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Paper Jam is a character that was created from an alternate Error and an alternate Ink's 'battles'. Some might define him as their 'child', some might not - and both ways of viewing this are correct.

(Due to being a ship kid of two characters who are classified as 'Sans', Paper Jam is NOT a Sans.)

This character was created by 7goodangel on Tumblr and DA. Please check the official bio for more accurate and up-to-date information. Thanks!


They were created by Error and Ink (on accident) from the remains of an alternate Error’s scattered strings and an alternate Ink’s leftover piles of Ink scattered about the multiverse, which took a process of about three years, Paper Jam started to walk through to see where they ended up at. Eventually, they find the two at the end of a battle - where Ink’s (#40257) body was scattered all over the place and Error (#76691) was about to do one more strike…

Paper screamed - what else were they supposed to do? #76691 noticed them and felt an odd connection (which #40257 did as well) and he really didn’t like how that felt within him… he panicked and shouted at Paper, calling them a “mistake” and “an abomination that shouldn’t have existed” before disappearing. Paper was traumatized by seeing #40257’s body all over the place (even though #40257 could easily fix himself right back up - which he did and it still didn’t calm PJ down until several hours later).

However - #40257 isn’t really the best person/skeleton/monster to be a parent. Wile Paper was new to him, #40257 paid so much attention to them, and showing them everything he could. However, once a new universe or item appeared, his attention on Paper shot down. It wasn’t like he forgot about them, it’s just his attention is spastic and goes from new thing to new thing. Eventually, Paper noticed this trend and on different events that #40257 showed them in the past (like human and monster holidays), they started to dislike and became numb to them. Even their own birthday cause they are the only ones that fully remember it. Eventually, Paper had enough and left the area #40257 was at - deciding to find their own purpose.

For eight years, they traversed their section of the anti-void - slowly seeing it shift to something that suited him more. The anti-void is interesting like that - making it be interpreted differently in different corners of it - #76691’s is blank with wide white spaces, #40257s’ has paper scattered and floating everywhere for the AUs and Paper’s developed into a maze of paintings on white walls, having it almost impossible to navigate on one’s own.

NOTE: Error#76691 and Ink#40257’s story is forever changing as well since they are not directly the same as their canon counterparts. #76691, while calling PJ a mistake and hating him… cause he kinda doesn’t like the idea PJ exists, just wants to do things exactly like how their canon counterparts do things. Nothing more or less and nothing that changes. #40257 is a little more open and can remember items better than the original Ink, but that might also due to be how he is a little bit of a ‘defective’ Ink if he has a little bit of something that an Ink shouldn’t have (well… not ENTIRELY different but yeah.. that can affect a being). Plus – the two’s antics are usually more amplified when there’s an audience (aka PJ); they tend to be pretty chill with one another and fight for more of an obligation and fun.



First Years Main Appearance:

His typical outfit during this time was a jacket, shirt, shorts, leggings, and his usual scarf. The jacket was mainly blue that faded to black with splotches of ink, with a v-neck magenta tee shirt underneath. The shorts were also black and blue and his leggings were orange with black dashes. He always had his usual purple side pouch on him as well as his light beige scarf that was stained in cyan, magenta, and yellow. He occasionally formed feet sometimes and he would try to mimic the color of his scarf with the simplistic sandal-like shoe he made. 

(Sample of this appearance can be found here)

After Self-Discovery Main Appearance:

After a more, self discovery point in his life, he changed his look somewhat to fit more of the area he was living in. His color scheme still is around CMYK, but now he wears a sweatshirt, capris, and his usual scarf. The sweatshirt is magenta with smaller details in darker shades that sometimes swirl with other colors like yellow and cyan, with a deep v-neck. The left sleeve hangs loosely while he normally pulled up his other sleeve to his elbow. The sweatshirt is also fairly long, so he gathers up a part on his left side to give an asymmetrical effect. His pants are now like ‘genie’ or bubble capris that are all blue, which occasionally have specks of other colors in them. His scarf is now more ripped up than before, with his left side not having much scarf to hang from his shoulder anymore. He still carries a purple pouch that sits to his left side, and doesn’t bother making feet at all. 

(Sample of this appearance can be found here)

Eye Guide:

His left eye shape depends on the mood he is in:

  • Star = Happy, content, thrilled [if it gets larger]
  • Circle = Frightened
  • Tear = Sad
  • Diamond = (his default shape)  Anger
  • Hourglass = in thought
  • Rhombus = confused
  • Heart = Love, romantic or platonic - also includes family and friends

Note: He can change his outfit however he sees fit, but the two described above are/were his main, default outfit he goes to a lot


He is mostly a jerk to anyone that he doesn’t really know and keeps up that shell pretty well. If you are able to break it though, he is really just like a big kid. Not growing up like normal beings, he has yet to learn a lot about other worlds due to being alone for so long. There are only a small group of beings that he ever really shows his emotions to.

However, he will do anything to prove to others that he is not a mistake. Especially anything to prove to #76691 about it. Even though he dislikes #76691, there is a part of him that wants to prove him wrong and show him that he can do something right. But this sort of warps a little to a better mentality for PJ when he meets Omni and sticks around in their world for a long while.


While most might think that he would be over powered due to having an Ink and Error as his ‘dads’, he is not as powerful as you might think. Any existing AUs out there cannot be edited by him. He can either only observe or ‘destroy’ a universe. When ‘destroying’ a universe, he cannot keep it ‘destroyed’ due to not being able to physically grab anyone’s soul. This prevents him from pulling out the human to make sure that the universe stays destroyed. Now, if a universe lacked a human, then it would stay destroyed. 

His creating abilities are not that fantastic either - with most of the small items he creates disintegrating within a matter of minutes.  He cannot create full AUs on his own or be able to create full characters that are stable.

Although, while horrible at fighting offensively, he is great at defense. Using his own ink to manipulate shields and ‘ink strings’ in order to block and be able to get away. 

Additional Facts

  • He is in a relationship with a Pluris named Omni (created by Cereusblue) and has one kid name Monochrome (created by SkoopSkoop).
  • His canon Fell and Swap versions are called Smudge and Ubi (swapped with Omni). 
  • You might notice the numbers for Ink and Error – those are their specific numbers of what number of [blank] they were. So alt Ink was #40257 Ink in all of the multiverses and alt Error was #76691. 
  • Paperjam has been canonically stated as genderfluid (This mean they can be either more masculine, more feminine, neither, both, or a range between and other genders).
  • The bio above has been copied from the original creator's bio. If it doesn't match to what is there, then that info is not correct.