He encountered RealityError!Sans. He promised him he could reset Legendtale, bringing everyone he cared about back, and would erase any memory of the multiverse. Reality didn't trust him to much, but decided it was better than serving a psychopath. He freed Asgore, and helped him Escape. Asgore wasn't sure if he could, so he tried resetting Legendtale. He realized he lacked the necessary Code Manipulation and DETERMINATION. Asgore explained that he and Reality Error would have to go get those substances physically. They could absorb them via a Determination Extractor. Reality Error accepted this, and Omni-King Asgore and Reality Error went to obtain these substances, by whatever means necessary...



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Due to his years of being tortured, most of Asgore's kind-hearted nature is gone. He is somewhat selfish, however he never lies. To anyone. Asgore hates lies. He isn't quite social, nor does he really like any Sans due to the fact he was tortured by Sanses for years. He doesn't trust anyone at all. However he has something of a soft spot when it comes to Toriel. He is very brutal and straight-forward in combat, aiming to kill The opponent no matter if he has to fight dirty, or go all-out. Asgore also has something of a soft spot when it comes to Frisk and Asriel. Due to them having had been his children. He doesn't remember Chara at this point. He doesn't remember really anyone else, unless interacted with. He is quite forgetful, due to his mind being shattered by years of torture. Asgore still has a spark of his kind nature in there, however it's not likely you'll find it when you interact with him. He's most similar to Underfell Asgore. He hates anything that considers itself a "God." As well, due to his bad experiences with such entities.



He can summon flames which burn at ∞ Degrees, causing them to melt/evaporate almost anything. Certain beings can still survive them though, or anything that is below Absolute Zero, due to the fact the matter will just stop moving. Water is not affective against these flames, as the water will simply evaporate when getting close. Most forms of defense are ineffective, as they'll simply melt. It is mostly best to simply dodge these.

The Trident of Judgement

His Classic Trident given unlimited power. He can use this trident to better conjure fire, summon lightning, summon spears (Similar to Undyne,) summon black holes, or cut holes through reality. This trident, true to its name, can inflict KR. However it is only slightly buffed compared to Classic Sans's, as Asgore doesn't have experience with KR. He normally will simply attack with the trident, rather than do Orange/Cyan swings. To summon a black hole, he plunges the trident into the target area, then imbues enough power into it to cause a Supernova level explosion. This will often decimate the area, and the massive amount of destroyed Space Time will result in a black hole. The trident is borderline indestructible, able to be lit on Omni-Fire and still be perfectly intact.

FTL+ Speeds

Asgore can move at speeds slightly past FTL. This makes conflicts with many Sanses quite easy, as he can simply kill them before they can react. However, this is his maximum speed. He doesn't have Infinite Stamina, and going this fast constantly will really take a toll on his stamina. So his normal speed is Mach 6, or Hypersonic speeds. This still drains stamina, but not as much as moving FTL

AU hopping

Normally to do this, he'll slice a hole in reality with his trident. However he can make a portal of fire that is less dangerous (Surprisingly enough,) however this takes more stamina. So he'll only do it if he's helping someone else get from AU-to-AU.

Cosmic Governing

This is is "Special Attack" per-say. It allows him to take control of an entire AU (Assuming the inhabitants are Universal+ or lower.) Then can make them do his bidding without question. This ability lasts 24 Hours at maximum. The beings will forget it ever happened upon the effect wearing off.


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  • Despite all this Power, Asgore is probably Low Hyperversal at best. Surpassing Virus404 and Anti-God combined by a small margin. Nor is he Omnipotent
  • He can still be defeated by many entities, or existence erasure. (Such as Error's strings.)
  • He CANNOT bring people back from the dead.
  • Like his normal counterpart, he still enjoys a Nice cup of tea.