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This information is based on alternate scenes or materials, and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the AU.

– Error!Papyrus

Error!Papyrus is the brother of Error!Sans. He is hidden among the ‘in-between files’ of the multiverses.


Error! Papyrus isn't considered clueless like other Papyruses (although, other Papyruses being clueless is up to debate.) He, like other Errors, gained access to other worlds and AUs. Upon seeing that in every single one, he sees himself always with so many friends and companions, he swears to protect the people in the AUs and the AUs themselves. 

This also leaves him wondering: "Where are his friends and his brother?" and "Why am I alone?" So, he sets off and begins searching the in-between files to find his loved ones. Although, Errors can't love and can only hold friendships, he longs to find a place where he can find his family.

As a self-appointed guardian of the multiverse, it doesn’t take him too long to notice a couple of Alternate Universes going haywire or vanishing altogether. He used to watch UnderSwap mostly due to the fact that he wanted to be friends with UnderSwap Papyrus, but Error Undyne quickly deterred him from doing so.

Error Papyrus likes to put SOULs in bubbles. He is very friendly, but as every Error is, he is also slightly unhinged. He also has a slight obsession with making friends.


Error!Sans (Brother?)


  • Error does not like talking about his Papyrus as him avoiding a question in Ask Error

Error!Undyne (Friend)

Error!Undyne considers Error!Papyrus a friend. However, Error!Papyrus no longer sees Undyne as a person to look up to.


Error!Papyrus saw them once, Frisk teleported away for an unknown reason, papyrus figures it was an error version of Frisk, but he hasn't confirmed...

Progress of Error!Papyrus

Papyrus has so far found Error!Undyne and Error!Sans, Papyrus did see Error!Frisk once, although frisk got scared and suddenly teleported, papyrus still doesn't know if it was an error, but he proceeds to think so...

Fresh unofficially met Error!Papyrus, since Fresh has seen Papyrus, but Papyrus has not seen him.

Somewhere out there, he's still searching, he's found quite a few so far.. Papyrus now also knows about Error!Gaster's existence but has never met him.