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Papyrus is the younger brother of Sans and a major character in UnderSwap, made by P0pc0rnPr1nce. He appears in the place of Original Sans.



Papyrus appears as a tall lengthy skeleton with a small toothy grin, skeletal hands and small eye sockets. He wears an orange hoodie, usually with "indirect text posts" written on it and green shorts with a pair of orange sneakers.


Papyrus is laid back and flippant, often fooling around on the job and taking breaks. His laziness is a combination of nihilism and apathy. He wonders if his indolence stems of from his knowledge that any progress he makes will be erased when the timeline resets. Conversely, he suggests that is knowledge could be "a bad excuse for being lazy." However despite this, Papyrus is more energetic than Undertale Sans.

Though Papyrus is usually agreeable, he can be serious in particular events. He is also observant; Papyrus reads the protagonist's expressions and can often know when they already done certain things. He enjoys playing pranks and the fact he entertains at NTT resort hints that he may be a talented jokester. He enjoys fantasy stories and loves to drink honey. He also hates making promises just like Classic Sans.


  • Papyrus can quickly travel or teleport using what he calls "shortcuts."
  • In combat, he uses "Gaster Blasters" devices that resemble a skull, to shoot large beams. Papyrus excels in combat and fights with unique abilities include applying directional forces directly upon the protagonist's SOUL.
  • He does not have karma Retribution, but "improvise" with stronger attacks.
  • He is also able to float in the air like Undertale Papyrus does. However, he cannot teleport.


Chara (Determinant)

Pacifist Route

As well, Papyrus and Chara are considered as best friend when they first met. He does an 'old whoopee-cushion-in-the-hand trick' When they first met, Papyrus always pranked Chara, such as the telescope, hot-cat, and date (like UnderTale Sans)

Genocide Route

He hates Chara because they killed his brother, Sans.

Sans (Brother)

Sans is the brother of Papyrus. Just like Undertale Sans, Papyrus cares about Sans and doesn't want anything bad to happen to him. They share the same relationship as Classic Sans and Papyrus, though the roles are swapped. Papyrus is confirmed to be the older brother.

Asgore (Friend)

Papyrus and Asgore's relationship is close since they always share what they like. They make bad puns and knock-knock jokes, and are canonically friends. Despite how Papyrus doesn't like making promises, he tries to keep Asgore's promise to keep Chara safe.

Temmie (Rivals)

Papyrus and Temmie hate each other. Papyrus caused Temmie's "Fair share of Resets". Temmie mentions Papyrus, calling him a 'Smoking beanpole'. Temmie and Papyrus always fight with each other, and Papyrus always wins after the argument or the fight.

Undyne (Friends?)

Papyrus most likely knows about Undyne.

River Person (Possible Relative)

He also most likely shares the same relationship with the River Person as UT Sans does Gaster.

Gaster (Friend?)

It is unknown if Gaster and the Skelebros are close or even talk. (Gaster is swapped with the River Person. In Undertale the River Person says, "Beware of the man who speaks in hands" and in Underswap, Gaster says, "Beware of the man who speaks with the ocean")



"don't you know how to greet a new pal?"
– Papyrus meeting Chara for the first time

"you dirty brother killer."
– Papyrus in the Genocide Route

"take one more step and you’re gonna have a bad time, kiddo."
– Papyrus threatening Chara in the Genocide Route

"don't smoke, kid. it's real bad. us skeletons have no lungs so we do what we want, y'know?"
– Papyrus


  • Papyrus speaks using lowercase letters, using the Papyrus font.
  • Papyrus smokes to look edgy. However, he does not smoke weed.
  • His phrase "You'd be dead from my hand" is played off of the original Sans' phrase "You'd be dead where you stand".