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Papyrus is the brother of Sans, and the second god of death (the painless death).


They were created by Gaster, the god of magic, and think of him as their father. He reaps the peaceful souls, those who are not corrupted and are willing to go in the underworld. The souls resisting are taken to the underworld forcefully by Sans, in order to achieve peace.



Similar to his brother, Sans, Papyrus wears long black/gray cloak with a rope tied around his waist. Unlike his brother, Papyrus is not usually seen having a scythe on his person. Papyrus still has the same iconic grin spread across his face, he also has two eye sockets which has the pinpricks of light that represent his eyes. A trail of orange light wisps from his left eye when he uses magic.


Similar to his original counterpart, and is very caring to everyone. Being shown to calm his brother, Sans, before Undyne had to take lethal measures to prevent further damage. Papyrus is also very caring when he reaps souls, ash he tells the humans that he will give the humans "a comforting talk" before he takes their souls.


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  • Papyrus seems to be one of the few people being able to calm Sans from a rage state.