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Papyrus is a skeleton monster who is Vice Captain of the Royal Guard and the boss of his older brother, Sans. He wears a black chest plate with spiked sleeves, a red scarf, black briefs with a golden belt, and red gloves and boots. After fighting a gang of bunny monsters with Sans, he received an injury of a hole on the right side of his skull.

Powers and Abilities

So far throughout the comic, Papyrus has only been shown using bones as his attack. He can pressumably use blue magic, just like himself in other AUs.


Sans: He is the younger brother of Sans, although he is well taller. Papyrus often acts aggressive towards Sans, especially when he makes a pun. Despite the flaws in their relationship, Papyrus loves his brother deeply. He was very scared when Sans almost died when he was a child and begged Gaster for help. When Sans was thought dead after taking a blow from the leader of a bunny gang, Papyrus went into rage and killed two of the henchmen in the process of many bones. He was very happy to see his brother still alive,