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"What's the point anymore? Life is meaningless. Sans is gone."
– Papyrus in Breakingtale

Papyrus is one of the antagonists of Breakingtale. He was made by EntiXW.



He has eyes like (the look that Chara makes when they jumpscare you), clothes like Dustbelief Papyrus, and smashed glasses. His eyes sometimes flicker orange and blue sometimes, and stay black for awhile, and then flickers again in battle. His mouth is always a smile, like Sans, and sometimes his mouth quickly snaps open and shut at random intervals. He doesn't wear his scarf anymore because he has torn his scarf apart (which he carries the pieces in his pocket. 


Unlike Undertale Papyrus, he is depressed and broken. He is like this because he lost his Sans; the person who comforted him; the person who complimented him; and the person who took care of him. He now has lost his sanity, and started killing monsters. He has gained 5 LV from killing innocent Snowdin monsters. 


Papyrus was coming home one day from shopping, and called Sans.

No response. Interesting. Sans would usually say something like, "alright bro, I'm coming," or "give me a few more years", or something like that. Papyrus went to Sans' room and checked there. He wasn't there. He checked in his own room. He wasn't there.

He checked every single room in the house, but Sans was nowhere to be found. He then decided to hunt for Sans. He thought, "Pretend Sans is a human. I just have to capture him." He was enthusiastic about it, and he looked everywhere, but he couldn't find him. Papyrus then thought, "Maybe he just went to a vacation or another place?"

After months, he waited, years he waited, until he finally gave in to the truth. Sans could be dead. He knew about death, even though Sans tried to protect him from harsh realities, Papyrus still managed to figure out. He eventually started to break down, and he started to eat less, be less enthusiastic, cry more, be more of an introvert and secretive, and just enjoy everything less.

Undyne, Alphys, and even Toriel tried to help, but to no avail. Papyrus wasn't and isn't the same person he used to be. After almost 5 years after Sans was gone, Papyrus started to go crazy. He could use stronger attacks, like Sans' and his eyes changed to a more of a look (the look that Chara makes when they jumpscare you) than a determined Papyrus look. He started to go even more insane.

After 8 years after Sans went away, and started dusting innocent monsters that crossed his path. Undyne noticed this, and started to scold Papyrus, but he didn't listen. Undyne then battled him, but Papyrus was so strong, Undyne couldn't even touch him.

Undyne luckily fled after Papyrus tried to hit a final blow on Undyne, and no monsters ever stayed near him again. He walks around Snowdin like a maniac, mumbling to himself, talking about Sans.


Absent!Sans (Lost Brother)

Papyrus misses him so much. He wants to listen to his puns (and then yell at him in anger), tell him to pick up his sock, eat spaghetti, and go on the lookout for humans with him. But, those days are over.

Frisk (A Human That Papyrus Meets)

Frisk is unlucky enough to fall into the underground. She meets monsters, all of them are nice, except Papyrus himself. The other monsters are telling them about his ruthlessness, and his calm, but sinister tone when he attacks. She meets him in the Judgement Hall.

Since he became insane, he started having memory loss. So, he wouldn't be able to remember Undyne, Toriel, Asgore, or anyone else.


  • Papyrus does not know about Frisk's ability to RESET and SAVE.
  • Papyrus ripped his scarf into bits and stuffed the bits into his pocket.
  • He will destroy anything that has an assortment of blue colors on it.
  • He is called "Him" because, everybody is too scared to say his real name.