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"Do you wanna have a casualty time?"
– RedGod! Sans


RedGod! Sans was created by negative emotions and revenge of the gods, including Omnipotent! Sans or Ink! Sans. When RedGod Sans was created, it was in an All-Black World and there for too long it became black smoke.

RedGod! Sans think about the negative and naturally go to step a certain gate of the Aus. When passing through the gate, RedGod Sans is in an Au called Action!Tale.

RedGod! Sans sees a beautiful scenery and plans to use the skill to get that Au. He meets FatalVCode!Sans. when he meets FatalVCode Sans. FatalVCode attacks RedGod Sans for a while.

In the battle, FatalVCode Sans loses. RedGod Sans feels like playing. For FatalVCode Sans is his team, RedGod Sans goes to other Aus when they fight and will meet FatalVCode Sans next time.



RedGod wears a purple jacket with a red hood and wears a pink sweater with a red S on it. He has two pink rectangles on the front and back of his sweater. He has pink eye-sockets along with his pupils being red. He has pink teeth and also wears pants that resemble Undertale Sans' shorts. His mouth is underlined with red while his eyes are highlighted with purple. The rest of his face is not really shown for some reason (Possibly because of his hood).


RedGod! Sans has a negative personality, but is very calm when watching other AUs. When fighting, his face is sad. RedGod! Sans like to fight

☀he loves to fight Omni 404 but loses every time but Omni 404 spares him because they are friends. (RedGod! Sans also helps Ink!Sans something like creating AU for Ink! sans even though RedGod! sans don't like Ink!Sans).


Apocalyptic Bone

Any Sans that do not have a soul are easier to kill (such as Ink! Sans). However, Sanses that do have a soul (such as Soul Sans) are not easily killed (bone dame=bone GOD).

Apocalyptic Gaster Blaster

When Gaster blaster blasts its lasers, it can destroy a whole world in one shot.

Gaster Blaster

This blaster can kill gods.


RedGod Sans can delete an AU. (only one AU can be deleted per day).

Gravity Singularity

RedGod can creates a small black hole that sucks in and destroys anything in a short range around it. He can control the singularity's movement and launch it at an opponent. As the singularity moves away from him, it grows larger and the range of its destruction expands. The singularity can carve through mountains in seconds. Additionally, due to the immense gravity, the singularity warps spacetime, enabling it to bend incoming attacks, even ones capable of affect spacetime.

Rot Negative

This skill can make people have negative thoughts by putting negative things in it, which will make RedGod! Sans stronger (like Nightmare! Sans).


Red!God can trap anyone in into an inescapable void

Create AUS

He could create AUs (just like Ink!Sans).


RedGod's RotVoid is a purple ball that can explode or strike and deal great damage to opponents, which is likely to kill people (for example: Omnipotential! Z-Sans, Omni404! Sans, ect.)

Red Moon

To increase the power for RedGod! Sans.


This is a special move, because when using RedGod! Sans, if you use the square on your shirt, you will shoot the rays of Death and the prison wider, when the opposition is attacked, they will be coded to RedGod! Sans absorption!

Extremely Strong Hallucinations

RedGod Sans can cause intense hallucinations to his opponents (for example, causing extreme pain, such as death and exhaustion).


This is the strongest form when fighting against Omni404 Sans. This body shape is all purple and only the eyes color is reddish yellow, the shape can make RedGod Sans invincible because that shape makes RedGod Sans .

Ultimate Blaster

This when redgod use all his power on his gaster blaster, it will kill error 404 (fanon) in one shot (need to kill something to use it).

Ultimate God

Turning his body into red and make RedGod to more powerful now RedGod can weigh all the most powerful god but at the same time will also kill the Redgod (10 hours to use).

Op Laser

Redgod will throws a lasers to kill everything weaker than OP GOD error 404 before he die(unlimited damage).

Super Chosen Blaster

When this gaster blaster hit you, you will take 999.999.999.999.999.999.999.999 damage to god and for beings not a god will take 999.999.999.999 .

True Apocalyptic Gaster Blaster

This gaster blaster is very powerful it can broke space and time and everything this blaster used to kill omni404!sans (unlimited damage).

True Omni-Strength

This ability will grant him him the strength beyond the comprehension of everyone

Doom Blaster

Like his blaster it kill a god but now it destroy multiple Aus and will erase any living and non-living beings if this gaster make contact with

God Sword

This sword will kill anyone just in 1 hit if they are stronger than Omni404 and their will be no way to revive.revive

Impossible to Change

You cannot changes his strength, his defence and everything, it mean that nothing can't changes or do something thing to him because is it Impossible.

Last Punch

He will concentrate every force into his right fist and his right fist will release a limitless damage. This punch has the same destruction level of Saitama Serious Punch with it full potential and power.


Like classic sans but deals 99999 damage + Karma every time (useless if you not a god ).



in the plot of FatalVCode! sans.


Action! Sans joined RedGod! Sans team because FatalVCode! Sans also joined RedGod! Sans team.


Wanting to torment others, so went to RedGod!Sans.

Omni 404

he loves to fight Omni 404 but loses every time but Omni 404 spares him because they are friends.


  • Does RedGod Sans like to fight Omni404! Sans.
  • RedGod!sans favorite color red.
  • FatalVCode!Sans and Sans/Actiontale team with OmniDestroy!Sans.
  • OmniDestroy!Sans killed Insanity! Sans.
  • OmniDestory!Sans killed Reaper Bruh Sans.
  • OmniDestroySans killed Fatal404!sans.
  • OmniDestroy!Sans killed Sans/Error404.
  • OmniDestroySans likes DustDust!Sans
  • OmniDestroy!Sans killed Madness time trio.
  • OmniDestroy!Sans killed Error 500.
  • OmniDestroy!Sans killed Aus Epictale.
  • OmniDestroy!Sans love Anti-God! Sans :)
  • Now Virus404!Sans and OmniRestore!Sans is friends of OmniDestroy!Sans.
  • OmniDestroy!Sans is really good at dodging.
  • He is weaker than Omni404.
  • OmniDestroy!Sans is not as weak as you guys think.
  • OmniDestroy is his true name.
  • OmniDestroy!Sans was defeat God404.