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"I'm...not a evil person of any of the papyruses in the au, whoever you are. you got alot of explaining to do and why are you making Friends with me?" - Papyrus talking to chara.

papyrus is a fictional character from the Aftertale. but instead it's underswap version, He is one of the main characters of afterswap and aftertale.


Afterswap Papyrus looked like underswap papyrus, but the afterswap Papyrus wear a white jacket and blood coming out of the mouth and its blood on the neck. And bags is under his eyes and he looked like aftertale sans.

Also afterswap papyrus wears black short pants with black shoes and smokes a cigarette like underswap papyrus. And he also has a white glitch on his left eye.


afterswap papyrus is a serious skeleton and he is a cold, emotionless and distant and he is also quiet. But he hides his emotions and feelings to himself. And he cared about his brother sans and mostly he doesn't hang out with any the papyruses au or the sanses au,expect aftertale sans because he is like him.


  • Afterswap papyrus, aftertale sans, cross sans, cross chara are kuuderes, which they hide their emotions and feelings in their heads.
  • His favorite foods are pizza, cake, and brownies.
  • Afterswap papyrus is a designed inspired by anime characters and people from video games such as ciel phantomhive, rei ayanami, and hydro(mortal kombat).
  • Afterswap papyrus is a parody of kanade tachibana, she is a kuudere and serious. And he is
  • Iike her, and talk like her.
  • his blood type is unknown
  • he never appears in underverse and he may be coming back as a guest character
  • Afterswap papyrus sometimes acts like lucario(from pokemon) and also afterswap papyrus sounds like lucario.
  • Afterswap papyrus is like shadow the hedgehog from sonic the hedgehog. Because they protect the love one but afterswap papyrus is protected his brother. And shadow is protected for maria.
  • His favorite is blue and white
  • He resembled underswap papyrus and have appearances just like him.