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Pestilence!Sans is a parasite-like being that feeds off the magic of other beings. He is an out-code Sans.

His creator is Hoshi-Tsubasa on Tumblr.


Pestilence!Sans is a skeleton that has been blackened by disease. He has a cloud of pestilence hovering around him at all times. His legs and fingers fade into neon green. His left eye has a bio hazard symbol in it while the right is alternating yellow and neon green in a bullseye pattern. His teeth are also neon green.

He wears a back hooded jacked ripped at the ends with a thick yellow stripe across the chest and pea-green sleeves/hood. He also wears a mustard yellow turtle-neck and black shorts with similar pea-green stripes down the sides. He has bright yellow socks and pea-green slippers with black cartoon skulls on them. Around his neck he wears "WARNING!/BIOHAZARD!" tape like a scarf.

In his 2020 redesign, the gradient fade on his fingers and legs are now a somewhat dull yellow-green. His left eye, which was previously neon green, is now yellow. His hoodie is now a dark forest green. The pockets of hoodie are now the same color as his sleeves/hood, which is still pea-green. Also, his shirt is now more of a muted yellow-green. His pants changed from shorts to pants the same color as his hoodie's sleeves and now sport black/yellow stripes down the leg. He no longer wears slippers, now wearing dark green sneaker-type shoes with yellow toes and a bright yellow-green bio hazard symbol on the outward facing sides.

He originally looked like Classic!Sans, except with green rather than blue.


Pestilence!Sans has the typical laziness of Classic!Sans, but tends to make jokes at the expense of others. He is generally disliked because he comes off as rude or apathetic. His actions are usually motivated by selfish reasons or whatever will help him survive.

However, there have been occasions where he has wavered in his indifference and shown to display some extent of care towards others.[1]

Before he died, he was just like Classic!Sans.


Before Death

Pestilence!Sans was originally from an alternate timeline. However, this timeline ended up becoming riddled with infection and disease. Everyone died, even Pestilence!Sans and the Frisk of that timeline. However, he was determined to live. In the rift between life and death, he used the remainder of his magic to create an immunity to the diseases that destroyed his timeline and return to life.

By doing this, he condemned himself to a life where he was forced to live off another being's magic or return to death. Close to starvation, he used the remainder of his timeline's magic and tore free from his crumbling AU, entering into the void between worlds. With so little magic left in him, his form was reduced to something like dust. He wandered about the void, fearful he would die off if he was unable to find magic.


By luck, he was able to find an AU (BrimstoneTale). He entered it, attached himself to the Sans of that universe and slowly drained it of its magic. At first, everyone in that AU was blissfully unaware of what was happening. It was too late when Inferno!Sans realized just how much danger he and his universe was in. Pestilence!Sans used Inferno!Sans to corrupt and siphon the rest of the magic in BrimstoneTale. Soon, the AU crumbled just like Pestilence!Sans' own AU. With no more magic to consume, he left the AU to die in search of another host.

UnderZoo (current host)

After destroying a few more AUs via magic drain, Ink!Sans manages to injure him. Forced to hide, Pestilence!Sans takes refuge in UnderZoo. He latches onto the Sans of this universe, but unlike before, keeps a low profile. Unlike Inferno!Sans, Zoo!Sans becomes aware of Pestilence!Sans' presence fairy quickly. The two end up compromising: Zoo!Sans will let Pestilence!Sans take refuge in UnderZoo if Pestilence!Sans will resist the urge to drain the AU of its magic.


Typical Sans Abilities

When Pestilence!Sans has enough magic and a physical form, he is able to use the abilities and magic that all Sans can use, including Gaster Blasters, KARMA, and Gravity Manipulation. This includes shortcuts.

Unique Abilites

  • Pathogen Manipulation: Pestilece!Sans is able to control all of the viruses, pathogens, and diseases inside of him to infect those around him. They can range from harmless like the common cold to fatal, his favorites being rabies and Ebola.
  • Liquid Tainting: Pestilence!Sans taints any liquid he comes in physical contact with as long as it isn't already toxic.
  • The Pestilence: Pestilence!Sans can be the embodiment of pestilence, plague, and disease. He is able to create, spread and manipulate all forms of afflictions. Anyone around him will become sicker and sicker
  • Parasitic Control: He is able to infect the mind of his host and control their actions.


  • Lack of Magic: Pestilence!Sans has no magic of his own and must rely on an outside source for energy. He cannot live without magic and will die without a host. He takes the magic from the AU itself, but he needs to have an "anchor" to steal foreign magic. It's usually the Sans of that AU. It's like blood donating. You can't transfuse blood unless they are similar types. By using a host, he becomes the same "type" as the AU.
  • Physical Form: If he does not have enough magic, he will be unable to maintain a physical body and will become a cloud of sentient dust, which is much weaker. He can't leave his host's side, he has to say within a 2 m (appx. 6 ft) radius of the host



Pestilence!Sans' current host from UnderZoo. At first, the two had a rather uncomfortable relationship, Zoo!Sans not trusting Pestilence!Sans. As time goes one, however, the two begin to rely on and trust one another, becoming something similar to friends.


Pestilence!Sans' first host. Inferno!Sans was unaware of Pestilence!Sans' presence for a while. When he realized what was happening to his universe, it was too late. Pestilence!Sans has described their relationship as "The only thing I [Pesti] am to you is a bug, and the only thing you are to me is food."


Ink does not see kindly of someone who destroys AUs. He has hunted Pestilence!Sans down, but has not been able to fully defeat him yet.


  • Pestilence!Sans likes llamas.
  • He likes the taste of Vegemite.
  • He can only have a physical body if he has a certain amount of magic/energy. Otherwise, he's just a cloud of disease/dust.
  • He had a Papyrus, but the latter died when his timeline was originally decimated.
  • His creator made a redesign for him in August of 2020.
  • He likes medicine, specifically the nasty tasting ones. Since he has so many meshed up diseases inside him, medicine targeting just one symptom or disease wouldn't have any effect.
  • He lives in Zoo!Sans' house, but usually stays in Zoo!Sans' room.
  • He does have a soul, but don't touch it. It'd be like holding a disease infested dead rat.
  • When he has a very strong negative emotion, he pretty much kills everything around him.
  • He is currently in a comic created by Mihha and co.