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Overtale is an AU where the humans and monsters roles were reversed. The basic story is pretty much the same but swapped. There is a mode to raise friendships with monsters to break the barrier. Also, there is a mode to fight everyone and anyone.

There is no thumbnail yet since development has not started yet. Development has started on the game though. Someone is developing the thumbnail for the game. Both regular sprites and battle sprites will be colored.

Also some of the characters' personalities were changed in this AU. To find out which ones changed in the AU, look at the AU's character section. If you disagree with a character's personality change please provide a good reason as to why.

Want to Help?

If you want to help with the game. Please go to GameJolt or the discord page and ask me. Provide an example of your work and this game is being made in C#. Spriters, and Artists (music and art) are needed. This can also include your own custom Story Cards as well as anything you want in the game. This is only if you help though.

Basic Story

The basic story is simple. The humans were forced underground by the monsters and sealed by a barrier. This AU is a switch up of the original Undertale.

Soul modes

This section covers a few of the Soul modes going to be used in the game. Some of them have similar names and effects as Undertale but some are original creations (by me or inspired by another person).

File:Pixil-frame-0 (20).png


Resets in this game are not possible without completing the game. However, if you choose to reset after you complete it, you will get an offer to switch to battle mode or stay in regular story mode. Battle mode will not be in development until the regular, non-battle mode is completed and posted on GameJolt.

Non Battle Mode (Regular)

Friendship levels are levels that increase as you make friends with the monsters. Friendship levels do not appear in Battle mode. Friendship levels are a feature in the original story mode. Non-battle mode (Regular mode) is the main mode in the game. Completion of this mode unlocks Battle mode and Arcade Mode. Arcade Mode is like a free choice battle mode where you can choose who to fight.

Further Development

This page will be edited for future references. Including characters, places, and shops (if any).

Up Next

Next Up: King Asgore (in general) and Queen Toriel (sprites)

Asgore is being made because he is Toriel's husband (not Ex-husband) as they are still married in this Au. They help take care of monster Frisk when she falls into the Mountain (No name yet). Asgore loves Toriel with all his heart. In Battle mode, he rages if you kill Toriel.

This Section shows Asgore that is being created. Once the battle sprite is completed it will be posted on GameJolt and the Wiki page.


Character Profiles of the Characters in Overtale.



Toriel is the wife of Asgore. Toriel is also the mother of Asriel (He's still alive in this AU, which means Flowey doesn't exist). Toriel's personality does not change in the AU. Parts of this AU's Toriel also contain mature parts.

These parts can only be shown at certain parts of the game as secrets. I will not tell you where they are or what you need to do. I will just guarantee that it will be put in there, however the whereabouts will not be given. This includes inappropriate language, and some other things that are mature-worthy.