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"Aaaaaah!! it´s hurts!!!.....just kidding! I can´t feel anything, I´m dead!"

Perseverance Frisk is an undead being, reanimated by the soul of perseverance. Her appearance at first, is like a human, but sometimes she shows her skeleton body, scaring people around her for fun or for intimidation. Most of the time she is invisible to everyone, except for some people who she is interested , but her presence can be noticed by feeling the environment turns cold along with fog. Sometimes she can be seen with fog around her.

She appears with CORE! Frisk and Tyranny Frisk, protects the omega timeline. But, her real motive is to "free" every AU from their scripts. She doesn´t care if her actions lead to the other timelines getting destroy or not, as long is not part of the script, she would thinks is a win for her, even thought her actions may seen by everyone as crazy or stupid. This ideal was developed because of Frisk’s frustrations concerning her own role in her timeline, to always be Chara’s inferior until her death kickstarts Thillertale (the name of the AU Frisk originates).

Perseverance Frisk always claim to not care about her family from her universe, saying to feel nothing about them and all the emotions she had was just part of the script. Even thought she said that, deep inside she is struggling with it, meaning she still has those thoughts and emotions in her new soul, but she tries to denied and ignore them.


Perseverance Frisk is from an AU where, following the script, was supposed to die. In her last moments, she discovers all about her world was just a story, by accident. After knowing the truth, she freaks out, not wanting to accept her fate, wishing to stay alive but dies in the end. Despite her death, she "wakes" up, with a perseverance soul, which keeps her alive,

Perseverance Frisk is from the AU "Thrillertale", she is the sister of Chara, the ambassador of monsters, and the adoptive daughter of W.D.Gaster, a famous scientist in the human and monster community.

While she was alive, Frisk was always compared to Chara about his abilities and success while her father always neglected her since she didn´t accomplish and meet his standards.

At the moment of her death, while feeling depressed and frustrated about her life, accidentally she enters the base code of her world, discovering that all her life and dreams were coming from a script, which her death, was only the beginning of the story of her world. Feeling impotence and hopelessness about the revelation, a perseverance soul appeared in front of her, She didn't accept the end and she had another chance to live, She grabs the soul and "wakes" inside of a coffin.

After managed to get out, despite noticing she was a skeleton, she started to feel free and hope for her new life without a script, deciding to enjoy and do whatever she wanted and share her "way of living" with others by traveling in the aus.



Her real appearance is a skeleton, the same height and shape of her human self, but she use her magic to appear as a human in front others.

When she was alive, her hair was long and straight, while her eyes were brown.

In her current human form, she still has a long straight hair and but her eyes are violet and her skin is pale.

In her real form, she is basically a skeleton corpse, with purple light orbs in her sockets and her perseverance soul inside of her ribs.


She is carefree and mischievous. Frisk has a strong desire for rebellion for others, but doesn’t appear to actual care about the individuals in that timeline. Frisk may appear pacifist with her avoidance of battle, but this stems from her short supply of magic. Frisk seems indifferent about her original universe and the people dwelling inside, aside from Papyrus, and it is unclear if Frisk is resentful towards W.D. Gaster or Chara, though it doesn’t appear that Frisk is willing to assist Chara in proving that Frisk’s death wasn’t a suicide but instead a murder.


Her perseverance soul not only maintain her "alive", it grants her magic and abilities that are only possible if she eats or absorbs people´s HP or magic.

Ilusion: She can make illusions of her appearance. An ability she only use to make herself look as a human, as she used to be.

Regeneration: She can heal any wound and regenerate any part of her body or the others, but depends of the severity of the injury, the quantity of magic she can use.

Pass through anything: She can go through anything like a ghost, including humans and monsters, which at the moment she do it, they feel a chill through their bodies.

Fog: She can become a fog, allowing Frisk to move in any direction she wants in a fast manner and dodge attacks from the enemy, making impossible to hurt her in that state. In the same vein, Frisk is unable to hurt others in this state.

Invisible: She can make herself invisible, but at this state she can not attack or touch unless she make herself visible.

Absorb or eat people HP or magic: This ability use it to gain magic and use her other abilities. She can do this by touching people.

Knife: She use a knife, specifically a butterfly knife, as a weapon to attack or throw at the enemy.

Code Reading: Because she is self aware, Frisk has the ability to read the coding of the timeline she is in, to an extent. Frisk is able to see an overview of the timeline, this allowing her to help character’s change their fate, but all timelines (except the one’s that don’t because if the nature of the multiverse) have secrets, like hidden characters or underlying plots that Frisk may not be able to find or read.

Her weakness would be her soul, since is the reason why she is still alive, the only way to see it is when she out of magic, which will reveal her true appearance and where exactly her soul is. To avoid that situation, she always "eat" and tries to not waste her magic or retires when she is tired in a battle and change the publication of her soul everytime, so the enemy would have to guess where is it.

Another weakness would fall into Frisk’s love for the Papyrus of her universe, showing that Frisk as a weak spot for people neglected and/or abused by their families or the people.

She is desperate when people take her coffin away, which sometimes CORE! Frisk does it to persuade her to not do her dangerous


Ink Sans: Soon

Error Sans: Soon

Core Frisk: Soon

Tyranny Frisk: Soon

W. D Gaster: Soon


  • She identified as a female, to differentiate to other Frisks who identifies as they/them and to not follow what the creators want her to be.
  • Originally she was like any other Frisk, but after find out the true of her world, she decides what kind of person to be.
  • she is trying to make a change in her new live to improve that she is important as her brother chara but her deep inside she wants to take her revenge and she tried many times to smuggles papyrus from her au into the omega time line to be able to destroy it but he he refused to leave francis
  • Despise her objective seems to be noble, she actually doesn't care if leads to a good or bad cause, as long as the characters don´t follow their scripts, she is happy to help and accomplished they "new" choices.
  • The Papyrus of her world thinks she is a Hone-onna, a yo-kai as a woman in the form of bones.
  • She is fond to Papyrus from her world, since he is neglected by his family just like her when she was alive.
  • She considers papyrus like his little brother, since she always wanted a little sibling.
  • She sleep in a coffin, which has a strange obsession with it
  • She was actually murdered by someone in her world, even though she has memories of who was, she really doesn't care, since she thinks is a waste of her time and wants Papyrus to stay out of it.
  • It can be assumed that Frisk is a highly intelligent individual, even if she isn’t as smart as her adopted brother, Chara. These inferences can be made because Chara is also smart, and because their shared father is a famous scientist who would have put high expectations on his kids.
  • She loves to eat human souls, which helps her to recover magic faster.
  • CORE! Frisk sometimes take away her coffin to persuade her to not alter the others universe as a punish.
  • She is curious why her creator let her live but grateful since she can do whatever she wants
  • she enjoys taking drugs and she also became alcoholic, it's because how much she wants to be like her brother chara even in the bad habits