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This is a quality standards page. Please reach these standards, or else your page may be deleted. You have a two day grace period to fix the page after it's creation.

Poor Grammar

Incorrect capitalization here and there is fine, and a wrong comma or two. However if your page has such terrible grammar it's distracting, then it is subject to deletion.

Ridiculous Power leveling

No Character on this wiki should be beyond High Complex Hyperversal. If you want to make an appeal for that, please notify an admin, so they can review it upon being created. If its story is just that good, and that power is simply necessary, then that is fine. However, if it does not meet these high standards, then it is subject to deletion. (Note: You cannot surpass High Outerversal either, since that is how powerful both The Annoying Dog and the Creators are.)

Lazy Storytelling

You could write the most interesting power-wise character, and have lots of fun little facts in trivia. However if your story barely exists, or it's just a bad story. It is subject to review.

Ultra NSFW

While NSFW Content is fine, if it has the 18+ tag. Please refrain from using things like racial slurs, or overtly sexual content. Mentioning Sexual relations is fine, (E.G., Underlust.) But describing it in detail is seen as overly NSFW.

Taking Criticism

If someone takes the time to type out constructive criticism; actually take your time to review the criticisms. They might be more accurate than you would believe. Don't get angry at someone because they're giving you valid criticism. If they swear, it doesn't automatically make it invalid. However if someone just says: "Lol, you're stupid." Or "Your character sucks, no offense." And has no valid criticism, then it is fine if you ignore them or respond aggressively.

Note: Joke Articles are only subject to the NSFW rule, due to the fact that they're jokes, but overly NSFW content is still banned for the same reason it is on serious articles. Trying to bypass these rules using The "Joke Article" tag but writing a serious article is unallowed.

Page Organization

Character pages require these, in order:

  • Infobox: which must be "Infobox Character" and filled out.
  • Overview of the character: a basic explanation.
  • Backstory: the characters origin.
  • Profile: which must contain the character's appearance and personality.
  • Abilities: a character's powers and abilities.
  • Images: if available, put a profile image in the infobox. The rest of the images belongs in gallery.