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A multiversal Item that can grant the user access to both the knowledge and powers of every version of themselves within the multiverse.


It appears as a small Icosahedran gem that radiates in a cyclical spectrum color.


How it works is unknown, but it seem that it could tap into the abilities and consciences of every instance of the user in every single Universe/Dimensions/Timelines and relay them to said user.With it, a Sans could gain the creative and destructive abilities of Ink and Error; while a Frisk can be as Omnipotent as Epic(Preboot) and have Omnipresence like CORE.


The Use of the Omnistone have risks, as usage of the item can have negative side effects on both the mind and body of the user. The body may not be able to handle the powers of multiple other selves, while the mind could inherent negative aspects from their trauma and personalities. The user could lose their sense of self as their body deteriorate into nothingness at best, or have their consciences imprison in the minds of their other selves as a passive observer at worst.