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Papysans is San, and papyrus merged together into one powerful being.


in this timeline, papyrus killed frisk on the pacifist route, papyrus then put frisks determination soul into a soul container, papyrus then went to return it to Asgore but he then saw a vision where Asgore became corrupted, and killed everyone. Papyrus then refused to give it to him, this angered asgore, this caused asgore to kill papyrus on accident, sans then saw papyruses dead body because sans was secretly following him, sans then attack asgore, sans won, and destroyed asgore’s soul. Sans then became the new king but papyrus was dead, he then took it to gasters lab, he then skip the instructions for reviving, the only part he read was “you will need a human soul, and you would need to merge yourself with the person that you want to revive”. Sans then used the a machine created by gaster, this caused sans to merge with papyrus, this also caused papyrus to lose 50% of his memories, and caused sans to also lose 50% of his memories because he didn’t read the 99.99% if the instructions because it was too long. Their memories then combined, their bodies, soul, and mind then combined into papysans. Papysans was very powerful, he then found out that Flowey absorbed all human souls to become omega Flowey, omega Flowey then went on a killing spree, and absorbed a lot of souls. this alerted papysans as he was the only one who would challenge omega Flowey, omega Flowey then became a weaker form of Asriel Dreemurr god of hyperdeath because Asriel didn’t absorb asgore, papysans then fight Asriel Dreemurr, they were almost on par with eachother, papysans then used the full power of frisk determination soul, Asriel then got defeated easily, even if he did absorb asgore, he wouldn’t stand a chance against papysans full power, and Asriel was then killed by full power papysans.

determination full power.

Papysans can use 100% of his determination, this allows him to be able to be immune to dying, it also allows him to be immune to all attacks, negate any time based powers or invincibility, he can now become invincible, he can now create a explosion that can destroy all nearby attacks but this ability only lasts for 1 minute, and 30 seconds.


he looks like regular papyrus but with a red body, white heart shaped soul, white long jacket, glowing white eyes, and red pupils.



papysans can respawn himself but he would need a lot of determination to do it, he can’t respawn if he is undetermined or if he doesn’t use 50% of his determination soul, and his respawning ability has a 50% chance of failing.


  • He sees frisks red spirit following him
  • Frisk is inside papysans soul
  • When papysans sleep, He sees frisk, and he will always see frisk
  • he would need to merge with frisk to enter his determination full power form
  • he has encountered error sans many times