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It all starts with the fact that our hero appears on the flowers, as the children did. Like everyone else, the Player meets Flowey, who, as always, wanted to appear to the stranger as a “friend”, so that he would later nastily stab him in the back. But our hacker is not easy. Having completed all the endings, they already knew perfectly well that, in fact, this flower is evil itself. Grabbing the stem of Flowey, he remembered everything that happened in all time lines. Having remembered everything, Flowey wanted to insult the Player, but the Player frightened him, saying: “Don’t dare to talk to me like that, otherwise I will tear out and recount all your petals.”

Then they walked along the Ruins, after which they said goodbye to Toriel and left the Ruins. And so it all went to a snowy location. The Player meets a joyful skeleton, who held out his hand. Sensing the level of the player, Sans made an attack, but unfortunately the skeleton did not hit. Then the player and the skeleton appear in the courtroom, where the person explains that he, how he not knows everything and where he got such Level (known as L.O.V.E. or Level Of Violence.

But evil does not sleep. Another Player started a Genocide run, simultaneously managing Frisk as a puppet. The Player stops for a while, after which he is thrown out of the world. Unfortunately, Chara took control of Frisk, telling the brothers that this world would soon be erased. So everything went until the royal guard gathered in the courtroom. Sans, Mettaton and Undyne. They tried to stop Frisk, but nothing came of it. Further, the Frisk, which was controlled by the player, makes a blow to Sans, thereby disabling the skeleton. It would seem that already death takes the skeleton, but the Player returns again, calling for green friendliness pellets, which quickly flew to Sans and healed him. Further, Frisk makes a blow to Asgore, killing him and ending the genocide (Flowey is killed in the Ruins). Then Chara appears in front of the player, which the Player abruptly replaced. Next is the exchange of discharges. Having exchanged his reset with the Player reset, the Hacker makes a blow that kills Frisk, as at the end of the Genocide. The button was a reset that led to the alternative HorrorTale universe where the sinner will spend terrible times. Reset Frisk himself makes a choice. Having reached the end, Frisk passed the pacifist completely. The Player replicated a monster soul for Asriel and a human soul for Chara so that they could both live. Then the player makes a reset, after which he enters the room where Gaster was, and puts him the final ultimatum.



The player is dressed in a black suit, vaguely reminiscent of a dress. This “dress” covers the Player’s knees. On this very suit, like Frisk or Enchantment, there are red stripes. From under the suit, you can see black pants and dark brown shoes. The Player's hair is red. Their white eyes are black and their iris is red. Unlike the above listed Frisk and Charа, the Player has gray skin. Since this character has the ability to manipulate the game, they can change their appearance, but this was not shown in the comic. Also under the eyes has red ovals, which are possibly cheeks.


They are programmer\hacker with an empty heart; Not a single ending of the game suited them, in the eternal search for a better ending for themselves; Uses their soul to jump through space; Uses program code to communicate with them; The master of a tremendous power of decisiveness, which they cannot always control. Always wants to seem strong in front of others, but in the end remains a monster in the eyes of others; Poorly versed in color gamut adjustment; Always does only what they sees fit. Not on the side of evil nor good. The main goal for them is to find advantages for themself.

Character Universe

Character Universe is UnderTale. Do not think that UnderPlayer is an Alternative Universe where only the Player exists. According to the canon, a player appears in the UnderTale world, trying to become an absolute friend to everyone.


The soul of Player is the personification of darkness and determination. The black heart is the personification of a small part of the darkness that gave the Player such a huge level. The red heart that is inside the black is the personification of determination. With the help of determination, the Player can do a reset, action, mercy, and attack. Also, because of the red soul, the hacker may survive.

Abilities (~Canon~) All sources of info comes from here.

The Power to travel through Worldlines(AU’s)

It is stated in the article linked above(provided by the creator of underplayer themselves), that they have the ability to travel through worldlines. In the underplayer universe, to simplify it, a worldlines is basically an AU. Simply put, the player has the ability to travel through alternate universes even in omniverses

The Power to change the plot of Worldlines(AU’s)

It is stated that the player has the ability to change the plot of worldlines. This means they have the ability edit any part of the game’s code. Items, places, stats, characters, personalities. They have one major flaw to their abilities however. (See weakness below.)

Weakness {~It's weakness canon~}

Gaster is his weakness because Gaster will kick him after he finish the game but if Gaster is lock in that room now so Gaster can't kick Player now because player lock the whole room


  • The player is the strongest of all hackers.
  • Player can destroy a barrier that can hold all monsters in a country he can destroy every barrier in every au in one tap.
  • If you don't want to accept his mercy or you want to fight him he will just explain to you what he wants but if you don't listen to him and just keep attacking him then he'll definitely attack back.
  • He is stronger than Chara (Resurrected on the path of Genocide) and Asriel (In the Form of the HyperDeath God). The only people in underplayer canon that are stronger than him and Source is this picture by the creator of underplayer here.