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Papyrus is the deuteragonist/tertiary antagonist of the Dusttale AU. When he was alive, he was a skeleton monster who once trained in the royal guard to capture humans in the Underground. He would often call himself the Great Papyrus and he would often cook spaghetti. He also was really good with puzzles, often using them to capture the human. During the many Genocide Routes, a corrupted Frisk would usually kill him after he tried to spare them.

In the 327th Genocide Route, Sans, who was now obsessed with killing Frisk kills Papyrus only to gain LV from him. At the end, before Sans could kill him, Papyrus accepted his fate. After being killed by Sans, Papyrus'  consciousness returned to both haunt and help Sans on his mission to gain enough LV to kill Frisk. The only person that can see him is Sans.



Papyrus is a floating head with hands. He still has his red scarf and gloves. However, his eyes are red. Sometimes, he is portrayed having blood oozing out of his eyes. (Only Sans can see him)


Before Papyrus was killed in the 327th Genocide Route, he was a friendly monster who believed that anyone could become a good person if they just tried. Even after Frisk killed him multiple times, he still believed in them. However, after he was killed by his own brother, Papyrus seemed to be fine with the idea of killing someone and not giving them a chance at all, and he would support his brother over this. He would even try to help Sans in battle to kill Frisk. Despite not being as friendly as he once was, Papyrus doesn't seem to be anywhere as insane as Sans.

Main Story: (Fan-game/Non-canon)

He's is seen for first time in the Snowdin forest, in the place where Frisk usually would meet him in the original undertale. Unlike in the original game, he realizes the human's presence but also like the original game, he doesn't recognize it as such, he asks Frisk/Chara for his brother but the human instead says that in the previous timeline, he then remembers all the previous timelines of Frisk killing everyone (Including his brother). Papyrus continues search Sans and leaves, later Papyrus is seen being attacked by Sans at the end of Snowdin, he is paralyzed by bones and Sans try to explain why he has to die. Papyrus accepts Sans´ plan and its blaster by Sans's Gaster Blaster.

Later in Waterfall, the player can hear in the echo-flowers that Sans apparently is talking with his dead brother as if he was still alive. when Sans defeats Undyne but then fails, he kills her due to how much determination she has, the human kills her before he can and Sans angry says "Papyrus" (he's actually talking to himself) that he will focus in a new victim. In the final battle against Sans, Sans will be eventually invoke the ghost of Papyrus to kill the human.  


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Sans (Brother/ the one that killed Papyrus)





  • Sans seems to regret killing Papyrus.
  • It is implied that in Papyrus' new form, he cannot be killed (Due to already being killed by Sans).
  • Like Asgore in the Genocide Route, Papyrus mistaken Frisk to be a monster, likely due to their behavior after Chara took control over them.
  • In the Dustbelief AU, it is implied that Papyrus killed Sans after he tried to kill him. This caused Papyrus in that AU to believe that Frisk was responsible for his death.