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This information is based on alternate scenes or materials, and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the AU.

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Freshswap, similar to his Underfresh counterpart, is a parasite. However he is different than his Sans counterpart. Rather than just being another host of True!Fresh, he's a different parasite entirely. Instead of True!Fresh, who exploits the symbiotic relationship, True!FreshSwap instead is rather more of 2-sided symbiotic relationship. While it uses the magic from the host's soul to survive, it doesn't damage the host's soul. It gives them heightened Defense, same as True!Fresh. It also gives them "TOTALLY TUBULAR!" Clothing. However, it instead is a fusion of True!Freshswap's personality, along with whatever the host is.


Freshswap wears similar clothing to his Underswap counterpart, however with a bunch of color switches. Nothing of note. Similar to normal Fresh, he has glasses with words on them. Normally they either say "NY EH." Or "YO LO." He eats lollipops, similar to some interpretations of Swap Papyrus. He wears a turquoise beanie. He has boots, similar to classic papyrus. He has his soul in it's normal position, however his soul has a small white stream connected to his right eye, where True!Freshswap is. Whenever he's in combat, his SOUL will go up into his right eye, where True!Freshswap will defend it. Making him harder to be killed.


Freshswap Papyrus, similar to his Underfresh counterpart, is obsessed with the 90's. However, unlike his Sans variation, he actually feels emotions and empathy, lacking the sociopathic and hypocritical nature of him. Due to the fact he still has his SOUL, he feels emotions. He has something of two personalities. One being True!Freshswap, and the other being more-so Underswap Papyrus. True!Freshswap he normally resorts to in combat or when The "Fight-or-flight." Response is active. The True!Freshswap personality is dark and serious, not even speaking in 90's slang. The Underswap personality is simply a 90's variation of it's normal Underswap version. He is still extremely obnoxious, hence why most people get annoyed by him still. Unlike Underfresh, people tend to dislike him somewhat less, due to his after-mentioned empathy which Underfresh lacks. He is indeed lax, same as his Sans counterpart. He is still quite 'chill,' due to his decent defense. He is somewhat scared of people like Error, however. Due to the fact they can erase him. Same as Fresh, he still censors profanity. Replacing words such as "Fuck" with "Funk."


Due to ending up in combat situations he fears much more, he is much more magically active. He has enhanced physique compared to Underswap Papyrus, along with buffed statistics. He has access to Bones and Gaster Blasters, along with soul manipulation. He has a ruler, rather than a baseball bat. However he doesn't have the explosive furbies that Underfresh has. He's also extraordinarily durable, however he can still be killed via destruction of True!Freshswap, or Existance Erasure. He also has access to the classic "Fresh poof!"


Errorswap Papyrus

Errorswap hates him to extreme lengths. Errorswap constantly tries to eliminate him any way he physically can. Normally, he fails to string him. Errorswap once tricked him into entering a void of code, where he was constantly torn apart and rebuilt. He escaped, but learned it was best to avoid Errorswap.

Underfresh Sans

He considers him "THE TOTES COOLEST BRUH!" Due to the fact they are quite similar in many ways. He doesn't know about Fresh's hypocrisy and sociopathic nature, hence why he doesn't call him out for these.

Freshswap Sans

He considers him his brother, but he technically isn't. They're still both friends nonetheless.


  • He claims his birthday is April 1st, same as his Sans counterpart. However this is unknown.
  • Same as Sans, he is Anti-Drug and Anti-Smoking (Ironically enough.)
  • He is a completely different parasite to True!Fresh, as mentioned above. He could be a 'brother' parasite, however it might just be completely unrelated.