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Osteotale is a au created by EoBold. 10 years ago, Gaster and Athena once lived in a au called Alphatale. But once infected came, Gaster and Athena left the au. After, Gaster and Athena's code began to scramble causing some changes to happen. 4 more skeletons were born. The first born was Papyrus, but his name changed to Lotus. The second one born was a girl and was named Rosetta. Then another skeleton (boy) came into the world named Sans. And finally, the last skeleton (girl) was named Sahara. It then caused something painful and horrible to happen. The skelefamily's souls glitched out and got destroyed. But, their code was still alive. The glitch wasn't that terrible, explaining why they still can feel feelings.

Character Changes

Sans is now the younger Sibling but has somewhat classic Sans personality but more active.

Papyrus name changed to Lotus and now he's the older brother. He has Classic Sans personality (somewhat)

The au has the rest of the monsters, but just in a different Au.

There is now a Mom named Athena for the skelefamily.

The skelefamily now has 2 skeletons (both girls)

The older one is named Rosetta.

The younger is named Sahara.

They all don't have souls but can still feel.

Their stats changed.

The skelefamily is way stronger and has more abilities.

They have a frisk, but in a different Au.