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RHGTALE otherwise known as Stickmantale, Stickmentale or Rock Hard Gladitor Tale, is an AU where the boss monsters of Undertale were been replaced by

RHG stickmens. The story revolves around Frisk/Chara as they made a mistake from touching a green glowing pencil during the tenth genocide route of theirs, it has resulted that the mysterious pencil has automatically resetted the Undertale universe back to the time when Frisk has first fallen down to the Underground when they were about about to do their first Pacifist run and replaced 10 monsters that're match up to 10 of those genocide routes in the Underground with non RHG and RHG stickmans.


  • Sans is replaced by Bog.
  • Papyrus is replaced by Gilded Guy.
  • Toriel is replaced by Jade.
  • Undyne is replaced by Yupia (Nemesis Clan).
  • Alphys is replaced by Shadow Rose.
  • Asgore is replaced by Umbrella (Nemesis Clan).
  • Mad Dummy is replaced by Joe Zombie.
  • Monster Kid is replaced by Grey Boy.
  • Asriel/Flowey is replaced by the Green Cowboy.
  • Guard 1 and 2 as Nanix and Gyro (Nemesis Clan).
  • In this AU Jade is not in a relationship with Umbrella, she only abandoned her team and leave the leadership to Umbrella.
  • Due to being trapped beneath the Underground for so long Umbrella has decided to collect humans souls to break the barrier so that they can once again see the light however Jade doesn't wants to see innocent lives was being killed so she had decided to become a guardian that guards the place where the fallen humans has falls down to ensure that they are safe forever even if that means she must stop them from leaving.


  • The Green Cowboy is a character originally featured in Gilded Guy's animation, according to what we know, the Green Cowboy was believe to be a counterpart of Gilded Guy, a version that only wants to have more and more power and he will do anything in order to get it.
  • Apparently Grey Boy is a young stickman that is at the age of 6 or maybe 8, he is featured in Gilded Guy's (Michael Moy's) animations, he was described to be a fan or perhaps Gilded Guy's best friend.