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P3 FES is the main theme of Undertale FES. It was originally from Persona 3 FES, the awesome JPRG game by Atlus. The song is sang by Yumi Kawamura, with some rap vocals by Lotus Juice.


-HD- -PS2- Persona 3 FES - Opening


Kimi wa ne tashika ni ano toki watashi no soba ni ita Itsudatte itsudatte itsudatte sugu yoko de waratteita nakushitemo Torimodosu kimi wo I will never leave you

If you wanna battle, then I'll take it to the street Where there's no rules Take off the gloves ref, please step down Gotta prove my skills so get down

My lyrical dempsey roll about to smack down now Gotta shoot to kill and shoot the skill Don't you be afraid, man's gotta do how it feels Six to seven to eight to nine ten I flip the script to make it to the top ten, go

Dreamless dorm, ticking clock I walk away from the soundless room Windless night, moonlight melts My ghostly shadow into the lukewarm gloom

Nightly dance of bleeding swords Reminds me that I still live

Every man's gotta fight the fear I'm the first to admit it Sheer thoughts provoke the new era

Become a big terror, but my only rival is my shadow Rewind then play it back and fix my own error Get low to the ground, it's getting better Like I told you before, double up and take more cheddar

L to the J, say stay laced, here's my card, B Royal flush and I'm the ace