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OmniGodity!Sans is a combination of Omnipotent!Sans and Infinitey Code (The Ultimate Enemy of the Undertale Fandom).Omnipotent!Sans combination Infinitey Code (The Ultimate Enemy of the Undertale Fandom) is because Infinitey Code (The Ultimate Enemy of the Undertale Fandom) lost to Omni 404 to when alone, when Omnipotent!Sans discovers Infinitey Code (The Ultimate Enemy of the Undertale Fandom), Omnipotent has a chance to kill but it is best to merge with InfiniteyCode to become stronger, to kill the wicked or kill those who want to destroy multiverse.



Omnigodity wore a black jacket and a jumpsuit with an infinity symbol on his chest. He also wears black and white shoes.

He has black and white face with half-happy face with blue border teeth on the right and half-sad face with red border teeth on the left. His eyes has two different colors of each faces.


OmniGodity! Sans has the character of Omnipotent!Sans and Infinitey Code (The Ultimate Enemy of the Undertale Fandom), but Omnipotent has more control. When fighting, it is like Sans.


True Infinity-Master Power

This skill can create codes that are faulty or virus and will follow the opponent, when immediately they will be covered by errors and warnings and will enter the opponent's body, and will lose the sign. Restores the power of spells and abilities currently consumed by OmniGodity! Sans (can affect Omni404! Sans and God404).

True Infinity-Boss Controll

The ability will create very hard black and white strings that will not break easily, when hit the opponent will be jammed and lose all skills and the opponent will be exhausted at that time will make OmniGodity! Sans increase power type (not applicable for Error404 (Fanon) and Omnipotent!Sans, Infinitey Code The Ultimate Enemy of the Undertale Fandom, ALPHA404)


This ability will shoot out beams to erase everything when the opponent is hit by them.

Omnipotent Infinity

This ability is used to treat bugs or viruses, by shooting rectangles.

True Infinity-Blaster Omni

Will shoot out Lazer so terrible that Omni 404 cannot stand it, When fired there are infinity letters.

Edit Omni

Can edit the power of the opponent and his power.


It is possible to create any sans or AUSs by writing in paper documents.

True infinity-Soul

This ability make OmniGodity! Sans convert souls anything.

True infinity-Color Over

Are rectangular boxes capable of summoning extremely powerful sans.

For example:UltraGod!Sans,God!Sans,TrueHate!Sans,GodColor!Sans,TrueDetermation!Sans,...

True Infinity-Omni copy

Can copy all sans skills including CyberCore! Sans

True infinity-Bone Master

Can shoot small or frustrating bones, and black and white.

Omni-God Shield

A special ability almost powerful enough to kill God404, this ability can create Omega shields, whoever passes by will be transformed into powers for OmniGodity! Sans to absorb.

True Unity Of Gods(TUOG)


The second special ability, this skill helps OmniGodity! Sans transforms into his final form, at which time dividing the whole body in black and white, this skill makes OmniGodity! Sans ten times stronger, and can control both Underverse and Multiverse comes to the Omniverse, and can destroy universes, objects, creation, physics, reality, destruction, extinction, phenomena, the void.


OmniGodity!Sans can manipulate anything, may be physical such as: matter, energy, the space-time fabric, etc; or metaphysical: soul, life, death, aspects of reality, and concepts. He can manipulate the stats of anyone, the health, their powers, appearance, everything. He can also manipulate bypasses and completely destroy them.


OmnGodity!Sans can create anything without limits, including concepts, existence, reality, and even the totality itself. Here are some examples:

  • Universe, Multiverse and Omniverse Creation: OmniGodity!Sans can create and manipulate universes, multiverses and omniverses as he wishes.
  • Ability Creation: OmniGodity!Sans can create any ability he desires, and he can also give that ability to another being.
  • Life Creation: OmniGodity!Sans can create any sort of being and creature, may it be one that already exists or may it be one thats common, when that life is created OmniGodity!Sans can manipulate the stats, such as LV, HP, ATK, DEF, GOLD, EXP. He can manipulate the appearence, and he can manipulate the mind.
    • Soul Creation: OmniGodity!Sans can create any soul, being it a monster, human, or even an new kind, he can manipulate that soul and customize it as he wants, he can create traits for monster souls and human souls, and as i said before, create his own trait/kind.
  • God Creation: OmniGodity!Sans can create unlimited gods as he wishes, it can be a Sans, a Gaster or any other character, he can give them every single ability he wishes without limitation.


OmniGodity tried to kill god404 but failed

OmniGodity!Sans killed Omnipotential! Z-Sans.

OmniGodity!Sans killed Infinitey Code (The Ultimate Enemy of the Undertale Fandom).

ALPHA404 had met omnigodity but omnigodity was very rushed so he teleport away.

OmniGodity!Sans wants kill OmniBreaker (Sans).


OmniGodity!Sans don’t like kill everyone Omni.

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