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Our Cracked Broken Star is an AU by Western42. In this world all of the main characters have been replaced by different monsters that have something of their traits. Ever since an accident which involved a human attacking the monster that was mainly responsible for giving the humans another chance the monsters now are for killing humans and getting back to earth not peacefully...by smashing their asteroid into earth or other wise known as the plan. This book follows two humans that land on an asteroid filled with vengeful and mostly dark monsters. It also will follow some of the monsters' perspectives as well. Can the humans stop the plan, or will they become the last souls that the monsters need?


The nine main characters, not including Chara or Frisk, don't exist in this world. Secondary characters like Muffet and the Mad Dummy do. Despite the eight main characters being gone their traits are in the new ones that have replaced them.

Undertale Characters

Frisk, Chara, and Flowey don't exist. Frisk was mentioned to be a human in another underground by Rescue Dog and Chara is mentioned in a book. Flowey was said to be killed by another monster and isn't Prince Asriel since Asgore and Toriel don't exist. Mad Dummy and Muffet are changed from their original counterparts.

Muffet El Spark

When the monsters were banished up here all of her kind and her spiders were killed by the cold. She survived out of grit and determination. Her skin color is now a aqua blue color. Immune to the cold now as well as the heat she made her nest in the Icy Caverns right next to the Core and the Lab. She raised new spiders but decided to work on her magic powers instead. Now strong in magic Muffet is a member of the Finders. Because of the distance between her and Quest she was purposely given the order to attack Jasmine and Danny by West. Cold and ruthless Muffet doesn't seem to have a weak spot. Her weak spot is though, her remorse and guilt of what happened to her spiders. kills monsters who don't submit to the Finders or Kel. Muffet is cruel and mean and thinks killing is the only way to live in this world and to protect her few remaining spiders. Unlike before she doesn't attack the humans out of money but out of fear. Bribing her doesn't work and struggling will only make her think that she is too weak to hold you still and she will just attack harder. Muffet no longer uses her spiders to attack often. While she does in some moves she prefers to use her own magic which is purple knives as well as magical purple fireballs.

Mellina G Blook

A angry ghost that lives inside a dummy, Mellina's nickname is Mad Dummy. She is angry most of the time and since most of her family was killed she does have a reason to be. Despite her aggressiveness towards others she does help Jasmine out. The reason is that Jasmine reminds her of what Mara use to be like. Depending on a choice Mellina will die or not die by West. She wears a blue ribbon on the top of her head. Mad Dummy wants you to get back to humanity and helps you when you encounter her. She wants to do it in memory of Mara and because Jasmine reminds her of what she used to be. Mad Dummy is called "Mad" Dummy still because while she helps the humans when fighting she attacks aggressively and with the intent to kill or drive away. It is said she is like this because after the fall of the Loyal Knights her entire family was killed. The only difference between their designs is that Muffet wears a black and red outfit while the Mad Dummy just has a blue ribbon on top of her head.

Added Characters

Sans and Papyrus are replaced by West, Sara, Quest, Lora, and Alert Dog.West and Quest are the two top brothers of the asteroid. If anything is wrong most monsters talk to them. Toriel is replaced by a human named Mara. Undyne is replaced by Kel and Danny. Alphys and Mettaton are replaced by L.W. Stalker, Doctor Belnargd, and G-Dog. Asgore is replaced by Rescue Dog and Beltore.


File:West's making his eyes appear. (1).gif

How West's makes his eyes appear normally.

The second monster that Jasmine and Danny meet West instantly confuses them. He hid them but then sold them out. West is a human monster and the co-leader of most of the asteroid as well as being part of the Trio Gang. West is a formal member of the Judges. West is paranoid and constantly sweating. He was attacked by Mara's sister an after that realized something that made him the most dead set monster set on human genocide. Always seems to be talking to himself. Lazy but his reputation for being strong makes him feared as all of his enemies who fought him were never seen alive again. Aw Shite



Rough Quest sprite. This is my second time so give me a break.

Quest is the big bad boss around. He is cruel but not mean. He hates monsters who kill for power. Twin brother of West, Quest is also a human monster. Unlike the other human monsters he is more monster than human. Dreams of being the one to capture the last human and he thinks that capturing both Jasmine and Danny will be better in case they need the extra soul. Really tough in battle and another member of the Trio Gang, Quest is also the co-leader of the Finders. Well respected and a great strategist. Unfortunately for him, Jasmine seems to be deeply in love with him. Because of that and Lora saying how she will expose him and Jasmine he calls off the hunt for the humans. Said to be naive but extremely dangerous to a enemy.

File:Sara (2).gif


Sara is the older sister of Lora. Another member in the Trio Gang, Sara's name is spelled three ways and said in two. Sara, Sarah, or Shara by close friends. Sara is a cold kind of cunning. While at first she tries to befriend Jasmine, wanting to go back to Earth wins back over making new friends and she becomes crueler and less friendly towards the humans. Sara often relies on her scary looks and her reputation to get what she wants but if that fails she can quickly change her tactic to make a quick, cold and calculated plan. She has a crush on West. Sara also has a personal army at her command. Despite Sara's cold and brutal behavior she is actually rather nice. She also is a doctor. Very strong.


Lora is the younger sister of Sara and co-leader of the Finders with Quest. Lora carries the bone that her dead mother made for her and is quite skilled in using it. Unlike Sara, Lora is better at fire magic than bones and knives. Her name is also is spelled three different ways but unlike Sara, is pronounced three different ways. Lora by her family and close friends, Lorci by new people, and Lorca, which is how most people pronounce it. Lora always dreamed of catching the last humans and not much will stop her. Lora is often very edgy and naive. Despite that many have failed to pull one over on her. She is extremely skilled in battle and while Quest is still better at fighting she can hold her own. A member of the Trio Gang.

Henry Delmar

A human monster who is a friend of Lora and Sara and Quest and West and of course Alert Dog. While he is friends with a lot of other monsters these are the ones he hangs out with. A real human looking human monster he wears black glasses and has a black spiky haircut. Takes wisdom in Lora's words. He acts like Fell!Flowey as he constantly helps Jasmine and Danny but because he looks weak he acts extremely cruel to those who get in their way to scare them off. Remembers what the asteroid was before everything happened and wants it to go back that way. He also remembers what West was like and knows about Sara's and West's secrets. Called the "Prince" of the monsters since he is but he constantly runs away from taking his responsibilities of ruling the monsters since he doesn't know how to help out the monsters. Attacks with dark purple magic and is a friend to someone called Lucky. Knows of resets but can't really remember what happened before one starts so he often thinks when one happens that it is just his magic fooling him around. In the genocide route he approaches Jasmine and does what Lora was going to do. This gets him killed the same way Papyrus is killed though his head doesn't fall off. Feels a connection to Jasmine's flower. Is afraid of Mara and thinks that she is just a cold blooded killer.


Mara is a human! Mara was a human child who came up to the asteroid by her abusive family except for her older sister who cared about her dearly. She quickly made friends with all the monsters and changed their mind about humans and made them think that they can give humanity another chance. Mara is more than a little messed up in the head and most of the monsters realized that. One day her older sister came up to find her and attacked West. After realizing her mistake she killed herself out of guilt. This not only messed up Mara even more than she already was but then made her realize something horrible. After talking with West and agreeing to the plan. After that and still feeling guilty she locked herself in the place where the humans and monsters were suppose to live together in peace. Most monsters are scared of her now. The only human not allowed to be killed. Just in case though West trained Mara. Mara is strong with magic. Has been known to teleport, has strong control over ice, knives and knife magic, weaponry magic, and gravity. Her main forms of attacks though are fire and bones which she has extreme control over and is very skilled in using. Has determination but doesn't think she has it. After centuries of being isolated she has broke and now mentally insane. Sometimes talks to worm-like creatures that repeat words that they have heard or scramble words to make new sentences. Is still in touch with West and sometimes goes out of the ruins to talk with him. Has helped humans in the past but it is unclear if she has killed some of them. Wants to protect the humans from going outside and face the terrible monsters by any means necessary. But because of her aggression pf protecting them and her worry over the humans she becomes what she is trying to protect them from. When she realizes this she breaks down but before the humans could say anything she comes too and kicks them out of the ruins thinking they might betray kill. She says the phrase do you want to have a bad time. In the genocide route she recognizes what Jasmine is going to do too late and gets hit. Unfortunately for Jasmine she can't kill Mara because of her determination and her insanity. She attacks her but gives in finally and states that humanity never changes and that it is not Jasmines fault before returning to her home to watch what she knows will come.

Nira Redeye

Nira Redeye is one of the many mysteries of the asteroid. A human girl of age eleven to twelve she is way older than anyone knows and is protected fiercely by Barracuda. She was found during the age of desperate experimenting or as a book will call it the age of "Research." Nira Redeye is ten percent monster which is strange since she is in every way a human except for four. She knows magic. She has strange eyes. She can have sharp teeth. And if she were wounded badly her skin on the mark would dust. Stranger factors of her that makes her both interesting and a freak is that she posses determination and can even reset and erase and overwrite and everything that someone can do with determination. The thing is she decides to only do it in her home which is the Forbidden Lab. She has dark purple and light purple and magenta eyes. Mentally insane and unstable while she is friends with all of the test subjects in the Forbidden Lab she finds herself suffering from loneliness and guilt. When she learns of Jasmine she makes a plan to lure Danny away so Jasmine would think he was in the Forbidden Lab. Unfortunately for Nira she thought her plan failed and was caught by surprise when she stumbled upon Jasmine. While she is under protection by the few monsters that know of her Nira was almost entirely erased from the Redeye's family memory as well as Sara and Lora and L.W. Stalker. As it turns out though Nira is hiding something that changes her forever. Throughout the journey in the Forbidden Lab Jasmine helps Nira and her mental state goes down to only being mentally unstable as she is with her. In return Nira saves Jasmine many times showing off another one of her creepy abilities which is she can't die. Throughout the arc she gets crushed, disintegrated, stabbed, sliced, blown up, and even thrown into the Core...but she always comes back. This does have a downside since she dusts herself together and even puts bones back into their places. It also makes her mental state go down. She attempts to make Jasmine stay down in the Forbidden Lab when she learns that she is leaving. Has a trusty knife that seems to be more than what meets the eye. She looks like an old fashion rich girl in the 1800's wearing a dark blue dress. Like West and Belnargd Nira has black bags under her eyes but she apparently made them on her and added a sharp curve downwards at the end of them. While at first it was for similarity now they are there because of her lack of sleep and her fear towards never making a friend. Nira Redeye Revamped Theme

Alert Dog

Alert Dog is the fifth member of the Trio Gang. Alert Dog is a smart clever kind strategist of the Finders. He makes and designs the traps and puzzles and other designs like weapons and houses. Very serious and focused when designing and his creations never failed. As a great designer he was also the monster that helped design the Engines. While he is a tough fighter and he is trained by Magma Dog who was second in command of the Loyal Knights he doesn't want to hurt a fly in battle. He would never fight a person who he meets. The only thing is that does not make him innocent is he knows exactly what his traps and puzzles do and what they are made to do, When they work he takes chillingly pride and joy in it. While he is naive he does take note in some certain things. Mixed feelings about humanity but his mind is set negatively about them. Has a black scar over his right eye. Has keen hearing and smelling. After Magma Dog is killed in the genocide route he makes L.W. Stalker a combat suit after he finds his body and tells Rescue Dog to get Barracuda.

Magma Dog

Magma Dog, or Magma, is a retired Loyal Knight. He was second in command of the Loyal Knights and even when their downfall happened did his best to make sure order was restored. This did cost him and he has a scar over his nose which makes picking up scents harder than ever during this time. Has red and yellow fur with an orange head. His left side of his body has a long large ugly scar running through it. Still an extremely good fighter and trains Alert Dog and Lora. Always suspicious and he thinks that getting back to Earth will help restore order in the kingdom even if some monsters leave. He is merciless towards the humans and for good reason too since he was raised to be brutal towards them. Is in cahoots with Kel to bring back the Loyal Knight. If he joins them or not is undecided. He still does his best t make sure that order is maintained. If the human ever goes on the genocide route he will be even more suspicious of them and when he does find out he attacks them with. His fight is brutal since he does have some amount of determination but not enough like Undyne has to bring him back from deaths door. Strong with fire magic, lava, telekinesis and spear magic. Can teleport a large grey spear and he uses that as his main weapon. Skilled in using it. Can dodge blows that are sent without care. Is afraid that if eh trains Alert Dog in the way Kel trained him that he will die in battle because he will suddenly stop spare them only to get betrayed and killed. Because of Jasmine's ability in the genocide route he can't tell that she killed anyone until he gets betrayed kill by Jasmine by trusting her.


Kel was the leader of the Loyal Knight but since their fall she has been more or less a rouge. She is the best fighter when it comes to combat like spears and melee in the asteroid. Has a scar over her right eye which stopped her from seeing out of it. Kel is a dog like Doggo and is Vengo's sister. Hates humans and humanity and while not being apart of any organization she still works for the kingdom. She is the Queen of the kingdom but since she rather be a soldier she just tells Rescue Dog to be the co-ruler. Very loyal to him. Acts as the police force and stops crimes and killings. Her attitude is like Undyne's and besides her silver knights suit and the fact that she uses a red bone sword as her weapon she is just like her. Trains Quest without any hesitation and teaches him how to kill. Kel mainly lives and stays in the Everflowing River. If any problems happen they talk to her and she talks to Quest or the other way around. Has determination but not enough to reset. Hates monsters who kill to get stronger but feels pity for Muffet because of her past and protects her from danger. Kel will jump down from random and attack the humans. She doesn't make the classic Undyne footsteps as she is very stealthy. In the genocide route she doesn't quite recognize what Jasmine is but rightly assumes that she is just here to get stronger on the weak. She goes to battle her but is stopped by Danny who says Quest has returned. Kel saves Danny from the killing blow from Jasmine and because of her pure determination and strong will fights her until the bitter end where she finally dies. Called the Savior of the Star.Kel V.1


Danny is a member of the Trio Gang but since the death of her sister she begged Quest and Lora to change the name to the Trio Gang. Danny works with Kel, Quest and Sara, and mainly now and days L.W. Stalker. Danny is a ghost that lives in a cat suit of armor. Danny is extremely good at fighting and is a match even for Kel. Danny doesn't wish to harm people and often doesn't. She isn't afraid to get things done and will capture monsters and bring them to a spot where they can wait for Kel and even if they are going to die she won't care or listen. Danny is extremely strong and determined to get back to Earth for her sister. She will throw spears at the humans as well as cannons and even arrows. She also will burst through doors and walls in her attempt to get at them. When the attack is finally called off she would say it was just her job. Danny is quite nice to hang out with and is a nice person. She sounds like Undyne when walking. Loves anime and cartoons. During the genocide route she realizes quickly what Jasmine has done and relentlessly attacks her until the end where she gives no warning shots but saying, "You know what you have done and what your going to do. I give no warning shots to things like you. Nothing at all. Just die already kid." She accidentally reveals her soul while fighting and nearly dies because of it but Kel saved her by taking the blow. She helps the monsters evacuate into the safe zone.

Doctor Belnargd

Father of West and Quest. When he was younger and a lot more brash he did experiments on West and Quest. Once he realized what he was doing is wrong he feels extremely guilty over it. He rarely sleeps and is close to being insane. Loves his sons dearly and their friends. Can speak in hands or wingdings but does it rarely. Talks with Barracuda a lot. Mixed but mostly good feelings about humans. Sees Jasmine kill a monster and recognizes her intentions so he calls West and Quest to his lab to protect them but can do nothing as Quest confronts the human and soon afterwards West goes out to kill the Jasmine.

L.W. Stalker

File:L.W. Stalker (Sitting Fabulously).gif

If you go to his new battle theme you will see his hair.

The cyborg pug star of the asteroid, L.W. Stalker is great friends with Rescue Dog and because of the attack that happened to him L.W. Stalker swore vengeance. His second name is Cyber Dog. Cyber Dog is a great star and is very fabulous by most monsters. Skilled in fighting and judging. After seeing just how much the children went through he decides to give them his pity. Pity but not mercy. Loves to call the children honeys or darlings. Has many weapons at his disposal. Likes to call himself L.D. Stalker as a joke for new people he meets. When he does finally fight the humans it is a fight to be remembered. He makes the entire Lab's Testing ground his battle field. He loves those ratings and loves to fight in quirky ways. His attacks are knives and guns but mainly mini-games and platforms. Because he is a pug made of the strongest metal known in the universe he is immune to attacks unless he gets distracted. A very fabulous pug indeed.


Killing is his business and for the humans that is bad news for them. He plays with them with L.W. Stalker before attacking them at the end of the Lab. He is the final boss and fight of the Lab arc. A dog that was connected to West before the entire human war he was originally sent into the mountain. There he was the second lead scientist and he made a machine that teleported him to the asteroid. Now stuck there he became a famous host and comedian. He undergoes some experiments that made him a human killing dog. Very brutal but can be tricked into sparing by making him think about Clay, a pack member of his that, with the rest of his pack, is still stuck in the mountain. In his journals and entries it is said that Clay doesn't want to kill any humans and thinks that they all deserve a second chance. Attacks with a rare kind of energy that West uses called Real True Energy which cannot be blocked, absorbed, or drained by anyone. Shares this energy with West.


A goat monster that looks like Asgore in every way but his style. He wears a large light blue jacket and grey baggy sweats. He loves soup and is good at making soup. He works for Belnargd and G-Dog and is a close friend of L.W. Stalker. He is a gentle lovable and somewhat naive giant. He is kind and nice to everyone around and he is often called the heart of the lab.

Rescue Dog

The king of the monsters Rescue Dog is of highly royal blood. While most monsters expected him to be cruel since he doesn't have a soul that is not the case. He is nice and while he does seem to do cruel things it is mostly because he is under pressure to do it. His powers give him an edge in any fight. He has control over all types of energy except for True Pure Energy. This energy control allows him to use royal weapons like magical spears. They can split apart and form together. His preferred method of killing is by firing a heart removal through someone or using his energy control to crush them like like a bug by closing an energy field around them. His energy glows green around him. Has the power of flight and can create portals throughout time and dimensions which he uses to fight with deadly outcomes. He could throw his royal weapon through one and twenty minutes later it would come out of another portal when Rescue Dog pleases. The reason his name is Rescue Dog is because he was saved from a fire long long ago by humans which he then used his powers to protect them. Not knowing his name he just went with what people started calling him which was Rescue Dog. The humans betrayal did not set well with him and he went out of the mountain which held the other larger group of monsters where he was sent to and tried to talk to the humans. That is when they attacked him and in desperation he went through a portal which brought him to the asteroid where he quickly changed his mind about humanity and soon became king. He is a large black furred dog with a white underbelly and neck. He has green eyes with yellow pupils.


A being who throughout the story tries to kill Jasmine and Alicia. Speaks to Mara, West, Sara, Quest, Lora, and Doctor Belnargd and is friends with the king Rescue Dog. Barracuda is said to have created all monsters like West and also created their homes and roles. Ever since all of them were betrayed by humanity she snapped and is said to hunt and kill gods which lead to her banishment. She still helps the monsters and made the monsters in this story home livable and safe. She also made the star a deadly weapon. Misjudges Jasmine and Alicia and she tries to kill them by manipulation, traps, and sometimes randomly making bad things happen. Not a fish. In a pacifist route she thanks Jasmine but says that her and Alicia are still on her watch list. If there is a genocide route she finally comes to the asteroid to kill Jasmine but after speaking with West she just weaponizes the asteroid and the star and crashes it into the earth, killing the entire universe and ending the AU or extension as she calls it until Jasmine resets. Called cruel and cunning by the few monsters who have talked and seen her. (this does not include the main characters). Is the representation of Gaster in this world but is not a skeleton or anything like Gaster. Maybe soon I will tell you what she looks like.


The descriptions and what might be the name of their themes down below:

(Please note that these places, while representing Snowdin and Waterfall are nothing really like them. The places are suppose to be and are going to be designed to look blurry and dark with an air of death and hopelessness.)

The Human Ruins

The Human Ruins also known as the Ruins is the place where humans and monsters were suppose to live and mingle in peace but since the plan monsters stopped caring for it and after a while it finally fell to ruins. The entire place is run down and so old that if a wall is hit with enough force it crumbles to dust. Most of the walls are purple and red with a few exceptions being silver or metal. Most of those walls are made out of brick. The place is filled with non working traps and puzzles so it is mostly safe to walk around with the exception that the few that do work are very deadly. No monsters can be found here and in the enter of the ruins is a market place. Near the end of the Human Ruins lies Mara's house. Mara's house is also the only way out since she completely destroyed the official entrance to the rest of the asteroid.

The Flaky Forest

The Flaky Forest is the woods that is on the other side of the Human Ruins exit. Most trees have died and all of the trees left are dark pine wood trees. Often covered in a white or grey substance that is not snow. It is a type of radioactive material that is called flakes. Can be deadly and since it is toxic the only trees to survive and the most common plant life is these dark pine wood. Despite the other trees being gone there are not as many dark pine wood around and throughout this area the pines started becoming a little more scarce. Every now and then there is a sentry station and some working puzzles and traps making it a mainly off limits zone for citizens unless they want to risk death. This is where most of the Finders are.

The S House

The large rather mansion looking house that belongs to Sara and Lora. Why is it called the S house? The S stands for sisters. Red, very light brown, and dark brown in coloration their house is rather a nice looking place in the middle of the dark forest. Their house is located quite close to town and right next to the Finder's base. With seven rooms and a hidden closet the house is very roomy and spacious. Unfortunately since the Loyal knights have fallen most of the rooms that were used for guess and parties have been abandoned and the sisters are no longer who they used to be either.

The Flaky Outpost

In chapter 20 Quest challenges Jasmine to sneak through this fortress. A stronghold that also acts as the base of the Finders. While made out of wood the fortress or outpost cannot be burned down and the wood itself is as strong as steel. Whenever this is by Barracuda or magic has been forgotten long ago and Barracuda ain't telling. Heavily guarded by the Finders and the members of the Royal Guards this place isn't easy to get through. Taking it down? Nearly impossible.

Frozen Caverns

The Frozen Caverns or the Icy Caverns is the area that surronds the Lab. It has many tunnels leading all oevr the place. It was once a resavior until the radation changed the air in the area which now made it a frozen and somewhat eeire place. The rivers and streams are all frozen and an unnatural blue color. Despite that the water is somewhat safe to drink if you are used to it and it is the drinking supplie of the asteriod. Somehow it can't be poisioned which many gangs found out the hard way. The caves themselves look weak and look like they could crumble at any moment but nothing yet has ever made them collaspe. The Frozen Caverns itself is extremly tough as most metors crach into it yet it doesn't take much, if any, damage. It is designated to be one of the safe zones for monsters when they crash into Earth. It also has some secrets and some tunnels that no one is ever suppose to go through.

The Forbidden Lab

The Forbidden Lab is a place that is packed full of secrets and medicines and technology and blueprints and etc. So whats the holdup? Well the place is not only full of test subjects that have turned into ravenous monsters but also a human girl named Nira. Nira Redeye to be exact. She is more or less the ruler of the place and mentally insane and unstable. She is also said to be quite strong and have no soul that can be taken. Almost completely erased from the Redeye's family memory for some strange and unknown reason. Complaints about singing from the Lab and the Icy Caverns are common. These come from the Forbidden Lab and they mostly come from Nira herself. The ones that don't imitate those of the ones hearing the song love or lost or know. If they are followed they lead into the Forbidden Lab where they seem to disappear. Because of this signs of the danger are to be put up and monsters are told to ignore the singing.


Monster Traits

The characters in this are still like the Sans and Papyrus and Toriel that we know but are different. Monsters in this world are also not like the Underfell ones but still keep an edge. This world the strong rule over the weak so getting strong seems to be the only way to get along with others. That or making friends with one another. That means that any monster killed would be noticed and the more that get killed the more monsters become involve. Even if the monster killed is an enemy of another one they will still rush to get revenge. Most monsters have at least one these four traits.

  • They are paranoid and expect to be attacked or even betrayed and are not very open to friendship.
  • They are aggressive and think that being tough is the only way to get seen by others.
  • They are nervous and shy and will attack aggressively in order to be left alone. They are cruel and mean in order to get along. Not all of them are really cruel or mean they just use it as a cover up. Example: Nice Cream Guy, sells nice cream but does attack the humans when he realizes who they are and does so with the hope that if he brings them in more monsters will buy his product but really he doesn't want to kill any humans.
  • They are just plain out rude and mean. They think that they need to be strong in order to survive and if that does mean killing other monsters then so be it. Not much of these monsters are left but a few that do exists are shunned by the others.

Other minor changes include Doggo who's name is Vengo and the only thing that the humans get of him is that he is Kel's older brother and he was sick when she went through the portal. Nice Cream Guy wants more monsters to buy his stuff and so he thinks attacking and bringing in the humans would help with that even though the sad reason why monsters aren't buying his stuff anymore is because most of the ones that loved it are dead by the constant fighting with other monsters. Greater Dog remains unchanged other than his look. Burgerpants is now a sentry and is in the Finders but still sells food so that the Finders can earn more income. Loves his job and takes it very serious. When he finds out that the humans are humans he closes his shop to them and attacks them with the other members. Opens his shop to the humans when Quest orders him too after Quest and Jasmine went on their "date". Burgerpants wears a silver knights armor without a helmet and has purple pupils. He carries with him a silver sword and his attacks are similar with Mettatons but they are with a sword and throwing knives instead of legs and mini bots.


This is for the story. These are quotes that the characters say. Use them to help you figure out their dark secrets and what they really feel.

West's belief:

"Y-you might say that everyone deserves another chance but...how many does someone get?"

Mara's problem:

"I know your there sister. Your always were there, listening, worrying. I have a question for you. Why did you do it? Our family loved you s-so why? W-why did you come over here and ru-ruin what I have?"

L.W. Stalkers promise:

"You know, I never fully believed that humanity could ever be so vile and hateful. We did so much for them and this is how they repay us. Then they did this to you. I swear Rescy, I swear I will get vengeance for you."

Lora's fear:

"I always wanted to get back to Earth peacefully. Didn't we have enough death already? And what if our plan fails and we are once again at the mercy of the humans? Then again...everyone I know besides Quest and Danny in the gang wants them dead, except for Alert Dog but he is already innocent. But then again...the things that humans have put us through make them unforgivable...right?"

Sara's opinion:

"Call us what you want but don't say that we are the "monsters" that you based off of us. You caused this yet...I can't help but want everything to return to the normal way it was before your kind attacked us."

The Canine Unit

The Canine Unit works for Sara.They are her personal army and are used to keep an eye on things. Because of their snow-colored pelt they have been trained to stay still while lying in the flakes to spy on enemies. Very loyal to Sara but like Sara share some of her issues and her likeness towards Jasmine and Danny.




  • There is a genocide route involved. Might become a game but not anytime soon. Most monsters reference humans souls as essences and not all monsters souls are grey but they are still upside down. They have killed more than seven humans and the total count is unknown but must be above fifty-seven. They need just one more but as Quest says another one won't hurt.
  • West and Quest as well as Lora and Sara and yes, Mara, have all been experimented on but most of them don't remember it They are not related to Gaster in anyway. A spoiler alert for this is the figure that appears right before West fights you is his mother. Not much of a spoiler since she doesn't have much to do in the story.
  • This AU was created to explain what happened to the monsters in another story but since I have developed this one more I am doing this as an AU first and as a story first.
  • When I get a tablet there will be a massive update where all the characters will be shown. I will get it soon so until then you have to deal with the pixel arts that I am making as a side project.
  • If anyone wants to talk to me about making music or just want to hand in fan art can you please talk to me first before adding? Thank you.
  • West's name is not based off me but a friend. His original name was going to be Mike or Mission. Also, the reason why there is so much West stuff is because his sprite was made and is easy to make and the others are a lot harder.


A nice, cozy, simple, warm campfire V1 This is my first time making music and I do know it sounds bad but hopefully I will get better so until then enjoy. Also thank you TheNeutralCard for giving me the link. Your awesome. A nice, cozy, relaxing, warm campfire V.2 This is the good one.

Coercion V.1 Sara's Pacifist and neutral route megalovania and their versions.

Coercion V.2

Coercion V.3

Coercion V.4

Aw Shite V.1 West's official theme.  Aw Shite V.2

It's Flaky V.1 (1) The Flaky's Forest's theme.

One edgy, mean, naive girl+I Am Going To F**KING RUIN YOU! Lora is a very edgy character. The Everflowing River V.1 The Everflowing River V.2 A Fabulous Pug V.1 This is a fabulous theme song. Slaughter Through Lacerated Claws V.1 He truly is a fabulous pug.

Nira Redeye V.1

The Forbidden Lab V.1 A Robotic Monster Encounter V.1 A Cold Spiders Old Dance V.1 Dark And Dreary V.1 The Place Of Ruins V.1 Deprived V.1 Kel V.1 I Am Edgy I Guess. Sara's Theme V.1 A New Home? V.1 Aw Shite Uhh...H-heya V.1 Silence Of The Icy Caverns V.1 Enduring Lab Theme V.1 Rainy City V.1 Silence Of The Icy Caverns V.1 Ahh! It's Freezing! V.1 The Forbidden Lab Start The journey V.1 Our Broken Tale V.1