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during the time when the creation has just started to appear , something that was strange and incomprehensible has been just born , it had no physical form and no one could realize its existence . it was just roaming through the whole fiction studying every form of life, technology and science searching for a perfect way to be physical. Till one day when it found a perfect scientist to get what it wants so one day that scientist dreamt of exploring something new no one knew about so he tried so hard to get what he wants till he really found that new thing called the black box and how it works so he decided to control it and to gain all this powers as he was working something went wrong and he ended up getting imprisoned but gaining more than he expected and he finally met that very thing that made him dream that dream saying its name is obscuro they talked for so long and agreed about a plan to be the ones above all.

and when the perfect day came they started working so he pulled the perfect one into the fiction giving him a gift to be able to create a liquid for obscuro to live till the events started to happen as a result obscuro got a physical form even if he didn't want to look like what he got but the darkness started to get over the existence.



oscuro doesn't have a specific form but the one he got was 

a 12 year old boy with a dark and sharp short hair he wears  white trousers with light blue lines and a light blue shirt and he is always wearing two gauntlets that end very sharply


oscuro is very cold he doesn't care about others' feelings but he is very smart and collective he doesn't rush or do something without thinking about it


As Oscuro himself doesn't have any powers or abilities,he only depends on his intelligence to make those weapons to help achieve his goal

absolute gauntlets

Each one is made out of some metals and some powers of Obscuro's henchmen that cannot be broken or destroyed and has some destructive abilities like reality warp

Oscuro can use them to warp the reality as he wants as long as he has them

omnipotence destroyer

They can kill many gods and if not killing them it will weaken them and it can also separate them if they are fused and cancels any Form whatever its strength is

code manipulation

It provides for him the ability to control, erase and create code and a coding button that can reset the code for anyone or anything erasing their powers and abilities and the button only works on those who have code.

infinity gun

Shots a destructive laser that can one shot most of the nigh omnipotents and if it didn't kill them it will erase all their powers but it takes about 2 days to get a shot ready


to be added...


  • Oscuro doesn't care about anyone
  • RealityError!Sans cares about oscuro
  • the one that helped obscuro was....
  • oscuro doesn't eat or drink
  • Oscuro wants to recreate fiction
  • oscuro doesn't like 4th Breaker Z! Sans
  • oscuro doesn't hate many people
  • Oscuro is ready to do anything to achieve his goal even if it meant killing all his henchmen which is the opposite of what reality error would do
  • Lara hates Oscuro so much and she wants to get rid of him by any means
  • no one really knows what oscuro really is except for RealityError!Sans and....
  • Oscuro knows everything about everyone and everything
  • Oscuro is so intelligent that he can beat some gods without using his weapons
  • if Oscuro's body was destroyed, that wouldn't make a problem as he can find a replacement
  • Oscuro's body won't be destroyed and no one can separate obscuro from his body as long as RealityError!Sans is still alive.