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He is the main villain of Clocktale and the new destroyer of AUs. His goal is to destroy every AU he finds.


There’s a scientist named Dr. Ror who decided to create a sans clone, called Project horror. He is made with some of Sans' DNA and Determination. He was also created as an experiment to test weapons on and how much Determination a monster can take.

The first thing Dr. Ror did to test on Project Horror was that he checked if Project Horror can be able to grow limbs back since he had a lot of determination.

He tested this by cutting off Project Horror's right hand. When Dr. Sara came the room, she took Project Horror to another room and replaced his right hand with a red spike. Dr. Sara she tell Dr. Ror to stop, but he refused.

When things went out of hand in the lab, Project Horror found a chance to escape. After he escaped, he saw a portal. He found out that he has the ability to enter difffernt AUs and used it to enter thos AUs. After realizing this, he started to abuse his power by destroying AUs and timelines with it.



He almost looks like Sans, but his clothes are covered in Dust and blood. His right arm is a red spike. (which means he doesn't have an hand on that arm) He also has a scar on his left eye and his teeth are yellowish in color. He also wears white shorts with a black horizontal lightning stripe on each leg. He wears brown shoes with grey shoelaces.


Project Horror is insane, genocidal, and a psychopath.


Bone Regrow

His bones can regrow if they are broken. (This only works if the bones are not completely broken)


He can create illusions. They are kind of like clones, but they cannot die. Project Horror will use this ability to get out of combat. (They are pretty harmless)


He uses his axe to kill AUs.


Project Horror Sans has a spike on his right hand and can use it to finish someone off.

Gaster Blaster

This is weapon project stole from a random AU, he can’t use it correctly he have to open the mouth of the blaster very wide to make it shoot


Clock!Sans (Rival)

Clock!Sans is Project Horror's biggest obstacle.

Galaxy (Rival)

Galaxy is a big problem to deal with, since she is more powerful then Project Horror is.

Lavender Sara (Friend)

A good friend of project he still remembers lavender, because the spike have been given by lavender due to his right hand being chop off.

character art

Project Horror’s shoes

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  • He doesn't talk often. He can only talks if he is talking with someone that was special (whom he had lost a long time ago), but only some people can understand him.
  • He is unable to feel any pain. He thinks that he can’t die, but he can.
  • He can travel to any part of the multiverse. But, he gets weaker the deeper he goes. He is smart enough not to get too deep into the Multiverse until he is ready.
  • If the spike on hand gets cut off, he will pick it up and shove it into his middle part of his body.
  • Project’s spike is special to him for reason of his being given by his only friend.
  • Project has a fear of doorbells because of the sound and look (one time project destory a total of 100-300 door-bells in a AU)
  • His HP stopped increasing at 250k but his defense stills increase by 5-10