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He is a really arrogant and obnoxious person. He doesn’t like to be commanded by anyone, and he likes to destroy things and cause ruckus around the multiverse.


Anti-Void Magic

OmniBreaker has unlimited access to all forms of magic and other mystical and supernatural powers. He can bend, break and even create natural laws, distort the fabric of reality on a cosmic scale, perform incredible miracles and create things without limits. OmniBreaker is also immune to all opposing magic and can even break through all external mystical defenses.

Telekinesis and Teleportation

Same as basic Sans.

Damage Manipulation

OmniBreaker can choose how much damage he will receive, and how much damage his opponent will receive. He can literally choose how much damage his opponent and himself will receive with no problem.

Omniverse Destruction

OmniBreaker can destroy the entire omniverse (a set of infinite universes, realities, and multiverses) and everything in it.


OmniBreakercan banish any and every kind of object or entity, with any traits and abilities of any level from anywhere/everywhere. He can banish them to other dimensions, other realities, other timelines, other points, in time, etc., possibly even from the Omniverse altogether. Anything from abilities, traits, people, animals, properties, objects- even gods and everything else in-between can be affected by this power.

Ultra Stat

He can choose to boost his stats as much as he wants, and he can also control others’ stats regardless of who they are or what they are.

Time Collapsing

OmniBreaker can cause the entire time of a reality to collapse and merge past, future, and present into one to lock his enemies into it.

Blue Mastery

OmniBreaker is able to move any object as if it had a soul, as well as manipulate, edit and destroy both the mind and body.


Art made by alterna team

OmniBreaker can kill any being/destroy and slaughter entire races of even the most powerful entities. OmniBreaker has an unquenchable desire to kill, and power which allows him to massacre beings who were previously thought to be unstoppable.


Make the enemy or the ally unable to see him.


Omnibreaker can manipulate anything, be it matter, energy or even ether (ether is the thing that flows through all existence). Basically this ability allows him to manipulate everything.

Bone Attack

Same as basic Sans but with orange and blue colors.

Mind Manipulation

OmniBreaker can control minds; delete, add, edit, or even change the memories of the characters of different AUs.


It will take absolutely everything beyond the Omniverse to stop him from causing so much trouble, but OmniBreaker can, however, be weakened by God Exterminator's Gloves of Termination and his Orbital Beacon. This will cause OmniBreaker's power to temporarily go down a tiny bit for a short amount of time, a day at most.


  • OmniBreaker and God exterminator are actually friends, with God Exterminator being the voice of reason in this relationship
  • OmniBreaker hasn't really been known to take anything seriously
  • OmniBreaker is bad guy that like to destroy things
  • OmniBreaker is approximately 87.32 Undecillion times stronger than Virus404