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Psychotale is an AU created by nannexrunner. It is a concept change AU which has our characters experiencing a different set of events than the originals. There are also character changes as well. For example, Papyrus and Sans have been replaced with Sibyl and Zanz, human-looking artifices (an artifice is a combination of a monster and human soul. They can use magic like a monster but appear to be human except for their hands which are exactly the same as Gaster's.). This AU is ongoing and can be read at the following links: https://nannexrunner.tumblr.com/search/Psychotale, https://nannexrunner.deviantart.com/. This AU changes some of the basic events that occur in the universe and so far there aren't many confirmed characters.


  • Zanz- Zanz is one-half of a pair of artifices created by Psychotale's Dr. Gaster. He is shown to have a hard and cool demeanor towards others but shows a soft side when around his family. He is an excellent chef and a genius. He cares about his sister immensely. Zanz is taller than the average Sans due to his human-like appearance. However, while most his body is human in make up, his hands are skeletal and have holes in them. Zanz wears a jacket that seems to be a mix between a trench coat and a hoodie. The jacket is black. Zanz was given the jacket by Sibyl and wears it with pride. The jacket also repairs itself if damaged.
  • Sibyl- Sibyl is the second half of a pair of artifices created by Dr. Gaster. She is the sister of Zanz and cares about him immensely. She is the head of the Royal Guard and a culinary genius. She is uncomfortable with her breast size and has been harassed before. Zanz took care of it. Sibyl's fighting prowess has yet to be revealed.
  • Dr. Gaster- Gaster acts as a caring father towards Zanz and Sibyl and is responsible for their existence. He trains Zanz to be the Royal Scientist.
  • Flowey- Flowey is still a flower in this AU but acts as the caretaker of the ruins. It was revealed in part 2 that he killed Toriel and his body has been unable to contain the LOVE he recieved by doing so. Flowey literally leaks LOVE. He and Zanz used to exchange friendly insults before Zanz became the Royal Scientist.